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Santa Fe Bed Swing - Four Oak Designs - 1

Four Oak Bed Swings

Santa Fe Bed Swing


Rope Cushions and Pillows not included in the price (Can be purchased in our storefront here)


The Santa Fe Bed Swing is simple, has clean lines and will not disappoint. We broke down the entire building process of our swings and came up with a budget friendly design, but still built with the same quality and craftsmanship as all of our other swings.


Your Four Oak Bed swing should be installed under a covered structure out of direct exposure to the elements. However, because we spray at least 3 to 4 coats of the highest grade exterior clear coating on all our swings, they can be installed under an uncovered structure such as a pergola. For complete instructions on how to install your Four Oak Bed Swing click here.

Wall Clearance:

It is ideal to allow a clearance of 1.5 feet or more in front and in back of bed swing and 1 foot on each side.

Rope Information:

The standard size Manila rope that we use is 1" in diameter. Whereas most people provide only 3/4" rope, we think that the 1" rope is much more attractive and proportional to the swing, not to mention a much higher load limit.

Paint and Further Information:

**See final image to choose from the most popular paint colors**

If you wish to have your swing painted in a custom color, please choose “Custom Sherwin Williams/Behr paint”. You will be able to specify the color in the next step.

We do not spare any expense, especially the expense of time, when building our swings. From the joints we make, to the glue we use, Four Oak Designs wants to provide you with something that will last for generations.

Swing Dimensions:







66W x 30L x 30H

53W x 28L x 30H


88W x 42L x 30H

75W x 39L x 30H


88W x 60L x 30H

75W x 54L x 30H 

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