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    Improve Your Outdoor Decor with These 9 Front Porch Additions

    Improve Your Outdoor Decor with These 9 Front Porch Additions

    As winter draws on and on, one cannot help but often think of brighter times, lounging and soaking in the sun, whether it be on some pristine beach or simply on your front porch (preferably with an ice-cold drink in your hand, of course).

    One admirable quality of winter is its ability to make us all feel more thankful for sunnier days. Yet, much like the transpiration of many events in life, the passage of time is swift, far swifter than we can prepare for.

    That is why you need to prepare your home for summer before it does roll around– and that most certainly includes your front porch! By having the most alluring furniture pieces and other accessory pieces ready for your front porch in advance, then you will have more time to enjoy it come summertime.

    That is why we have created this list of nine perfect additions you need to add to your front porch this summer!

    1.Patio Swing Bed

    patio swing bed

    Undeniably one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture we all have is our bed. I mean, who really wants to part ways with their fluffy comforter and plush pillows in the morning? That is precisely why, in order to drastically boost your front porch’s comfort level, you should include a patio swing bed.

    “Swing” into summer with a patio swing bed, which will provide you with both a plush bed and a swinging couch right in your favorite outdoor nook! Plus, our porch swing beds come with drink holders (and even wine glass holders) to really elevate your comfort level!

    Not only do they add a cozy element to your porch, but they also provide a matching piece for your preferred aesthetic. The cushions, pillows, and overall design of the patio swing bed can truly bring an unparalleled decorative element to your porch!

    2.Matching Armchairs
    While the hanging bed swing is an unquestionably genius addition for your outdoor space, you should also consider adding more seating arrangements. In doing so, you provide your guests (and yourself!) with more seating options.

    We cannot recommend placing two matching armchairs on your porch enough. By having two of the same chairs, you are pulling the entire look of your porch together (symmetry is key in outdoor decor) while also providing ample seating options for all. Add some matching cushions and throw pillows on these chairs and you are really creating a cozy outdoor space for yourself!

    3.A Quaint End Table
    In order for the two armchairs to not appear too heavy on your porch, we recommend placing an end table between the two. This end table will assist in offsetting their clunky appearance while also providing those who sit on them a convenient place to put their items down (looking at you, chilled and filled white wine glass!).

    4.An Outdoor Coffee Table
    If you have the space for it, then you should certainly add a coffee table to your furnishing options. When this piece of furniture is set just right, you can use it to hold various items but also use it as an element for pulling everything together seamlessly.

    The coffee table you choose can also be a storage space if it has drawers and other storage compartments. It can make for an outstanding decorative element, too! Let it hold and boast your citronella candles, summer-themed coasters, summertime decorations, and so much more!

    5.Tall and Short Planters Filled with Plants
    Plants have long been known for their undeniably serene yet gorgeous “nature,” making them perfect decorative elements for both indoor and outdoor spaces. By placing your favorite plants or flowers in planters, you can effectively encapsulate these incomparable features and use them to your (and your porch’s) advantage.

    It’s worth noting, though, that you should use both tall and short planters for your greenery as the usage of different sized planters such as these provides more depth to your space and essentially boosts your curb appeal.

    6.Hanging Plants

    patio swing bedIf you thought those were the only plants we’d suggest you add to your front porch, it’s time to think again! In our opinion, you really cannot have enough plants! Aside from your planters of varying sizes that you have already placed on the ground, you also have the option of hanging planters from your home’s eaves.

    By hanging planters with beautiful and blooming plants, you add essential greenery and other eye-popping colors to your front porch. Colorful and authentic nature all conveniently out of way yet in a noticeable location. What’s not to love?

    7.Door Decor
    While the larger pieces of furniture are indeed important for comfort and general aesthetics, there is a pre-existing piece to your porch that you can easily (and effectively) decorate for monumental aesthetic value: your front door!

    We’d love to tell you “do this to your door” and be stringent with our recommendation, but that is simply not the case, as you have plenty of wiggle room here! Add a wreath, a welcome sign, dress the door frame in fake (or real!) ivy– whatever will bring you and your guests the most joy.

    8.Heart-Warming Seasonal Decorations
    Depending on the season you find yourself in, you should make sure that your extra decorations– big and small– cater to it. This applies to summer as well! You can add alluring features to your front porch that celebrate summer, such as quaint wooden farmhouse signs or even Fourth of July decorations (if the timing is right)!

    9.String Lights
    While all of the aforementioned attributes are indeed endearing and will bode well for your front porch, they are only such prior to the sun setting. In the dark, they are common shadows even with the dim porch lights illuminated. That is where string lights come in.

    By strategically placing string lights on your front porch, you are providing it with inimitable warm mood lighting. Drape them around your door frame, along your eaves, around railings, pillars, or your patio swing bed– wherever you deem necessary to keep your front porch’s elements adored day in and day out!

    With these nine superb additions to your front porch come summertime, you will never want to relax anywhere else! When looking for the most comfortable and high-quality patio swing beds, trust us here at Four Oak Bed Swings to provide you with what you need. Give us a call today to get started on completing your outdoor decor at (334)-202-2870.

    Wine + Bed Swing = Incredible!

    There is nothing more relaxing than laying on a Four Oak Bed Swing with a glass of wine.  These over-sized porch swings are the total package....that is of-course until you set your wine glass on the edge of the swing inevitably spilling it all over your new Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions.  Well, we finally devised a solution for this potential problem by putting together a little wine glass slot for your Four Oak Bed Swing.  Only one word came to mind after we came up with the idea, and that was......DUH!


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