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Why buy your Bed Swing from Four Oak Bed Swings

Seaside Bed Swing
  • Customer relationships are at the top of our priorities list.
  • Our Bed Swings come standard with 1" manila rope.
  • Our Swings will not rub the back of your knees when sitting on the swing with your feet on the ground.
  • On most of our models, we attach the manila rope on the sides of the swing instead of on the front, giving it a better swing and keeping the rope from getting in the way.
  • Our optional outdoor Bed Swing cushions are going to last much longer than any regular indoor mattress or air mattress and not to mention look better too!
  • Each Bed Swing has at least 3 to 4 full coats of a high grade outdoor varnish that will extend the life of your Four Oak Bed Swing for years.
  • Each piece of wood is thoroughly inspected and dimensioned before use so that all joints will fit perfectly.

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