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    Adding a Porch Bed To Your Home Brings A Lot More Benefits Than You Think

    Adding a Porch Bed To Your Home Brings A Lot More Benefits Than You Think

    A fresh set of porch beds might be easily imagined in the open area around your home's exterior. It's easy to imagine a porch swing bed in your backyard by looking at photographs of gorgeous, well-designed models online. They appear to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the group. Just like that, picture how you'd spend your time there.

    After you've put up a patio bed on your porch, how do you plan to relax? It gives us great pleasure to ship our bed swings to families who appreciate the moment they get to spend together in their spare time, knowing that our efforts have paid off.

    Most families are committed to spending as many quality moments outside as possible, and mine is no exception. The "get out and stay out" ethos runs deep in my blood. Some people may regard this as a kind of torment, but I see it as a privilege and a blessing. Indeed, some of my happiest childhood memories include fishing for mudbugs and picnicking with pals on rural roads, as well as lawn campouts.

    Everyone is entitled to some quiet time and a place they can call their own where they feel safe and protected. The memories of a night spent on the patio of your house with your family all snuggled together on the porch bed will stay with you for a long time.

    In the event you're looking for fresh solutions to spruce up your patio, porch swing beds can be of interest. For homeowners, they provide a slew of advantages that should not be overlooked.

    Relax and Enjoy The Outdoor Mood
    Stress reduction is a common desire for many people. Though it won't alter the stressful events in your life, spending time in nature has been shown to reduce levels of cortisol, the "stress hormone."

    Isn't that great? 


    You don't even have to accomplish anything, you just have to be outdoors. A private patio bed allows you to enjoy the great outdoors in style. You don't even have to leave your house to take in the sights and sounds of nature.

    Maybe you'll even be able to get a glimpse of a bird or other little animal that doesn't seem to be around very frequently! Later in the night, you may take a peek up at the sky and identify the constellations beneath the vast expanse of sky.

    Swing softly on your patio swing bed while taking in the fresh air and appreciating where you are right now. All of this may be enjoyed from the privacy of your own home, on a porch bed.

    Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body
    Self-care and alone time may be had while swinging on your patio bed. The finest ways to take care of oneself are often the simplest. The rise and fall of the sun dictate our circadian rhythm, which regulates our sleep cycles.

    A better night's sleep may be achieved by exposing oneself to natural light at regular intervals. Our bodies function better as a whole when we get enough sleep.

    There's nothing better than stepping outside and relaxing on your suspended porch bed on your front patio. Put your feet up, relax, and take a vacation from everything.

    Also, you may find it soothing to swing while reading a book or enjoying a refreshing drink in summer. Ultimately, the outdoor swing bed is yours and you may use it whenever you feel like it. So go easy on yourself and have a good time.

    Family and Friends Gathering Place
    Despite how enjoyable it may be to lounge about on a porch swing bed alone, you may want to invite some friends along for the experience. Outdoor time may also help if you or a loved one has been on edge recently, or if you've been feeling grouchy. Even a short talk on a porch swing has the potential to rejuvenate a person.

    It's all about the small things, ya know!
    And this is the greatest spot.

    Relaxing on the porch with a couple of your best friends or calling the kids out to play is a great way to spend time together. Even if it's only for a few members of your family once in a while, it's still a special time to spend with those you care about. Enjoy each other's company for no apparent purpose by sitting outdoors on a swing together.

    Make Your House a Home
    Even if you're not sitting on your porch swing bed, you may still appreciate its presence. For a patio space outside your house, an eye-catching and well-designed outdoor swing is the perfect addition. When you realize how much time you will be spending away from your porch swing, you will learn to appreciate it for what it is now.

    Beautiful porch swing beds may still stand out even if they are only propped up by a few colorful cushions. Their shapes and designs are beautiful enough to serve as a stand-alone piece of art in any house. Decorating your porch swing bed with pillows and blankets that complement the theme you want to achieve with your interior design may be a lot of fun if that's something you like doing.

    Adding a personal touch to the design of a piece may make it even more stunning. Make the swing bed stand out on your lawn by decorating it with artificial foliage or strands of sparkling lights if you want to experiment with its appearance.

    Embrace your inner free spirit and express yourself in whichever manner you choose. As an alternative, a soft blanket and pillow may do as well. Make your porch and its centerpiece seem like a place that belongs to you.

    Please peruse our collection of porch swing beds to find the perfect one on which to relax alone or with those you love.

    Alternatively, if you'd rather talk with someone directly, you may reach us by phone at 334-202-2870 or by email at david@fouroakdesigns.com with any queries you might have. We're here to assist whenever you need it.

    Two Awesome Design Ideas for Your Hanging Porch Bed [Thank Us Later]

    Two Awesome Design Ideas for Your Hanging Porch Bed [Thank Us Later]

    If you’ve just invested in a wonderful hanging porch bed to spruce up your exterior decor, congratulations! You’re now one of the select few that has one of these unique, comfortable, and relaxing fixtures in their home!

    But don’t rest on your laurels, because there is as yet some serious untapped potential in that-there bed swing. Listen up, because we’re about to introduce you to two of the greatest design ideas we’ve ever come across.

    Let There Be Light!
    Every hanging porch bed has at least one thing in common: it’s hanging. We sell ours with manila ropes and have educational materials on our website showing you how to hang your bed swing - but some of you might use your own ropes or chains.

    Whatever the case, they're hanging, and that leaves some extra infrastructure available for personalizing.

    We say, let there be light.

    Every outdoor space needs some additional light, whether for function or mood lighting. That’s why so many patios are arrayed with decorative torches, landscape lighting, or even spotlights. Some folks even like to make a firepit the focal point of the patio.

    Here’s a unique alternative that can kill two birds with one stone. Get some rope or string lights and spiral them up the ropes of your hanging porch bed.

    Back in the day, you’d need access to an outlet, but nowadays, you can get cheap, reliable, high-quality LED rope lights or string lights that are battery operated and last for days, if not weeks!

    The fact that some of them are cordless means you can accessorize and personalize your hanging bed swing without needing to access an outlet, and you can even festoon each rope with its own set of lights.

    Modern LED rope and string lights are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns, and some of them are even Bluetooth compatible, making it easy to adjust color, brightness, and so much more.

    Adding some lights to your hanging bed swing’s ropes will give you the ability to shed some light on your outdoor entertaining areas, but it will also give you some mood lighting for your special corner - there’s nothing not to love.

    All That Glitters Is Green!
    Looking for another unique new way to add some color and personality to your hanging bed swing? In the warmer months of the year, you can garnish your bed swing’s hanging ropes or chains with climbing plants or vines!

    Provided your bed swing gets at least a little bit of sun during the day, you can grow a wide range of different climbers during the warmer months - and you can actually pair up this design idea with the lighting we mentioned above!

    Climbing plants that will flourish with the vertical structure offered by your bed swing include but are not limited to:

    hanging porch bed

    ●Climbing roses

    ●Morning glories

    ●Sweet peas







    ●Cypress vines

    ●Chocolate vines



    If the mood strikes you, a large number of vining vegetables can also be grown up the ropes, such as beans, peas, and others!

    The great thing about growing plants like these is that the blooms can be used to color coordinate your outdoor decor. Go ahead and get some pillows, furniture, and other decor that mesh with your seasonal blossoms and see how you like it. (Spoiler: you’re going to love it!)

    Another great thing about decorating your porch swing with live plants is that they will help to attract certain wildlife to your backyard. Hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and some birds are all naturally attracted to blossoms!

    Of course, being in company with greenery has also been suggested to be good for human health as well. Growing some vines up your bed swing may also:

    ●Reduce feelings of stress, fatigue, and anxiety

    ●Uplift your mood and improve pain tolerance

    ●Provide shade and keep volume levels manageable

    ●Not to mention the recreational opportunities they’ll afford for care!

    Go ahead - pick out your favorite cultivars and make a living arrangement featuring your hanging porch bed this spring!

    Get in the Holiday Spirit (When ‘Tis the Season)
    One more final tip - do you know what time of year is fitting for both greenery and light? The holiday season!

    You may not be able to grow white pine and holly vines up your hanging porch bed’s ropes, but you can festoon and garland them appropriately. Add some seasonal ornaments and some twinkling holiday lights and you’ll give your home’s interior a run for its money!

    hanging porch bed

    Follow Us for More Design Tips!
    If you enjoyed these insightful tips for decorating your porch swing bed throughout the seasons, then make sure you follow us on our social media platforms so you never miss out on news and developments!

    You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - and we hope you do!

    Decorating Ideas for the Front Porch with a Hanging Daybed

    Decorating Ideas for the Front Porch with a Hanging Daybed

    As the sun sets and you drink your favorite beverage on a porch swing, you can't help but feel at peace and content. More than simply a place to take in the sunset, these swings may be utilized for a variety of activities. When hosting guests, they may be used as extra seating, a pleasant area to warm up with a good book, or an afternoon nap spot. You'll need help hanging a porch swing, but if you're not a handy person, get a professional to do it for you.

    For some reason, gorgeous porches bring me images of golden sunshine streaming through the trees, an all-over warmth of July, and iced tea. And with that, you're probably already planning on spending a lot of time this summer on your lakefront front porch, where you'd want to have a huge hanging daybed to relax on.

    Spring and summer are the best times to decorate your front porch, whether it is an expansive area where you can relax and party or a little area that serves as an entry to your house. When decorating your house for the summer, don't forget to integrate some ideas we have here below for your front porch.

    Front Porch Furniture
    Create a relaxing sitting place if you have the room. Furnishings made of outdoor textiles, such as a hanging daybed, will not fade in the sun and will make the porch seem like an extension of the home.

    Rearrange everything as though it were in your home. Tables for laying down beverages should be included in the discussion space, as well as a focus point. If you want a more conventional look, a turquoise environment is ideal for you. On the other hand, choosing a white daybed from our collection would enable the cushions to stand out. An excellent choice for a tiny area, as it helps to de-emphasize heavy materials and draw attention to other features.

    Front Porch Decor
    On the stairs leading up to the porch, place torches or tin pails with candles inside to welcome visitors as they arrive.

    hanging daybed

    Hang a daybed with an outdoor faux fur rug under it to make the area seem cozier. As a porch partition, a daybed swing is an excellent choice of furniture. One part is reserved for visitors, while the other is a private space for relaxing. When the weather gets a little chilly, it's nice to have a few blankets about to keep you warm.

    Accent pillows are a great way to add color and comfort to a room's decor. Make an effort to show off some artwork. However, the idea of a stack of vintage luggage next to the front door is something you wouldn't normally associate with a home's entryway. Make your visitors smile with a little whimsy, like an adorable gnome, and some vibrant flowers. Just make sure you don't include anything that might be destroyed or damaged in the event of terrible weather.

    Repaint the Entrance Door
    Porch or not, the front entrance has an important function to play in this space's architecture. A new coat of colorful paint on your front door is the perfect way to bid farewell to winter. If you work fast, you might do this in one afternoon. It's a simple approach to greet oneself with a smile every morning.

    Make the entrance door the highlight of your porch by painting it. To create an attractive, friendly, and beautiful front porch entry, add a vivid colored lacquered door that will stand out from the outside finish, for example, if you have a white beachy atmosphere on your porch, consider painting the door yellow or red. Or, you know, you could always get a new door knocker to spice things up. Wreaths may be used all year round, so why not include one with seasonal flowers and foliage for the summer.

    Incorporate a Few Plants
    When it comes to your front porch plants, it's crucial to keep in mind that anybody who walks up to your front door will notice it! Using a combination of thriller, filler, and spiller plants, we propose placing two large pots on each side of the entrance.

    The sight of a flourishing snake plant in a huge planter next to your hanging daybed is also a pleasant sight. It would be a wonderful addition to the space, making it both calming and lively. If you are concerned about keeping plants alive, we offer an alternative that is both stunning and synthetic.

    Consider using textiles with patterns inspired by plants and flowers when furnishing your porch. There are many ways to bring nature into a room using pillows, carpets, and wall art.

    For a Smidgen of Privacy
    Including flowers and decorations in your front porch set-up can transform your gathering location into a beautiful and welcoming area for guests. You can make the most of your daybed swing and the graphic blue rug and blue ceramic garden chairs you purchased from Four Oak Bed Swings at a great price by putting up extra-long curtains. They not only draw attention to the space above them, but they also provide a breezy complement.

    Combining curtains with shades that can be rolled up provides the best of both worlds for your home. You may also want to consider installing a lattice on one side of the porch so that you may grow plants or ivy and enjoy some solitude at the same time.

    You can only go as far as your imagination will allow you to go when it comes to dressing up your front porch. However, investing in a stylish focal piece like a hanging daybed from Four Oak Bed Swings can not only improve your designing abilities but also raise the curbside attractiveness of your property, hence enhancing its worth.

    Consider these tips for how to improve the appearance of your front porch, and while you're at it, browse our selection of porch daybeds and swings on our website.

    Outdoor Space Styling with Your Daybed Porch Swing

    Outdoor Space Styling with Your Daybed Porch Swing

    Your porch is looking great, don't you think? We certainly hope so! There are several benefits to having a porch linked to your house, including making it one of your favorite places to be!

    It's because being outside in nature and taking in the fresh air naturally reduces tension and helps individuals relax. Your porch should, however, be well-decorated to make the area even more welcoming and enjoyable.

    Our company, Four Oak Bed Swings, can help. Hanging porch swings of various types, sizes, patterns, and other characteristics are among the many things we are skilled at creating by hand. Your porch is an essential part of your house and we want it to be a comfortable and happy area for you.

    One of the greatest ways to appropriately decorate your porch is with a daybed porch swing, which adds a distinctive aesthetic and useful aspect to the area. In addition, it adds a welcoming atmosphere to your porch for you and your family, as well as any visitors.

    But Why a Daybed Porch Swing in the First Place?
    To begin, you may question why, of all things, a porch swing? With a daybed porch swing, you'll have the best of both worlds: an indoor-outdoor experience that's both comfortable and relaxing. This way, you may enjoy the soothing rocking motion of a porch swing with the extra luxury of a more substantial and well-made piece of furniture.

    Make sure that the first piece of furniture in your outdoor living area is of great quality and gives enough value to warrant spending time outside rather than indoors. Outdoor environments can lack the same level of comfort as interior settings.

    Even if the weather is pleasant, you still need furniture that will make you feel at ease, as well as complementing furniture and other objects that will further enhance your comfort. If you want your porch or patio to genuinely give you the sort of value you are seeking, you need to pay close attention to the kind of furniture and décor you use there.

    So, if you'd want to create a comfortable summer retreat directly in your own home, a porch bed swing is the ideal addition. While there are other alternatives for outdoor furniture, only a swing bed can match the combination of practicality and beauty that it provides. Just by looking at them, these outdoor furniture items instantly elevate your outside area and offer your house a more refined appearance.

    As a porch swing owner, you may be asking yourself, "What more can I do to spruce up my outdoor space?" There's no need to worry; we've got you covered there, too. Here are some terrific porch decorating ideas to get you started.

    Create an Ethereal Atmosphere with Greenery
    If you want to get your porch ready for the summer, now is the time. Above all, a beautifully furnished summer porch should be a place where you can kick back and enjoy the weather with your family and friends. It should seem as though you've transported the comfort of your home outside.

    Summer is the perfect time to give your porch a makeover. Your favorite hangout will look better than ever with a new coat of paint, some new lighting and furniture, and a few potted plants.

    Create a welcoming environment for your visitors by including artificial flowers and foliage into your décor. These decorations are easy to care for and look fantastic all year long. Wreaths, garlands, and potted plants on each side of your front entrance may brighten up your home for the first time.

    Incorporate a Ceiling Fan into the Design
    A ceiling fan is a need if you want to spend time on your front porch in the summer. Enjoyable outdoor gathering requires one in your porch's décor.

    Modern outdoor ceiling fans are an excellent choice for cooling an outside area when you don't have access to air conditioning or walls. The best features of a ceiling fan are its capacity to cool, circulate, and provide elegance to whatever location it's installed in, including a veranda, porch, gazebo, sundeck, or even a workshop.

    With an outdoor fan, you'll have an additional source of illumination outside your home. Ceiling fans with light fixtures are often seen in outdoor gathering spots, and they may help to provide even more aesthetic and comfort.

    Cost-Effective Lighting
    Lighting is crucial, and I don't mean it theatrically. Many parties, photos, and even well-decorated rooms may be derailed by shoddy lighting. No matter how big or little your yard or patio may be, there's always enough for a little bit of extra living space. Even on the hottest of evenings, a well-lit porch may transport you to another world.

    However, outdoor lighting is a lot simpler to get properly than interior illumination, which is a big relief. The key is to use just the right amount of light to create the proper atmosphere without making it seem like it's midnight at a stadium.

    Depending on the size of your porch, a solar-powered string of lights may be all that is needed to brighten things up. You can do pretty much anything as long as you're not eating outside under the white-hot halogen lights or bug zappers.

    String lights and cost-effective solar-powered pathway lighting may be used together for a romantic look.

    Toss in Some Throw Pillows for Good Measure
    To bring a porch swing to life, you need to pile on the pillows. Assemble them in a way that makes the daybed seem more like a couch when it's put together. To begin, place your heaviest pillows toward the back of the bed. Select a variety of pillows in one of your neutral hues and mix and match them to create a textured look.

    The next step is to add color. Separate the neutrals from the bright ones, and then add a few pillows of various shapes to create depth. Add a couple of throw blankets for added coziness. They should be positioned diagonally over the daybed, allowing them to drape naturally over the edge.

    It's a lot of fun to decorate your porch once you've installed the appropriate daybed porch swing. This will allow you to show off your sense of style and taste. You'll also be able to have a better porch experience for yourself and your guests!

    In the end, choose what feels right for your house, but don't forget that Four Oak Bed Swings has a wide selection of swings to choose from if you're still undecided. Our porch swings are handmade and intended to last.

    Improve Your Outdoor Decor with These 9 Front Porch Additions

    Improve Your Outdoor Decor with These 9 Front Porch Additions

    As winter draws on and on, one cannot help but often think of brighter times, lounging and soaking in the sun, whether it be on some pristine beach or simply on your front porch (preferably with an ice-cold drink in your hand, of course).

    One admirable quality of winter is its ability to make us all feel more thankful for sunnier days. Yet, much like the transpiration of many events in life, the passage of time is swift, far swifter than we can prepare for.

    That is why you need to prepare your home for summer before it does roll around– and that most certainly includes your front porch! By having the most alluring furniture pieces and other accessory pieces ready for your front porch in advance, then you will have more time to enjoy it come summertime.

    That is why we have created this list of nine perfect additions you need to add to your front porch this summer!

    1.Patio Swing Bed

    patio swing bed

    Undeniably one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture we all have is our bed. I mean, who really wants to part ways with their fluffy comforter and plush pillows in the morning? That is precisely why, in order to drastically boost your front porch’s comfort level, you should include a patio swing bed.

    “Swing” into summer with a patio swing bed, which will provide you with both a plush bed and a swinging couch right in your favorite outdoor nook! Plus, our porch swing beds come with drink holders (and even wine glass holders) to really elevate your comfort level!

    Not only do they add a cozy element to your porch, but they also provide a matching piece for your preferred aesthetic. The cushions, pillows, and overall design of the patio swing bed can truly bring an unparalleled decorative element to your porch!

    2.Matching Armchairs
    While the hanging bed swing is an unquestionably genius addition for your outdoor space, you should also consider adding more seating arrangements. In doing so, you provide your guests (and yourself!) with more seating options.

    We cannot recommend placing two matching armchairs on your porch enough. By having two of the same chairs, you are pulling the entire look of your porch together (symmetry is key in outdoor decor) while also providing ample seating options for all. Add some matching cushions and throw pillows on these chairs and you are really creating a cozy outdoor space for yourself!

    3.A Quaint End Table
    In order for the two armchairs to not appear too heavy on your porch, we recommend placing an end table between the two. This end table will assist in offsetting their clunky appearance while also providing those who sit on them a convenient place to put their items down (looking at you, chilled and filled white wine glass!).

    4.An Outdoor Coffee Table
    If you have the space for it, then you should certainly add a coffee table to your furnishing options. When this piece of furniture is set just right, you can use it to hold various items but also use it as an element for pulling everything together seamlessly.

    The coffee table you choose can also be a storage space if it has drawers and other storage compartments. It can make for an outstanding decorative element, too! Let it hold and boast your citronella candles, summer-themed coasters, summertime decorations, and so much more!

    5.Tall and Short Planters Filled with Plants
    Plants have long been known for their undeniably serene yet gorgeous “nature,” making them perfect decorative elements for both indoor and outdoor spaces. By placing your favorite plants or flowers in planters, you can effectively encapsulate these incomparable features and use them to your (and your porch’s) advantage.

    It’s worth noting, though, that you should use both tall and short planters for your greenery as the usage of different sized planters such as these provides more depth to your space and essentially boosts your curb appeal.

    6.Hanging Plants

    patio swing bedIf you thought those were the only plants we’d suggest you add to your front porch, it’s time to think again! In our opinion, you really cannot have enough plants! Aside from your planters of varying sizes that you have already placed on the ground, you also have the option of hanging planters from your home’s eaves.

    By hanging planters with beautiful and blooming plants, you add essential greenery and other eye-popping colors to your front porch. Colorful and authentic nature all conveniently out of way yet in a noticeable location. What’s not to love?

    7.Door Decor
    While the larger pieces of furniture are indeed important for comfort and general aesthetics, there is a pre-existing piece to your porch that you can easily (and effectively) decorate for monumental aesthetic value: your front door!

    We’d love to tell you “do this to your door” and be stringent with our recommendation, but that is simply not the case, as you have plenty of wiggle room here! Add a wreath, a welcome sign, dress the door frame in fake (or real!) ivy– whatever will bring you and your guests the most joy.

    8.Heart-Warming Seasonal Decorations
    Depending on the season you find yourself in, you should make sure that your extra decorations– big and small– cater to it. This applies to summer as well! You can add alluring features to your front porch that celebrate summer, such as quaint wooden farmhouse signs or even Fourth of July decorations (if the timing is right)!

    9.String Lights
    While all of the aforementioned attributes are indeed endearing and will bode well for your front porch, they are only such prior to the sun setting. In the dark, they are common shadows even with the dim porch lights illuminated. That is where string lights come in.

    By strategically placing string lights on your front porch, you are providing it with inimitable warm mood lighting. Drape them around your door frame, along your eaves, around railings, pillars, or your patio swing bed– wherever you deem necessary to keep your front porch’s elements adored day in and day out!

    With these nine superb additions to your front porch come summertime, you will never want to relax anywhere else! When looking for the most comfortable and high-quality patio swing beds, trust us here at Four Oak Bed Swings to provide you with what you need. Give us a call today to get started on completing your outdoor decor at (334)-202-2870.