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    Is a Porch Bed for You?

    Is a Porch Bed for You?

    Let’s offer some clarity before we get too far into this article. Some of you reading this are probably shaking your heads wondering what the meaning of this could be.

    Before you know if a porch bed is for you, you need to know what a porch bed is in the first place. It sounds like a bed that you throw out on your porch. What’s the meaning of that when there’s a room in your house specifically made for beds, namely, the bedroom?

    By the end of this, we won’t be surprised one bit if you’re halfway to calling us and placing an order for one.

    What’s It All Mean?

    So let’s get this cleared up right out of the gate. A porch swing bed isn’t just a bed for which you clear a room on your porch. It’s much better - much more sophisticated and elegant if we might say so.

    You may have heard this feature of design referred to by a variety of other names, instead of the nondescript title “porch bed.” There are many other names by which the humble porch bed goes, often signing its name as “swing bed,” hanging swing bed,” “daybed swing,” “porch swing bed” “porch daybed swing,” and many, many others. The varieties of the naming convention are seemingly endless!

    What’s also apparently endless are the number of benefits that are very likely to accompany the purchase of a swing bed for your porch specifically, although we make models that would be well suited to the other rooms in your home as well.

    What it is, in a nutshell, is a bed that hangs from ropes from the ceilings of a porch overhang. It’s a unique new way to put your own personal accent marks on your home and it will break the mold of what everyone expects. If you’re looking for a way to invigorate your home with a new look and provide yourself a little getaway in the process, a swing bed is ideal for that.

    To determine if a swing bed is right for you, you might want to reflect and see if you’ve been asking yourself or telling yourself any of the following statements.

    Have You Been Asking or Telling Yourself…

    • I need to add something to my home’s design to make it pop.

    Don’t get us wrong, there is basically an endless number of ways that you can make your home pop, and just as many quick changes you can make to your home’s facade or decor that will improve its appearance.

    You can change the color of the paint on the exterior of your home or work to create a new brick or stone exterior. You can install a brand new cedar porch. Need a little color in the spring? Plant some flowers in window boxes! Refinish the stone on your steps, give your trim a fresh coat of paint, add some planters or figurines, and so on and so forth.

    There is an infinite number of ways to revitalize your home and you are bound only by your creativity. However, everyone else is as likely as you to add a fresh coat of paint or plant some flowers. A porch swing bed gives you the element of novelty and originality.

    It’s highly unlikely that any of your other neighbors will be adding a porch swing bed to their homes. That gives you a fresh opportunity to create a really unique impression, all without even trying too hard!

    • Why don’t I have a unique little nook all to myself?

    If you’re wishing that you had a little nook in your home to which you could retire to “get away from it all,” then more of the same just isn’t going to cut it for you. You need something unique, something special to your setting and your home that can’t easily be replicated.

    Anyone can buy a sofa for their porch or a bean bag chair, but few people think to outfit their porch with a swing bed or another type of porch swing. It adds character and class at the same time that it delivers you a fresh, original nook where you can escape the pace of the day!

    • Is there anything I can be doing to decompress and de-stress more effectively?

    Stress is something that everyone deals with in some form or other, and in some form or other, stress is destructive. The negative health effects of stress are well known, but even if it weren't for that, you don’t need a medical professional to tell you that you don’t feel good when you’re worried all the time.

    Stress management techniques are something everyone should be using to the fullest effect. It hardly matters where your stressors originate; what matters is dealing with them in an effective manner.

    Whether you personally prefer meditative techniques or you just like to escape to a place where you can feel removed from the things weighing you down, it’s important to prioritize your mental health. Adding a cozy corner to your porch that will help you relax and possibly even sleep better is just one way to secure it!

    • I’m looking for something new for my home but I don’t quite know what it is.

    Do you feel that your home’s design could use a quick little pick me up but you aren’t quite sure what it is? If you are, it might be worth your time to choose something new, like a porch bed, instead of going with the same old things that everyone else uses to pick up their home’s design.

    • Can I make any quick, easy improvements to my porch layout?

    Adding in a new porch, new steps, masonry or drastically altering the appearance of the exterior of your home is time-consuming and expensive. You can give your porch a makeover without investing far too much time or too much money with the simple addition of a porch swing bed!

    Our porch swing beds ship assembled and come with a rope so they are ready to hang. All you have to do is find a place that can support them and then hang it. We’ll even show you how!

    With a porch swing you can give your porch what appears to be an extensive makeover without the time and investment typically associated with them. You don’t need to tell anyone that it wasn’t as arduous as it looked - your secret will be safe with us!

    Sounds to us like You Could Use a Porch Bed!

    If you’ve been telling (or asking) yourself any of the above, then it sounds to us like you could use a porch swing, and you happen to be in the right place for that.

    By the way, a porch swing bed will come with additional benefits on top of clearing up the concerns you already voiced. Invest in a porch swing and you’ll get to enjoy some of the following benefits as well!

    Think of the Benefits!

    1. Improve the value of your home

    Adding a porch swing to your porch is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can make what appears like a significant improvement to your home and increase its value. The best part of this is that if you’re ever up against a buyer who doesn’t feel the same way, all you have to do is take the swing bed down and bring it along with you!

    1. Creative a conversation starter

    It’s actually quite a common practice for homeowners to incorporate conversation starters into the designs or layouts of their homes. For one reason or the other, people love to show off what makes them proud or interests them.

    Some use art, some use decor, some use collectibles. You can do it however you like, and one really creative way to do so is with the introduction of a porch swing bed. With a porch swing, however, you can use and converse about the investment at the same time!

    1. Introduce an unforgettably unique aesthetic

    Something else about adding a porch swing bed to the design of your home is that it will be incomparably unique. That’s actually one of the chief values of a porch swing bed. They’re just interesting rarities! If you’re looking for a way to keep up with the Joneses, in a fashion that the Joneses won’t easily be able to keep back up, a swing bed may be for you!

    1. Relax more often

    Something else that really graces swing beds is their unbelievable ability to enable you to relax. When you get into a swing bed, it’s like resting on a billowing cloud or on a skiff on the bay in a gentle swell. Rising, falling, ever at slight motion, a swing bed can help you relax like nothing else. We even sell comfort springs on our website so that our swing beds will move gently across all axes and not just back and forth!

    1. Maybe you’ll even sleep better!

    While we certainly can’t make any hard claims, there’s also the possibility that a swing bed can help you sleep better. Some report that the gentle rocking motion, similar to a hammock’s swaying, actually helps them get to sleep faster and sleep more restfully. To learn more about this, check out our recent blog, “Can an Outdoor Hanging Bed Help You Sleep?”

    The Four Oak Bed Swings Difference

    When you shop with us here at Four Oak Bed Swings, you can enjoy a new porch bed for your home that will bring you some of the afore listed benefits - and quality that is out of this world.

    1. High-quality construction and rock-solid joints

    Our bed swings are all made with Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, or Cypress, all of which are lightweight, strong, and rot-resistant. We use a special glue in the construction of our joints that is so durable the joints are actually stronger than the wood itself.

    1. Finished with durable outdoor grade varnish

    Our bed swings are also finished with no fewer than three coats of extremely high-grade outdoor varnish so that they can stand strong in the face of the elements. Whether your porch bed is actually for your porch or you choose to bring one inside, it’ll serve you well for many years!

    1. Finished in the color of your choice!

    A new porch swing bed wouldn’t do you much good if it didn’t provide you with the character you desired to place a nice accent on your setting. We give you the ability to customize the look of your new swing bed; we’ll paint it in the color of your choice!

    1. We provide rope and even show you how to hang it!

    Each of our swing beds comes with a standard one-inch manila rope that you can use to hang it. There’s even a page right here on our website on “how to hang your swing bed.” Check out that valuable resource, and if you have any questions, call us!

    1. Don’t forget the accessories

    Customizing the look of your swing bed to the setting goes further than picking out the paint. In addition to the comfort chain springs we mentioned, we also offer quite a range of pillows and other accessories for your bed swings so you can achieve the look and character you really want!

    1. Everything ships assembled

    When you order a porch swing bed from four oak bed swings, it will ship to you already assembled - there’s nothing for you to put together, all you have to do is hang it!

    1. One more thing - it ships free!

    Just so we don’t forget to mention it, all of our swing beds ship free. Other providers might be used to collecting big sums on shipping, but we never do. They all ship for free, so what you see is what you pay for!

    Take a look through our collection of porch beds and other bed swings and let us know what appeals to you. It’s a big purchase, so we expect you to have questions, and we love hearing from our customers.

    Give us a call at 334-202-2870, or if it’s easier for you, email us at We’ll be satisfied when we send you on your way with a new porch swing bed that will give you hours of enjoyment for years to come.

    Recommendations for Choosing a Hanging Daybed

    Recommendations for Choosing a Hanging Daybed

    Homeowners looking for ways to truly revitalize their spaces - whether their bedrooms or their porches - are in just the right place here at Four Oak Bed Swings. We’ve also had a knack for creativity and design and we put it to good use in the handcrafted beauty that is our collection of hanging daybed swings.

    Lucky for you, when you shop with us, more than beauty comes with the purchase - function comes with it too! Just check out our blog and you’ll see all of the ways that a hanging swing bed can help you relax and might even be practical for helping you get better sleep! 

    If you’re looking for one, whether for your porch, your living or family room, or even for your bedroom, we have plenty of highlights in our collection of bed swings. We’re committed to providing a legendary level of customer service, and in part, that means pointing you in the direction of the designs that will meet your needs best.

    See if any of the following appeals to you based on what we have to save about them, and if you have any questions, just give us a call to learn more!

    1. The “Loveseat” for intimate company

    The popular image of a daybed swing might be of one that is large - you know, bed-sized - while the contrasting image of a porch swing is much smaller. Some of you might have even formed an impression of porch swings as uncomfortable, bare wooden contraptions. With such little room for imagination, it might seem like you have to take one or the other and make tough compromises in size and comfort.

    That may be the case for some producers, but it isn’t the case with Four Oak Bed Swings, or rather, it isn’t the case with what we can provide. You see, our imaginations are not limited, and we’ve created bed swings for every occasion, setting, and purpose. You won’t need to stake a compromise on comfort, size, or appeal, either.

    Imagine the perfectly sized bed swing for intimate company; able to be worked into porches, living areas, and even little nooks with limited space. It has all the character and modest dimensions of most porch swings, but it’s much more elegantly styled and significantly more comfortable. Perfect for one, two, or potentially even three occupants, it’s like a hanging loveseat.

    That’s our Seaside Bed Swing; with a high back and adequate armrest space for ideal comfort, with slightly scaled-down dimensions for intimacy, it’s the ideal match for porches and spaces with limited room. It also makes the perfect companion piece to support intimate company and close friendship.

    1. For those who love face time

    Suppose you found our Seaside Bed Swing appealing but desired a design that allowed for even a bit more familiarity and comfort? Perhaps you might be looking for a solution for your home or porch that is ideal for closer spaces and offers even more personal taste than the Seaside - which, mind you is, is hard to do.

    If that’s the case, you might be well served by our “Courting” Bed Swing. This unique bed swing, without a back and with staggered diagonal rests, is one of the most interesting designs - and one of the most unique - in our collection.

    Compact, yet classic, the “Courting” is ideal for spaces with limited space. Due to the nature of its design and its odd symmetry, the “Courting” is best used by one occupant - or two, if the nature of the companionship admits such closeness. Also, the manner in which it is arranged makes it most amenable to face-to-face interaction, rather than other bed swings, where occupants would typically sit alongside or next to each other.

    Of course, despite the name, the “Courting” Bed Swing is also a match made in heaven for those who truly appreciate their alone time. For anyone who needs a quiet little space to get away and has the room to provide it, this bed swing will be a delight. Just set it up, grab your favorite refreshment and a good read, or perhaps some music if that is to your liking, and the “Courting” will quickly become your spot of choice.

    1. Want to minimize your impact on the environment? Don’t miss our R&R!

    As consumers, we all do the best we can to minimize our collective impact on the environment; some of us do this while gathering as much natural allure as we can from the process. There are many ways to do it, too. Recycle your plastics and glass. Cut back on single-use plastics and other paper products to help minimize waste. Turn the lights off when you don’t need to have them burning. Walk or take a bike instead of driving, or carpool when the occasion allows for it.

    The point is, there are as many ways under the sun to minimize your carbon footprint and your holistic impact on the Earth as you can imagine. Creativity is the only boundary that matters when you’re doing the best you can for the Earth. Creative minds come up with great ways to upcycle and even better ways to cut back on waste.

    Speaking of creativity, saving the Earth isn’t the only thing for which that trait is explicitly useful. Creativity is great for lots of other things - like coming up with unique and beautiful designs in art and furniture.

    Creativity has been the inspiration that has enabled us here at Four Oak Bed Swings to produce a hanging daybed that is not only one of a kind for its visual aesthetics but also uniquely situated to benefit the environment. You see, our R&R Bed Swing may be ideal for rest and relaxation, but that is not what the R&R in the name stands for!

    Whereas our other bed swings are predominantly made from Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, or Cypress, our R&R is made entirely of reclaimed and recycled wood. Catching onto the gist, now? This swing bed is one that brings you not only rest and relaxation but also benefits the Earth!

    The R&R Bed Swing is made largely from reclaimed antique heart pine, while the rest of it is made from wood that has been reclaimed or recycled from home deconstructions or salvaged from other sources. It prevents all of that scrap lumber from going to waste and even makes a thing of unparalleled beauty out of it all. From a cup of dirt grows a flower, or so they say.

    That is one of the reasons why we promote our R&R Bed Swing without paint; it shows off the natural beauty of the wood underneath. There is something stately and dignified about furniture that has been reproduced from reclaimed wood. We wouldn’t quite call it regal, but it is almost an aloof character that has been garnered from the process of restoring youth to aging and failing materials.

    Reclaimed wood may bear scars, stains, and discoloration, but that’s no different from spalting in a piece of wood stock. Each mark makes the wood unique. There are some out there who might even say reclaimed wood is more beautiful than freshly milled wood, and in some ways, we’d have to agree with them.

    1. Perfectly sized for the bedroom

    Some of you reading this will naturally be looking for a hanging daybed for the bedroom, although you might not want one specifically for use as a daybed. You might want one for use as an actual bed - you know, one that you can retire to at night to get a full night of restful sleep.

    Hanging swing beds may be ideal for that, it’s true - provided you outfit your bedroom with a model that is adequately sized and amenable to the situation. While all of our swing beds and porch swings are delightful little accommodations for relaxation, some of them are not really suitable as full-size beds.

    Additionally, you might consider it a glaring inconvenience to have rails on the sides of your bed, which is completely understandable. You might just be looking for something that is properly sized and well designed for use as a hanging bed - and we have just the ticket for that.

    Check out The Hanging Bed. That’s actually the name - there might be more than one “hanging bed” at Four Oak Bed Swings, but there is only one “The Hanging Bed”; it’s the one!

    This hanging bed, that is, the hanging bed, is available in five sizes, so whatever your needs or preferences are in a bed, you can have it with this model - as small as a crib or as large as a King bed.

    Additionally, this bed is designed without rails, so wherever you have it situated in your room, it will be easy and comfortable to get in and out of - whether it’s against a wall or nestled in a corner.

    1. Limited space on the porch? Go All-American!

    Back to those who are looking for a unique hanging daybed or swing for the porch, but don't necessarily need to meet any requirements for cramping. For those of you for whom the “Courting” and Seaside Swing Beds might have been a little too small, we welcome you to investigate the All-American Bed Swing as a viable option.

    Front to back, it’s more like a smaller swing than a bed, which still makes it ideal for porches with limited space. Even with that in mind, it has adequate room for gatherings and parties, and it couldn’t be more comfortable!

    Just be warned - sitting in this bed swing with a beverage of choice may cause all your worldly cares to melt away entirely, leaving you worry-free and enraptured by a state of utter, incomprehensible bliss!

    1. Looking for something else?

    Those of you who are lucky enough to have extra room on your porch or elsewhere in your home might be looking for something a little more capacious than the models we’ve investigated so far. In that case, we’d like to direct your attention in the direction of our bed swings, including The Buckhead and The Avalon.

    Each and every home layout has its own constraints and space considerations, so finding something that’s perfect for your unique living situation can be tough. Just remember - do your homework ahead of time and at the end of it you’ll have a bed swing that will serve you admirably for many years!

    How to Hang Your Swing Bed

    By the way, our bed swings come with standard 1-inch manila ropes, although with some of them you may be able to choose alternate options for hanging. Some of them can be paired with Easy-Adjust Ropes or even steel cables, whichever you prefer and would look better in your home. You can also have them sent to you with no hanging materials if you’d prefer to arrange for that yourself.

    By the way, in case you wanted to take advantage of the fact that our bed swings come with ropes standard, we also have the resources you’ll need to learn how to hang your bed swing. Just check out that link; it shows you everything you need, but if you have any questions you can always call us.

    Accessorize for the Perfect Match

    Before we let you go on your way, remember to check out our collections of custom tables, cushions, and accessories for your bed swing so you can really create a custom look for your home. Additionally, remember to carefully select your preferences on the product page - many of our bed swings can be completed with a clear finish, but we also will finish them in the color of your choice, as indicated on the product page.

    After you’re all squared away, get ready to kick back and relax! All of our bed swings ship for free and come entirely assembled! All you need to do is hang it and then you can lay back!

    Take some time to get familiar with the options mentioned here and if you have any questions at all, make sure you give us a call at 334-202-2870. We love hearing from our customers and we’d be more than happy to help you enjoy the perfect experience with one of our hanging daybed swings.

    How a Porch Swing Bed Will Rejuvenate Your Home

    How a Porch Swing Bed Will Rejuvenate Your Home

    While it might not have been the first thing on your mind when you stumbled across this article, a porch swing bed might be just the creative accent that your home needs to serve as a breath of fresh air.

    Decor, accessories, new furniture, and other domestic fixtures all have the ability to positively impact your living spaces, and the more creative, the better. With a little bit of insight and some attention to detail, you can revitalize your home with a porch swing bed - and it will bring along with it some of the following beneficial attributes!

    1. Provide a gathering place for company

    One of the more obvious benefits of a porch swing bed is that it gives you and your company a natural focal point for gathering. Everyone home needs them and usually, it’s the furniture that provides that central location.

    However, on a porch, more often than not the seating is not communal. Sofas and other such arrangements are rare on porches, instead, giving way to seating such as chairs, while some porches lack seating arrangements altogether.

    A swing bed for your porch, in addition to providing a communal seating arrangement for more intimate company, pairs beautifully with other seating to provide extra space for gathering, relaxing, and enjoying company.

    It’s hardly surprising that such an interesting and intriguing fixture of furniture would have such an effect!

    1. Help you relax

    Another great thing about a swing bed for your porch - or a swing bed for any room in your home - is that it may even be able to help you relax. Each and every one of us have stressors in our lives, and in that respect alone, each and every one of us could use a little help unwinding.

    Relaxed, reading, or sleeping in a swing bed is a little bit like being in a hammock, and a little bit like being in a boat in a gentle harbor, rocking on welcoming swells. If those feelings of gentle undulation are pleasant to you, then you’ll simply love a porch swing bed.

    There are also some who report feelings of uplifted relaxation when they sleep or rest in a hammock, or in this case, a swing bed. Some report that the gentle rocking motions of the swing help to lull them into a deep sense of relaxation; others even say it’s the best way to get refreshing, deep sleep!

    1. Bring you the benefits of outdoor living!

    In addition to the fact that a swing bed may even be able to help you relax, there’s also the fact that they have the potential to get you closer to the outdoors. Being in the outdoors stimulates the senses and has positive effects on the mood and on overall feelings of wellness. Some even say that being in the outdoors fosters a number of positive health benefits as well.

    A daybed swing for your porch is a great way to get outdoors without having to stray too far. Comfortable, practical, and amenable, a swing bed gets you closer to the elements without putting you in them. With a model that has been well-chosen to match the aesthetic of your living space, you can appreciate the beauty of nature and reap some of the benefits of getting outside from the comfort of one of our hanging swings!

    1. Improve the value of your home

    Finally, if there’s one benefit that you can enjoy about some of the highlights from our collection of bed swings, it’s that you may even be able to improve the value of your home. Hanging a bed swing is a quick, relatively easy improvement you can make to your home that will serve as a fixture of fascination and add value to your home.

    Home improvement is a continuous process, and once you unleash the creative spirit within you, you’ll be looking for new ways to spruce up your porch and other living areas. A bed swing, for you, may be just the beginning of a beautiful thing!

    These are some of the greatest benefits you can enjoy from the purchase of a bed swing for your porch from our collection; but just in case you needed a little boost of confidence, consider the following.

    All of our bed swings are made from the highest quality Southern Yellow Pine, constructed using proven techniques and finished with at least three coats of high-grade outdoor varnish. We also ship them fully assembled - for free - and they come with the ropes you’ll need to hang them. There is even an in-depth tutorial on our website on how to hang your bed swing.

    Does it sound like a great deal? That’s because it is! Check our catalog of bed swings via the links above and don’t miss a chance to pair them up with our cushions and accessories so you’ll have a custom match for your home. Start making your dream creation today and if you have any questions, call us at 334-202-2870 today.

    Fielding Some Questions About Our Outdoor Hanging Beds

    Fielding Some Questions About Our Outdoor Hanging Beds

    Are you thinking about adding an outdoor hanging bed to the arrangement of your home or porch? Do you still have questions that you would like to answer in the course of your shopping before you go through with the big decision?

    Here are some questions that you might have floating around; we’d love to answer any upfront, but just in case you’re still wondering about something or other, please feel free to get in touch with us at the number listed at the bottom of this article. If there’s one thing besides objective quality that has ensured success for us, it’s excellent customer service, so don’t be a stranger.

    1. Where can I place one? Does it have to be outdoors?

    Guess what - just because it has outdoor in the name doesn’t mean that you need to place it outside. In fact, there is plenty of room in your home that might benefit beautifully from the inclusion of one of our elegant designs.

    They are wonderful on your front or back porch, and getting outdoors is nice as well, but this is a topic that we have probed at length in our blog. Whether you place one in the vestibule, in a common area or even in your bedroom, it’s almost sure to make a hit. By their novelty alone, bed swings make a more-than-amenable statement in most settings. Truthfully, you’ll have a harder time finding a location where a bed swing won’t work than you will have finding a fitting place.

    Place one inside your home or outside of it and it will make a great statement. You’ll have a nice, cozy place all to yourself and be the envy of all who see!

    1. Speaking of that, how will one of these outdoor hanging beds stand up to the elements?

    In the last section, we mentioned that our bed swings are great additions to the interior of your home while maintaining that they are great for your porch or other outdoor settings. It’s also wrapped up in the name - ‘outdoor’ hanging bed. With that said, we’d like to take a moment or two to focus on quality so you can see just how and why our bed swings are simply built better - because they are.

    You can learn more on our “discover the difference” page, but we’ll give you a quick synopsis of our quality right here. Our bed swings, all of them, are made from Southern Yellow Pine that is both lightweight and strong, and when treated according to our processes is also resistant to the elements.

    We also use heavy duty dowels, screws and wood glue to create the joints as a part of our construction. In fact, the glue we use is so strong that the joints we produce are even stronger than the wood itself.

    After all that, we finish each of our bed swings with at least three coats of premium-quality outdoor varnish to buck the elements.

    1. What do I use to hang it?

    In addition to the features listed above, all of our bed swings ship with a standard 1 inch manila rope for hanging. Not only is manila rope tough and extremely strong, but it lends a lot of character to the overall setup that is woefully wanting in many synthetic ropes.

    It comes as part and parcel of every order and at no extra charge to you.

    1. Will you show me how to hang my bed swing?

    Yes, we will show you how to hang it! We even have a dedicated page on our website that illustrates the steps you need to follow in order to safely and effectively hang your new bed swing. All you need is a drill and bits, a five-gallon bucket, and hooks of your choice (and properly rated) in order to do so. Make sure you pack along some creativity just in case.

    Check out the following link on how to hang your bed swing if you want to learn more about how to hang it, and if you have any questions at all or you feel something is not clear, get in touch with us right away!

    1. Can I have it in my choice of color?

    Yes, you can absolutely have your outdoor bed swing in your choice of color. How could we bill ourselves as a home improvement company if we didn’t even offer you a bed swing in your choice of color? Good customer service requires personal customer attention, and we are more than happy to help!

    Do you have a hard-to-match yellow color making up the predominant scheme of your porch? Perhaps you are looking for a darker, richer, warmer color? You might even be looking for a bright blue. Whatever the case, let us know what you are looking for and we’ll color your favorite bed swing accordingly.

    Then make sure you check out our collection of accessories so you can really compliment your extra efforts.

    1. Does it have to be a bed or do you have other options?

    That is a good question, but we have some good news. An outdoor bed swing might be called a bed swing, but just as outdoor is not exclusive, neither is “bed” swing. Many of our solutions for improving your outdoor living with a porch swing bed or another form of hanging swing bed don’t need to be styled as beds.

    Many of our indoor and outdoor swing models really are made more in the likeness of regular swings and smaller seating arrangements than beds, proper. If you’re looking for something smaller and more intimate, we have many options in our online shop that would be more fitting for this than for use as a bed.

    Check out our collection of bed swings via the link above and see for yourself how you can complement your outdoor spaces (or indoor spaces). You’ll see that you can make quite a match for many settings!

    1. Do you sell accessories for your bed swings? Can I accessorize with pillows and other decorative accents?

    We absolutely do sell a variety of accessories for your favorite hanging daybed swing. Whether you’re looking for a matching table or a set of pillows and throws, we can help.

    Looking for a way to add a quick splash of color to your daybed setup? Don’t miss a chance to take a look through our cushions and swing accessories, which include many fine examples of cushion packages and much more.

    Also at that link above you can see other useful and practical accessories like cup holder attachments and comfort springs, which will make your bed swing so much more comfortable. Normally, a bed swing will only move along two dimensions, but when you add the comfort springs, your bed swing will sway and bounce like a boat in harbor. It’s so much more cathartic and pleasant!

    Also make sure you check out our link to custom made tables so you can get inspired with additional design ideas for your home’s other spaces!

    1. Can an outdoor hanging bed actually help me relax or get better sleep?

    This, like your ability to use a swing bed in so many different settings, is another topic that we have investigated at length in our blog. To keep things relatively short, we’ll say that while evidence is certainly anecdotal and not clinical, there are a lot of people that prefer sleeping in a suspended-state, such as in a hammock.

    A bed swing, especially when paired with the comfort springs mentioned above, offers what is potentially an even more pleasant experience than a hammock. With springs like these, the swing can move up and down in addition to back and forth and will gently rock you through your slumber.

    So, can it help you sleep better? Maybe - if you like sleeping in a hammock, a bed swing might be just to your liking!

    1. Are your bed swings and porch swings tough? What do you do to ensure quality?

    As you can see from the entry above on the construction of our outdoor hanging beds, they are very tough and more than capable of withstanding the elements, at least when they are properly cared for. Treat them as you would treat another piece of outdoor furniture made from natural materials and they will provide you with many years of enjoyment and relaxation.

    1. What are they made out of?

    As stated above, our bed swings are made from Southern Yellow Pine and feature uncommonly tough construction, with joints that are tougher than the actual wood itself. Light, strong and dependable, they will last for many years. If you’re just popping in at this point of the article, keep in mind that the swings come with a standard 1-inch manila rope that is also strong and classy.

    1. What if I’m looking for ideas for decor? Can Four Oak Bed Swings help?

    Yes, here at Four Oak Bed Swings we offer several options for decoration and accessorization with your new bed swing. Whether you’re looking for a custom table, which you can investigate at the link above, or for a set of cushions and pillows, which you can also find above, we offer plenty for your spaces. As stated, we also offer our bed swings in a wide range of colors and styles as well. Whatever your vision for your home, you can achieve it with one of our models!

    1. Do I have to assemble any of your swings when they get to my house?

    This might be the best little piece of news we’re offering in this article yet. Due to the uncommonly rugged and durable construction of our bed swings, they are not shipping in a ‘modular’ fashion, for lack of a better term.

    What does that mean? Well, for you, it means that our bed swings ship in basically one piece and that you are not responsible for assembly. Basically, you just pick out the bed swing that appeals to you, order it, and when it gets to you, you’re ready to hang it and get back to what matters most - relaxation!

    1. On that note, how much does Four Oak Bed Swings charge for shipping?

    The good news is about to keep on coming. It would be reasonable to assume that a large, bulky object like an assembled bed swing would be cumbersome and difficult to ship. It would follow, then, that a large, assembled bed swing would rack up high shipping charges.

    That assumption would be reasonable, but it would also be wrong. Don’t ask us how we do it (trade secret) but we offer free shipping on all of our bed swings, despite the fact that they ship assembled.

    What you see is the amount you have to pay, so don’t worry about budgeting extra for exorbitant shipping fees. With Four Oak Bed Swings, there are no exorbitant shipping fees. There are no shipping fees at all!

    1. What if my question wasn’t answered here?

    We hope we’ve been able to set aside some of your questions and concerns in this article, but in the event that you still have outstanding questions, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. Remember, we’re only ever a phone call away, and never farther.

    Give us a call at 334-202-2870 if you want to learn more about how we do what we do or you have more specific questions about our swing beds. As we stated, we wouldn’t be much of home improvement specialists if we didn’t offer excellent customer service.

    Call us up - we welcome questions, comments, and concerns and we’re more than happy to field all of them. Additionally, if you’d rather reach out to us via email you can do that as well. Just send a message over to and we’ll get right back to you.

    In the meantime, cozy up to some of our designs as you look through our website. We’re sure there’s something in here for you. Once you’ve made the decision to add a bed swing to your design, we make the rest easy!

    Why You Need a Hanging Daybed Swing and Don’t Know It Yet

    Why You Need a Hanging Daybed Swing and Don’t Know It Yet

    In the past here at Four Oak Bed Swings, we’ve boldly plumbed topics that few have ever gone near, if any have at all. We’ve looked at some of the many ways that you can incorporate a hanging daybed swing into the design of your home. We’ve investigated some of the claims that a hanging bed or a porch swing can help you get better sleep or even unwind more easily. We’ve even gotten into some unique design schemes you can follow - and even improve - with the help of a porch swing bed or a hanging daybed for the interior of your home.

    So in this post, we’re going to shake things up just a little bit. This time, we’re going to take a slightly more subjective look and a step back to show you just why you need a hanging daybed swing, even though you don’t know it yet.

    The first reason you need one, even though you don’t know it yet, is because it will help you relax. Whether or not it will give you clinically better sleep is another story altogether, but a consistent slew of reviews from our customers in the relaxation-affirmative is all that we need to make the claim.

    Let’s put it this way: people from all over the country buy and love our porch swings, even as far away and as exotic as New Jersey. The accolades are all uniform and without a hiccup. People love our swings and it’s not just about the fact that they are built to last and look great. It’s because they’re comfortable as can possibly be.

    As we say ourselves on some of our product pages, you need to be very careful before you get into one of our hanging daybed swings, especially if under the influence of your beverage of choice. Not because of a predisposition to injury or accident, but because our daybed swings will simply make your troubles melt away.

    A trip with one of our hanging bed swings, despite the fact that you don’t physically go anywhere, is a one of a kind experience. Luckily, it isn’t a once in a lifetime experience. You can repeat it as often as you like, all with the help of one of our unique models.

    It is like being on a small craft in gentle waters, or moored in the harbor and riding the gentle swells of the sea. When you get into one of our swing beds, you’ll at once be transported to the seaside, where you’ll be regaled with memories of the water. Either that you’ll be transported to a memory of suspended bliss, hanging from a swing in some other exotic location. The point here is that the gentle rocking influence of a swing bed is something by which most lives would profit if they had the insight to welcome it in.

    Then of course, there’s the possibility that you really could get better sleep by the aid of a hanging bed. The evidence, as we have often said, is purely anecdotal, so it’s something you just need to see for yourself. That being said, there have been some studies to suggest that a gentle rocking motion that syncopates with your brain waves may actually help you sleep. Again, it’s only a possibility and not hard proof - but don’t you want to experience it firsthand?

    Adding a comfortable little getaway to your home is far from the only reason to take your interior (or porch) design to the next level. There are aesthetic reasons to do so as well. For example, there are just so few homes out there with porch swings that any that has one is all but certain to turn heads. Whether you’re looking for a conversation starter or just a new fixture of decor, a hanging daybed swing can be the answer.

    Add a daybed swing to any room in your home or to your porch and you’ll entirely change the setting with nothing more than a minimum of effort. We even provide you the resources to spruce everything up with unique accessories and we can show you how to hang your new swing bed, too!

    One more thing - all of our swing beds ship for free and they also ship fully assembled, so that’s one more way we make your life easier as well. Plus, they’re all made with nothing but the highest possible quality Southern Yellow Pine, finished with three coats (at least!) of high-grade outdoor varnish, and come with heavy-duty ropes for hanging. We’ll even paint them in the color of your choice!

    Check out our collection of swing beds and accessories at the link above and let us know if you have any questions - you can always reach us at 334-202-2870 and we’re always happy to help.