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    Can an Outdoor Hanging Bed Help You Sleep?

    Can an Outdoor Hanging Bed Help You Sleep?

    There has been a lot of buzz in recent years regarding porch swings and hanging beds, not only for the refreshing design opportunities they offer but also in some cases for their purported health benefits. More specifically there has been a lot of talk about the health benefits of hammocks, and though an outdoor hanging bed and a hammock are not entirely one and the same, there is some common ground between the two. Recently there have been a lot of claims made about the benefits of sleeping suspended from a hammock, and though a lot of the reports are anecdotal they’re worth a little investigation.

    We’re not making any clinical claims here, nor are we suggested that sleeping in a hanging bed will cure back problems, as some have said about hammocks. What we are suggesting is that you take a closer look into some of the benefits that hanging beds and hammocks might be able to offer you because of their similarities.

    Keep in mind that there has been very little research done on the matter, and don’t forget that the majority of these claims are anecdotal. That being said, it might be worth it for you to try experimenting with some of these things for yourself to see if they are true for you. As anyone who has ever slept in a hammock, on a boat or from a hanging bed will be able to attest after reading this, some of the observations are uncanny.

    The Swinging Motion Can Be Beneficial to Sleep

    It has been stated and in some cases supported by cursory research that the swinging motion afforded by a hammock can greatly affect the quality of a person’s sleep. While it is true that this is specific to hammocks and that hammocks are somewhat more mobile than, say, an outdoor hanging bed, there are enough similarities between the two to merit the comparison.

    It has been claimed that the swinging motion afforded by hammocks (and thus, by hanging beds of sorts) can help a person fall asleep more quickly, stay asleep more easily, and sleep more deeply than would otherwise be experienced while stationary on a bed.

    It’s also long been observed, if not acknowledged by research, that rocking babies is a great way to relax them and induce them to sleep. Even if not corroborated by hard facts, this is something that anyone who has ever held a baby can attest.

    There are claims that this rocking motion helps to simulate the experience of being in the womb, which makes a baby feel safe, and thus, more likely to be coerced into a deep sleep. It’s also been said that there is the possibility that this rocking motion has a positive effect on brain activity that makes sleep come more easily - but not just to babies, to adults as well.

    Apparently, a rocking motion that is present at the onset of sleep and continues throughout the duration of sleep is a way of synchronizing the oscillations that naturally occur in the brain and is one of the keys to a pleasant, restful sleep. This can make it not only easier to fall asleep but can improve the quality of the sleep throughout its duration.

    Now, an outdoor hanging bed is not the same as a hammock, but they are both suspended and a hanging bed or swing bed does offer the same type of peaceful rocking motions that a hammock can offer, if on a smaller scale or even for a shorter length of time. There is no denying that a hanging bed is more akin to other forms of suspended sleep (like a hammock) than to a bed that sits on the floor. It may be more like a hybrid of the two that offers the benefits of both.

    If a hanging bed really can make it easier for you to fall asleep, as the rocking motion does for babies and young children, it can be suggested as a type of help for those who have a hard time falling asleep. While it can’t rightly be called a treatment for insomnia, if you find that gentle rocking helps you to fall asleep, then that should be evidence enough for you. Clinical or not, you need to do what works for you, and if you’ve ever been lulled to sleep on a boat or in a hammock, then you might be able to realize the same benefits from a hanging bed.

    Back to the improved quality of sleep. If it is true that the quality of sleep you can receive from sleeping in a suspended position is better than alternatives, then there is a corpus of evidence to support the other, farther reaching benefits of this. These are more directly supported, and if corroborated by better sleep are effectively indisputable.

    The first is the fact that better sleep during the night will result in better concentration and less distraction during the day. It will also result in a more holistic feeling of wellness, as quality sleep is tied up with a greater quality of life.

    Better sleep at night will make it easier for you to focus during the day, which can make you more effective in your job as well as in tackling any other personal goals you might have, which brings up the second point.

    Better quality and sustained deep sleep is also the time that the body takes to repair itself, which is vital for health and wellness. During deep sleep, neural circuits are built and repaired, memory is concretized, and tissues are healed from the strenuous activities of the day and restored. The quality of your sleep can affect your overall health, as without sleep your body will wear down over time. The better the quality of sleep, the better your overall health will be in the long run. That much is not anecdotal, but observable truth.

    There is also the suggestion that the quality of sleep you get routinely can positively impact your ability to learn new skills, as well as your cognition in general. It seems to come down to the activity in the brain that is fostered during restful sleep. Once you awaken from a restful sleep, you are more likely to be well equipped to try to learn a new skill and can experience improved comprehension and concentration. Taking it a step further, restful sleep is implicated in the solidification and health of memory. Therefore, getting better sleep can definitely have an impact on your efficacy at tackling new challenges and can make you a more effective learner. Can you get this all from an outdoor hanging bed? Perhaps - there is no doubt that quality sleep improves concentration, and it has been strongly suggested that sleeping from a suspended bed can improve your sleep.

    Other Benefits

    While it has yet to be proven that an outdoor hanging bed, or other hanging beds or bed swings, can have a concrete effect on the quality of your sleep, there’s little doubting that good sleep can bring you the benefits that have already been explored in this article. One of the best ways to probe the matter is for yourself through trial and experimentation. If you find that you sleep better in a hanging bed, then you might as well continue the practice - the benefits will follow.

    That being said, there are other benefits that a hanging bed can offer you even if you are skeptical of some of the purported benefits associated with enhanced quality of sleep.

    Even without the benefits associated with improved sleep that we have already explored, it’s a pretty readily observable fact that a hanging bed is a great way to relax. Sleep or no, for some people, there’s no replacing the gentle, swaying undulations that you can experience from the comforting embrace of a bed swing.

    If you’ve ever been on a boat and found the sensation of constant motion enjoyable, then you will certainly appreciate the fine gyrations of a hanging bed. It’s true that some people don’t appreciate the sensation, and some people even get sick from it but call it what you will, there are some that can’t get enough of it. Call it stillness illness, dock rock or sea legs, the feeling of being lulled by the motion of the ocean is irreplaceable, constant, and comforting. If you like it, you can get the same feeling from a hanging bed. It’s relaxing, enjoyable and cathartic. It’s also wildly similar to the effects that you might experience from a hammock.

    In fact, on the subject, if you appreciate the feeling of swaying from a hammock but don’t really enjoy the fact that it doesn’t give you a flat surface on which to lie down, then a hanging bed might be your ticket to liberation. While a hammock might cradle you at odd angles, you can lay right down on a hanging bed without ever having to experience the unexpected joys of being a contortionist. Bets of all, you can experience the same relaxing pleasures of the gentle swinging.

    Something else to note is that even if an outdoor hanging bed or other bed swing doesn’t actually confer the benefits of better sleeping, it can definitely confer the benefits of a release from stress. Even if only temporary, a release from stress is worth its weight in gold - however, you choose to quantify that.

    Change up Your Design

    There’s something else that comes along with the addition of a swing bed like an outdoor hanging bed into your design. That is a release from the monotony of design that accompanies basically all floor plans and seems inescapable. There seems to be less and less variety and innovation in design as the years go by, and a hanging bed can be a great way to shatter the mold.

    While everyone else has been making the most of the same old interior designs we’ve seen time and time again in every interior and even exterior floor plan, you can switch things up with the tasteful inclusion of a hanging bed or swing into your design. it’s practical, functional, relaxing, and even visually stimulating.

    Besides, there’s absolutely no denying the fact that the way you layout a room or setting, in terms of furniture and decor, can have a profound effect on the setting and the spirit of the place. Including a piece of unconventional furniture like an outdoor hanging bed or a porch swing can have a serious effect on the setting of your home. The novelty of it and the liberating sense of nonconformity can be refreshing to the senses. You’ll feel it, and so will any visitors to your home.

    Four Oak Quality

    If you’re interested in the potential that a bed swing can offer your home, whether for the benefits of sleeping enumerated herein or for any other reasons, then you have certainly come to the right place.

    Our bed swings are made from premium construction using yellow pine or cedar and joined using wood glue that actually increases the strength of the joints beyond what the wood can provide. Our outdoor swings are also finished with not one, not even two, but three coats of outdoor varnish to extend the life of the swing and provide you with many years of peaceful enjoyment in your outdoor spaces.

    We have many years of experience designing many different types and styles of indoor and outdoor bed swings and front porch swings and our designs have been sold to happy customers all over the country - even in places as exotic as New Jersey!

    Give us a call if you have any questions at all regarding our products, their benefits, or even how you can hang one in the location of your choosing. You can reach us at 334-202-2870 - we’re always happy to help and to hear from prospective customers, so don’t be shy about reaching out to us. Innovative designs are our passion and always have been, so we’re not shy to talk about them.

    Four Great Reasons for a Four Oak Daybed Porch Swing

    Four Great Reasons for a Four Oak Daybed Porch Swing

    Do you ever feel like you can watch home improvement shows and read similar magazines for days, for weeks even, without ever coming across an idea that is really innovative? Does it ever feel to you, as a discrete consumer, that you are constantly being inundated with “new” ideas that are really just repurposed, dated ideas that have been slightly polished to make them more palatable?

    If you ever feel like that - and no doubt, you are not alone, as many do - then you’re probably really hungry for a new design aesthetic by this point. You’re probably on the hunt for something new that you can add to some area of your home to give it some newly inspired light and make it really different. Now, how amazing would that be if you could find something that you wouldn’t just get to look at, but would actually get to use?

    You might, then, be a very good candidate for a daybed porch swing. If you’ve never heard of one, or you’ve heard of one but aren’t familiar with some of the details, then hang on. Here are four great reasons to get your home a four oak daybed porch swing.

    1. It’s Unique - Like, actually unique
    How many homes have you ever been inside that have a daybed porch swing on their front porch? How many homes have you been in that have a hanging bed or swing at all?

    Maybe a few, because porch swings and rockers aren’t necessarily all that rare, but the fact is that daybed swings are not all that common. That’s a shame when you think about it because really they’re very practical (that’s another reason, so hang tight) but they also shake things up and break the mold.

    Sometimes an interior design, or an exterior design, as the case may be, is entirely rejuvenated with the inclusion of some new elements. That could be a painting or a house plant, or even some exotic decorative feature. That could also be a hanging daybed swing of some sort or other.

    Make no mistake about it. Include a bed swing or a porch swing into your design and you will be creating a totally novel focal piece for the setting.

    2. It’s Comfortable and Relaxing
    How about the fact that with a daybed porch swing you actually will have a piece of furniture that you will actually get to use instead of just looking at. While you can say the same for some other pieces of furniture, that certainly isn’t true a majority of the time.

    It definitely isn’t the truth for decor and paintings and whatnot, but we digress. The point is that swing beds are wildly comfortable and very relaxing. Just get right into one and you will experience the same sensation that you will get whenever you step onto a boat or into a canoe.

    Well, it isn’t precisely the same, but it’s very similar, and for those who enjoy the sensation, you can hang up a swing bed in your own home or on your porch and get that feeling any time of the day or night that you please. By the way, speaking of relaxation, don’t forget to check our next point.

    3. It May Help You Sleep Better
    There is some evidence, although largely anecdotal, that sleeping in a hammock can improve your quality and duration of sleep, and thus positively impact your quality of life as well.

    So a hammock isn’t a swing bed, what does that matter? The principles are the same, and though a swing bed will not be quite as itinerant in its motions as a hammock, they will certainly be gentler and more subdued. It has been said that the rocking motion of a hammock synchronizes with your brain waves as you sleep, thus fostering deeper, better sleep.

    You can believe it or not, but the best thing to do is to try it out for yourself. You may very well find that the sensation of gentle rocking helps to lull you to sleep. If it does, what does it matter to you if the evidence is anecdotal or not?

    4. How Does Free Shipping Sound?
    One more thing - if you were considering refreshing your home’s look with a hanging daybed or a porch swing, how does free shipping sound? You may be no stranger to the high shipping costs generally associated with heavy and bulky items, and, spoiler, a daybed is heavy and bulky.

    That’s why we’ve decided to serve our customers better by offering free shipping on many of our items. You can check our collection of swings and daybeds to see just what we offer for each one. Additionally, many of our products require no assembly whatsoever. You just order it, wait for it to arrive (for free!) and then hang it up. It couldn’t be simpler. If you have any questions about our products or would like to learn more, don’t be shy about reaching out to us at 334-202-2870.

    Complete Your Home With a Hanging Daybed

    Complete Your Home With a Hanging Daybed

    There are certainly plenty of ways in which you could go about improving your home in order to increase its ability to provide functionality and comfort. Paint jobs, recarpeting, kitchen remodeling, landscaping, and more besides. However, if you’re looking for a way to really complete your home, you might want to consider a hanging daybed.

    Your home is the composite of hundreds of things both big and small that all work in tandem to create a kind of haven for you and your family. Everything from the outdoor aesthetics to the living room TV is there to bring some kind of value to the table, whether it’s entertainment, coziness, work efficiency, or sheer artistry. Ideally, you want to craft your home in such a way that it provides you with exactly what you need.

    In that respect, a hanging daybed can provide your home with that extra little something that transforms it into a true haven. There’s nothing like the feeling of deep relaxation and comfort that a well-made porch swing bed can provide. Perhaps no other single piece of furniture or any one specific change you make for your home has the potential to truly increase the value of your living space.

    You may be wondering, what exactly is a daybed to begin with and why would you want one that hangs? Moreover, where would you hang it? If you aren’t familiar with these incredible pieces of furniture and what they can do for your home, you’re in for a treat.

    Traditionally, a daybed is a plush, oversized couch that can easily double as a simple bed. A daybed may sit somewhat higher than a sofa and typically has higher sides rather than armrests, to complete the look and feel of a bed. In other words, the perfect place to plop down for a midday nap or a lazy afternoon book reading session.

    A porch swing is usually a suspended loveseat or bench located on a porch or patio and is considered something of an American tradition. These interesting pieces of outdoor furniture are designed to be simplistic and relaxing, their gentle rocking the perfect remedy for stress and anxiety.

    In fact, there’s quite a bit of evidence that points to porch swings being great for your health. Among the touted benefits are increased circulation, lower heart rate, and even pain relief. They can help you unwind when you feel overwhelmed, as studies have shown that the light swinging sensation provided by porch swings can calm your nerves and slow your breathing.

    When you combine the coziness of a daybed with the relaxing and thrilling qualities of a porch swing, what you have is a hanging daybed, which can become a truly invaluable addition to your home that’s as fun as it is functional.

    If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that can bring a whole new dimension to your living space, a porch swing style bed is exactly what you’re looking for. The myriad of benefits they can provide make it an incredible investment that you will be taking advantage of for years to come.

    What Your Home May Be Lacking

    Over the years, our homes tend to accrue additions such as appliances, home entertainment systems, exercise equipment, furniture, and art that are meant to increase the overall usefulness and value. The value we derive from our homes is important of course; you want everything in your home to add something to your life and be useful or inspiring.

    While we collect these additions to our home, there are certain needs that tend to be filled. Eventually, we get that big screen TV for the family room, a better showerhead, a larger sofa, wall to wall carpeting. All of these different items and additions serve a purpose, but after everything is said and done, your home may still be lacking a place of true relaxation.

    This is an underrated part of any home that some homeowners don’t even realize that they need. A place to truly unwind that isn’t designed for another purpose. Sure you can relax in bed, or on the couch, but that’s not the same as designating a spot that will help you truly get away from it all.

    As our lives get busier and it becomes more difficult to escape the constant alerts on our phones and the demands of work and family obligations, having a place to de-stress and find real comfort becomes increasingly more important. Stress management isn’t a luxury, it should be an integral part of your home and daily routine. While there are certainly plenty of ways to de-stress, having a dedicated part of your home where you can depressurize is becoming essential.

    One of the reasons for this is simply because while beds, sofas, and other parts of the home do provide some comfort and relaxation, they aren’t specifically built for those purposes. Your family room may be the hotspot of your home and see the most foot traffic. How are you supposed to truly relax in that environment? And while hopping into bed in the middle of the day may seem appealing, this isn’t the healthiest option and poses issues of its own if you’re really trying to have some peace and quiet alone.

    In other words, your home may be lacking a place of deep relaxation. A little area to escape to and unwind after a busy day. A cozy spot to collect your thoughts and let the stresses of the day leave your body. No computer, television, or other distractions. Every home should have some kind of nook of peace where you can recharge your batteries or simply dive into a novel without a dozen interruptions. This kind of serenity is priceless and is becoming hard to come by in the modern world, given all of the ways in which our attention is being pulled.

    While you may have spent years building up your home to be a happy refuge full of cozy amenities and state-of-the-art entertainment, it could be lacking a place to just escape to, and this is truly where a well-made hanging daybed shines.

    Extensive Benefits of a Hanging Daybed

    There are numerous benefits to including a porch swing bed as a part of your home that ranges from the practical to the fantastical. They can provide a much-needed refuge to relax in after an arduous day of work, or a cozy heart of your home that brings the whole family together on cool summer nights. Their wide range of utility makes them an amazing investment for your home.

    As alluded to before, the health benefits alone are a huge perk that makes owning one an absolute pleasure. The feeling of suspension and soft rocking motion of the daybed contribute to lower stress levels overall. There’s a reason why playground swings make us feel so good, as well as why gentle rocking can help an agitated baby fall asleep.

    The vestibular system, which helps control our sense of motion, balance, and spatial location, can benefit from the rocking sensation of a porch swing or daybed. This is a form of stress and sensory management that even doctors use to help children with autism and mood disorders balance themselves and achieve calm.


    In fact, the feeling of suspension and rocking actually helps release endorphins, which make us happy. Your mood can literally be uplifted simply by spending time relaxing on a porch swing or daybed. This mood regulation combined with lower stress levels has the power to greatly increase your overall quality of life.

    Stress itself is one of the most potentially damaging health issues we face in the modern world. So many of us are overly stressed, and this stress leads to an array of health complications, which is why doctors take it so seriously. Knowing how to destress and having a reliable means of doing so means you have power over your health.

    Because we can grow accustomed to stress, we may not often even notice just how stressed out we really are until we really decompress and let go of our troubles. Being able to find this equilibrium on your own terms in the comfort of your own home is a gift. Stress is considered to be behind some of the nation’s leading health problems, including eating disorders, ulcers, weak immune systems, chronic pain and headaches, hair loss, skin problems, mood disorders, and so much more.

    If stress can affect our lives so strongly, it stands to reason that we should take the time to invest in ways to regulate and relieve that stress. Having a purposeful place in your home where you can relax and rid yourself of stress can actually increase your quality of life in a palpable way. You may not even know how stressed you are until you feel it melting away on a cozy and relaxing daybed.

    While the health benefits of these amazing pieces of furniture can’t be ignored, there are plenty of other reasons to include them in your home as well. A place to bring your family together, keep your kids occupied, and increase the functionality of your porch are all important as well. Not to mention how gorgeous your porch or patio will look once your daybed is installed and piled high with pillows.

    Having an additional place where family can gather together and find comfort and fun is also severely underrated these days. When everyone seems preoccupied with their phones and wants to cut themselves off from the rest of the house inside their rooms, a cozy porch swing bed will go a long way in bringing everyone together for more family time.

    Where to Find One For Your Home

    If you’re looking for a well-made, beautiful, and comfortable hanging daybed to create a comfy little nook in your own home, we have a wide selection of finely crafted daybeds right in our store here at Four Oak Bed Swings that will meet your needs. Our dedication to quality and attention to detail can be seen in every piece featured in our collection.

    There’s no need to search far and wide for the rare department store that might have a lone porch swing bed of some kind in stock. These unique and large pieces of furniture are somewhat hard to come by if you don’t know where to look. Our online catalog takes all the guesswork out of finding one that has all the comfort you’re looking for and that will match your home just the way you want.

    Our handcrafted and meticulously designed pieces provide a level of simple luxury that you won’t find anywhere else. They can completely transform your porch or patio into a well-loved center of your home that also doubles as a reliable escape when you need it most. You’ll find yourself making excuses just to step outside and spend time on the porch once you have your very own daybed installed.

    Between the health benefits, comfort, and functionality that come with owning a porch swing bed like the kind we have here at Four Oak Bed Swings, you will wonder why you never made such an investment sooner. Less stress and more relaxation in your life will lead to better overall health, more energy, and less frustration. You will simply enjoy a better quality of life, making such a piece of furniture invaluable if you are looking for ways to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

    For more information on our products or if you have any questions about ordering or installation, you can reach us at 334-202-2870, and we would be happy to assist you in any way possible. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we want to make sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for without any hassle. You know that with Four Oak Bed Swings, you are receiving not just a top-quality product, but service as well.

    Rethink Comfort With Porch Swing Beds

    Rethink Comfort With Porch Swing Beds

    Most of us can relate to how amazing it feels to relax on a comfortable couch, sink into a plush bed, or sit outside on the porch during a warm summer evening. What if you could do all three at the same time? porch swing beds might be just what you’re looking for then.

    Yes, a porch swing bed is just as incredible as it sounds. If you aren’t exactly sure what differentiates an ordinary porch swing from a bed swing, it’s all in the level of size and comfort. Think of the kind of sofa that easily doubles as a place to sleep. Go one step further and suspend it in the air.

    This indulgent take on the classic porch swing has been growing in popularity in recent years, and no wonder. Porch swings themselves evoke nostalgic feelings of lazy summer days and simple refined comfort. There’s something uniquely wholesome and American about large front porches and their often iconic and eye-catching porch swings.

    This simple tradition has evolved over the years, as porch swing styles have changed and adapted to the times. Some porch swings have been traditionally rather simple, at times austere.

    While others border on the luxurious, with ornate carvings and lush upholstery. There’s certainly a huge variation between all the different varieties and styles for any kind of comfort level or look you’re going for.

    One variety of porch swing, of course, includes larger than average seating that ranges from about the size of a loveseat or sofa to an entire bed. What began as a simple wooden fixture of porches everywhere has become something much bigger!

    You might be wondering if they are right for you or where you would even start if you wanted to purchase one. This guide will help answer those nagging questions and more, including where to purchase and how to install one once you get it.

    Let’s start by first going over the practical side of these large porch swings and how much value they can add to your home.

    Practical Uses of Porch Swing Beds
    The obvious use for a porch swing large enough to be considered a bed is to rest and relax on one. This simple explanation doesn’t really do them justice, however, given how much they can change the dynamic of your home.

    Think about all of the times you wish you could truly relax outside in your yard or on your porch but you found that your current seating options leave much to be desired. In fact, they’re downright uncomfortable.

    Even many ordinary porch swings aren’t all that comfortable. They can be relaxing but are not designed to be sat in for extended periods of time, and they are certainly not designed to rest in.

    So the best you can hope for is a chaise lounge, but that isn’t always practical or even available. You might be looking for a solution to make your porch far more comfortable and usable, and the right kind of porch swing might be able to do just that. They can be the difference between a plain and boring porch to a place that’s comfortable and inviting.

    Being able to use your porch as a place of true comfort and relaxation almost transforms it into another room of your house. You’ll find that the combination of cloud-like softness and fresh air is irresistible and you might just wonder how you went so long without it.

    The next useful and highly underrated aspect of owning a porch swing like this is as a place for family to gather. These days, with how fast-paced days can be and how crowded everyone’s schedule is, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to fit in family time.

    Outside of herding everyone together at the dinner table or a rare movie night, it seems nearly impossible these days to find something that everyone loves and wants to share as a unit.

    An oversized porch swing fills this role completely. Large enough and comfortable enough to support several people at a time, it provides just the right amount of appeal to get the whole family on board.

    For those who want cozy comfort after a long day of work, you have it. For those who want a place to sit and read while enjoying the weather, you have it. And for those who just want to feel the gentle rocking feeling, you have that as well. All at the same time for that matter.

    This piece of furniture can quickly become a centerpiece of the home with all the comfort and utility it provides. It’s the kind of place that draws you in no matter who you are, because who doesn’t want a bit of relaxation with a touch of fun? There’s something inherently exciting about crawling onto a porch swing, not unlike a hammock. It’s a sensation you really can’t duplicate anywhere else.

    Perhaps the greatest aspect of these porch swings is their ability to be an oasis. These days we all need a place to zen out and just get away from it all. Whether you just want to lay down after a long day of work but don’t quite want to get into bed just yet, or you’re looking for a place to meditate or zone out in the morning, this is where you want to do it.

    The importance of having your own place of deep relaxation and comfort cannot be stressed enough. It’s so common these days to overwork ourselves and not take the time out of our day to truly relax.

    This is where having a special place to unwind comes in handy. Not the living room couch or the kitchen or garage or any other ordinary place in your house, but an area designed for real comfort and relaxation. That’s something you can’t really put a price on.

    Clearly then there’s more to a porch swing like this than just everyday lounging. It can become an integral and loved part of your home that everyone can enjoy for entirely different reasons. It can bring everyone together on a summer night or be your refuge every day after work, and more besides.

    Installing and Hanging
    You might take one look at a bed swing and wonder how you would ever actually install one. The good news is, they aren’t nearly as difficult to hang and install as you would think. In fact, here at Four Oak Bed Swings, our swings are ready to hang immediately and come with one inch in diameter Manila rope.

    Installing your swing is simple, though we highly recommend making use of a professional handyman. It only takes understanding and implementing a few specific techniques that we have outlined in our guide that illustrates exactly what you need to do in order to hang your swing, but a handyman will have the experience and tools necessary to complete the job as swiftly as possible. You can reach out to us with any questions you might have at any time regarding advice on installation. Once you figure out exactly where you want to install your swing, there are just a few steps and a few basic tools that are needed to get the job done.

    Where to Find Them
    You don’t have to travel to a specialty hardware store or a craftsman half a world away to get your own porch swing bed. In fact, we at Four Oak Bed Swings have a wide selection of gorgeous swings crafted from the finest materials, and we deliver for free.

    We understand the value of meticulous craftsmanship and unique designs, as well as rich comfort, which is why we’re proud of our amazing selection. We have swings of many different styles and crafted out of a variety of materials, to not only match your home but your specific tastes as well. You simply can’t find such a selection in most local hardware or department stores, especially not of the same quality.

    Here are just a few items from our collection.
    The All-American Bed Swing
    If you are looking for simplistic cozy comfort, this is the swing for you.

    With fifteen custom colors to choose from and a clean, minimalist design that could fit on just about any porch you can think of that’s large enough, you would be hard-pressed to find a more valuable addition to your home.

    The R&R Bed Swing
    If you want to really feel like your home has been transformed into a cozy southern bed and breakfast, you might want to grab this bed swing.

    Crafted from reclaimed and recycled antique barn wood, this swing just oozes charm and old country style. If you want to add a special place to your home for the whole family to enjoy, this swing has what you’re looking for.

    The Westhaven Bed Swing
    This is a swing for anyone looking to add a feeling of natural beauty to their home. Your porch will be the most popular place in or out of the house. Crafted from kiln-dried pine and designed to provide years of relaxation and enjoyment. For unparalleled quality, exactly what you need in your home.

    Makes the perfect addition to any porch, patio, or deck and was designed with you in mind, with an array of customizations and add-ons, including wine holders and color options.

    You can find all of these amazing pieces and more right in our online store. With a huge selection of style and color options, it’s easy to find the right match for your home as well as what level of comfort you desire.

    The right porch swing bed will have you rethinking comfort entirely. This is the approach we’ve taken to ensure the highest quality possible, at every step of the design process. No step in their construction is not without thought and care, and it shows in the end result. Our swings are not only beautiful and comfortable, but they are also built to last.

    This is perhaps the most important part of any great swing, how it holds up to everyday use. After all, once you fall in love with your swing, you’re naturally never going to want to get off of it. This is an investment, not something you install one day and forget the next.

    Which is why our beds are built meticulously, with an appreciation for quality over everything else. Our swings are designed to be more than just a porch decoration. They’re meant to be used and enjoyed. They’re meant to become an integral and beloved part of your home and everyday life.

    When crafting anything with these ideals in mind, it becomes all the more important not to skimp on anything or resort to cheap materials or poor design. If you want to build something tough and long-lasting, the design process has to be solid from start to finish.

    Our swings are meant to become a part of your family for years and generations to come, which is why we not only place so much emphasis on quality but also on our customers. If you have questions or concerns about our products at any time, we welcome you to reach out and contact us.