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    A Hanging Daybed for Any Setting

    A Hanging Daybed for Any Setting

    At Four Oak Bed Swings, our specialty is not a surprise, and we don’t keep the secrets to our style under wraps. We do what we do well, and what we do well is making some of the finest bed swings in the country; even in the world. That’s why our designs have been prominently featured on HGTV and are so highly regarded by our customers. Call it a niche market if you will, but anyone who is serious about a hanging daybed knows there’s only one name that really matters, and that name is ours.

    Still, being a niche market, you might have thought, after some cursory research, that all swing beds were created equal, and that there wasn’t too much you could expect from them in terms of style or design. We’re here to tell you that this couldn’t be farther from the truth, and we aim to prove it.

    First off, our collection of porch swings and hanging bed swings are exemplary - and unique - for their quality. Each and every one of our hanging swings is made and finished entirely by hand.

    Our swing beds are handcrafted using Southern Yellow Pine, which is noteworthy for the unique balance of strength and lightweight durability that it offers. We use heavy-duty hardware and adhesive in our construction; our components are of such high-quality, that the joints we finished are actually stronger than the wood itself.

    Every swing bed is finished with at least three coats of an extremely durable outdoors-grade finish so that even in the face of sunlight, humidity, and varying temperatures, they will be able to buck the elements for years to come.

    We offer a collection of outdoor cushions and pillows as well, and most importantly, we offer our bed swings in a number of different colors options - fifteen, to be exact - so that no matter where you hang it, it will mesh with the color scheme and the prevailing elements of design.

    When it comes to comfort, there is no hanging daybed like a Four Oak Bed Swing. We attach our ropes at the sides of the bed swing instead of in front of and behind them so that you can enjoy a more relaxing, freer movement than you would experience with an alternative configuration. Best of all, our swings are built in such a fashion that you can lean back in them without them abrading your legs, which experience is an unfortunate reality with the swings of some other producers.

    In terms of quality, there is no room for concession. Four Oak Bed Swings determine it. The purpose of this article, however, is to illustrate the diversity and compatibility of our product line, so sit back and enjoy this overview. You will see that there’s a swing bed for just about any setting, and who knows - you may just discover it right here.

    Seaside Bed Swing

    The Seaside Bed Swing is one of our smaller and more basic models, and it’s just about ideal for building into almost any setting. Not as large as some of our other larger models, the Seaside Bed Swing can be built into smaller rooms or into the design of a porch with a smaller overhang. You might not have thought of this as a replacement for the bed in your room, but climb into one and you’ll be thinking twice about that.

    Still, we might offer some better options for bed swings to make a replacement for your indoor bed and some of them might even be able to help you get better sleep. However, this model is better for a little casual rest and relaxation; pair it with a good book and your favorite Rioja and you will have the makings of a perfect time.

    All-American Bed Swing

    The All-American Bed Swing is another classic, and though we offer it in crib, twin and full sizes, it, like the Seaside Bed Swing is ideally suited for lounging on the porch, and as we say, watching the world go by.

    It may not be as large as some of our other bed swings, but that’s perfectly fine because it excels at what it does, and what it does it provide a cozy little retreat away from it all where you can appreciate the time you have to slow down and enjoy and reflect on life.

    Part of the versatility of our All-American Bed Swing comes by virtue of the fact that it has built-in armrests, making it like the perfect floating couch. As we mentioned before, there are other bed swings that would make for a more fitting replacement of your nighttime bed, but there are scarcely any better ones for replacing your couch. Or, more fittingly, this hanging daybed just might be better suited as a secondary couch for your porch, rather than as a replacement.  

    The “Courting” Bed Swing

    Traditional courting seating arrangements make use of a relatively unique design whereby the occupants sit face to face with each other, for a greater degree of intimacy. Therefore the reason for the name; our “Courting” Bed Swing is our own take on this style of seating. We don’t do traditional seating, but we occasionally do take traditional elements and elevate them to an art form.

    Also available in three sizes, the “Courting” Bed Swing might not make the best replacement for your bedroom’s current bed, but it would be a great accessory for the porch or any common area in your home. In fact, it would be the perfect addition to a cozy little nook, whether you enjoyed its comforts in the presence of another or not. It’s ideal for those looking for a little hideaway with their “special someone,” but it also happens to be a comfortable solo seating arrangement. Comfortable, cozy, and unique, our “Courting” Bed Swing could make a fair match for almost any setting, in any room in the house.

    The Buckhead

    The Buckhead is noteworthy because it is probably the most versatile hanging daybed that we offer here at Four Oak Bed Swings. It comes with two sides and a backrest as well as armrests, but all of these are removable, depending on where and how you want to use the bed swing.

    Leave the sides up and remove the backrest to give yourself some extra space, or remove the sides and leave the backrest and get this bed in a full and you will have the perfect, the ultimate hanging daybed that you can place in any setting. Put it in the bedroom, in a sitting area or out on the porch and you’ll not only be remarkably comfortable, you’ll turn heads as well. Put this daybed anywhere in your home and you’ll be more than happy with it; it gives you the versatility to fill just about any role!  

    R&R Bed Swing

    Our R&R Bed Swing is getting into the realm of full-size bed wings that could make a good replacement for the bed in your room, should you so choose. Even so, that’s not the thing about the R&R Bed Swin that really defines it and makes it so unique. Don’t be fooled by the name, because the R&R in this title is not what you might have expected it to be.


    R&R; perennially referred to as rest & relaxation, is not, specifically, what the R&R refers to with this bed swing. Our R&R Bed Swing is Reclaimed & Recycled, being made specifically from reclaimed and recycled wood. It is made not only from reclaimed pine heartwood but from odds and ends of domestic wood that otherwise would go to waste. This not only diminished a negative impact on the environment while eliminating waste, but it takes something old and gives it a new, functional life. It also means that no two are the same and that the character that you will enjoy from this bed swing is unlike any of our others.

    Because it is made from wood from sundry sources, it has a somewhat eclectic feel, suiting it to areas that are similarly eclectic or made from a mashup of upcycled goods. In addition, you won’t just feel good knowing that you did right by the world when you set yourself up with one of these swings; you will literally feel good lying in it. The R&R may have served a double meaning after all!

    The Hanging Bed


    Here it is, perhaps the definitive hanging bed. This bed, which is arguably the best bed to make a part of your bedroom and devote to nocturnal use, can be made from reclaimed pine, Southern Yellow Pine, or even Red Cedar. Cedar, as you might have known, is not only a beautiful wood visually and aromatically, but it is also light, fairly strong, and all but impervious to rot, decay, and insects.

    Available in a number of different color options, as all of our bed swings are, this bed is the ideal bed to make your own. Once you sleep in one, chances are you’ll be wondering why you weren’t sooner. It’s adaptable to just about any setting as well, regardless of the color scheme or predominant theme.

    Pair Them with Accessories

    Another thing that’s great about Four Oak Bed Swings is that we give you the option to pair up your bed swing with a number of different accessories to really make the setting shine. In addition, many of them give you a whole dose of uniqueness and functionality.

    We provide a number of Sunbrella cushion arrangements for each of our bed swings, which is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and could not be more comfortable. They also happen to give you a lot more flexibility in your visual design aesthetic.

    On top of that, you can pair one of our bed swings with a set of comfort chains that will totally alter the experience of sitting or sleeping in one. Normally, a bed swing offers a fair range of motion through the ropes but adding chains to the setup will give the bed swing much more animation through an entirely new axis, making it feel as though the entire swing is floating.

    In addition, you can pair one of our bed swings with an optional cup holder attachment, which will give you a place to store your favorite refreshment while you relax. Need we say more than that?


    Free Delivery


    We thought we might as well sweeten the deal a little by letting you know that all of our bed swings ship for free, which, if you were wondering, is quite a boon. Large, heavy objects are legendary for racking up high shipping costs, and we save our customers from the bulk of that. The price you see is effectively the price you pay; you don’t have to worry about exorbitant shipping costs.


    No Assembly Required


    There’s one more thing to keep in mind through all of this. Not only do our bed swings exemplify the amazing quality of construction and offer you great versatility in design; not only do we offer them free of shipping; but we also send them to you basically ready to hang. No assembly is required with any of our bed swings, so when they get to you you can hang them up and get right into the best part of being a bed swing owner: the use of it.


    Give Us a Call!


    Do you want to learn more about how we make our bed swings and the type of quality they embody? Maybe you have some product-specific questions. Perhaps you just want to learn more about how you can work one into your design or how to hang one. That’s no matter; our team would be more than happy to field questions and fill you in on our amazing products.

    Let’s put it this way. There’s a reason that Four Oak Bed Swings is the premier name in bed swings and porch swings. Actually, there are several, and you just learned about a bunch of them. That said, if you want to learn more, call our team at 334-202-2870.

    How a Quality Porch Bed Swing Provides Style and Comfort

    How a Quality Porch Bed Swing Provides Style and Comfort

    The right porch bed swing can allow you to experience a new dimension of home comfort, making them an incredible option if you are interested in adding value to your home in a unique and stylish way.

    While there is no shortage of different kinds of furniture and appliances you could include in your home in order to improve it, there is no other piece of furniture quite like a bed swing as far as beauty and comfort go. Whether you are on the lookout for a way to create a sanctuary in your home where you can be alone to read a book and enjoy a bit of tea or coffee in the morning, or if you simply want to enhance the functionality of your porch, this is the furniture piece you want to invest in.

    If you are interested in a porch bed swing for your home and want to know more about the value that they provide for homeowners, you’re in the right place. This simple guide will outline some of the ways in which proper furnishing can be quite a boon to your quality of life, and the unique style and comfort benefits that a porch bed offers. By investing in your home with the right piece of furniture, you are helping to create a more inviting and valuable space for your family and loved ones to enjoy for years to come.

    Porch Beds Offer a Unique Way to Furnish Your Home

    When it comes to improving your home, sometimes you have to think a bit unconventionally. While there are certainly any number of standard improvements you could make that may help enhance the look and feel of your home, they may not be all that impactful.

    For example, a new sofa or carpet is a typical way of adding value and comfort to your home. While improvements such as these are standard practice for homeowners, there aren’t always that necessary and won’t do much to truly impact the way your home feels. You’re looking for a greater sense of comfort and a new level of functionality rather than a mere update, and that’s where a porch bed really makes a difference.

    As you think about the direction of your home and how you want to improve it in the long-term, think about ways in which you can invest in it that go beyond merely adding basic furniture or appliances. A porch bed is not simply a piece of furniture but a bonafide home enhancement that becomes a full-fledged part of your porch or patio and acts as a quality of life improvement more than just a new place to sit.

    Not only do porch bed swings offer a substantial amount of functionality, but they are also decorative in nature. High-quality porch beds accent your home and should blend in with the design of your home to create a seamless look that enhances the whole picture. In this way are porch beds a unique furnishing option, because few other pieces of furniture truly alter the way in which your entire home looks and feels to such a degree.

    Why Style Matters in a Porch Bed Swing

    Style is an important aspect to consider when investing in a porch bed for your home. There are a myriad of different styles to choose from if you know where to look for a high-quality piece, which can help you beautify your home just the way you like. Here at Four Oak Bed Swings, we have a wide variety of different porch beds that are sure to match your home style.

    This is important in order to capture the seamless look we mentioned earlier. If your porch bed matches the rest of your home facade and decor, it will truly improve your home from a purely architectural point, as well as lend itself to a more cohesive atmosphere.

    The overall craftsmanship of your porch bed matters as well, which plays into its general appearance. A well-made porch bed will have noticeable design conventions used throughout that will help to shape its style, whether it has a sleek and modern or more rustic farmhouse appearance. Either way, you want to make sure that if you are including a piece of furniture like this into your home that it is of the highest quality not only to ensure that it will stand the test of time but also so that it exudes the look and feel you want.

    Experiencing a New Level of Comfort

    The clearest benefit of owning a porch bed is in the value it provides in terms of comfort. As far as furniture is concerned, it’s hard to compare these pieces to anything else you’ve experienced. Even traditional porch swings don’t offer the same level of comfort as high-quality porch beds do.

    For homeowners who are simply searching for a way to improve the quality of their porch, this is the ultimate way in which to do so. Likewise, if you are looking for a way to create a place in your home where you can “get away from it all” and relax on your own terms, a porch bed is perfect for the job. Regardless of the style of bed you select, a finely-crafted one will provide you with an immense level of comfort that exceeds that of most other pieces of furniture.

    What makes a porch bed so particularly inviting? The best way to put it would be that they combine the plush comfort of a bed with the coziness of a couch, and the weightless feeling and gentle swaying sensations of a porch swing. Wrapped into one package, these pieces of furniture provide an oasis of relaxation and warmth that is unparalleled.

    What’s more, one of the most essential assets of porch beds is the fact that you can enjoy all of this comfort outdoors. Let’s be honest, we all wish we could get more use out of our porches. Sometimes it feels as if they go weeks without being used, whether it’s because they aren’t outfitted with the right furniture or because there really isn’t a reason to be out there at all. However, relaxing outdoors can be extremely beneficial in terms of relieving stress and getting more out of your home.

    The truth is, not all of our patios, decks, and porches are equipped to really enjoy the outdoors to any significant degree, especially as the weather gets cool. A traditional porch swing or chair simply doesn’t offer enough quality and comfort to excuse being out in less than ideal weather conditions. This is one of the reasons why our porches go underused because it’s somewhat difficult to get comfortable when the conditions aren’t optimal.

    However, a porch bed swing is different in that it provides a much higher degree of comfort. Between the plush mattress, pillows, blankets, and other items you have on hand, it’s easy to transform your porch into an autumn sanctuary that keeps out the cold while still allowing you to enjoy the crisp fresh air and beautiful atmosphere of the outdoors.

    This is such an underrated advantage, being able to enjoy the outdoors at will. Not only is this important in general for obvious health reasons, but as homeowners, we don’t get to enjoy the outside of our properties nearly enough. For some of us, getting to enjoy our porches and patios is a rare treat. By including a porch swing into the mix, you have a much better reason to get out there on a regular basis and enjoy your home on a deeper level.

    In terms of improving the level of comfort in your home, this is perhaps one of the most effective ways of going about it. Having an alternative place where you can relax and be at peace, while also being able to get outside, is an impactful change that can certainly alter your quality of life for the better.

    While a porch bed swing excels as a place to relax and escape the chaos of your household, it also provides a place for your entire family to enjoy. These beautiful pieces of furniture are great for family gatherings or simply as a means of sitting outside with your kids on a cool summer evening to read a book or enjoy a snack. Their inviting presence and high level of comfort mean your porch swing will quickly become a hotspot in your home, no matter what time of the year it is. You can even enjoy them during the winter months, just remember to bring an extra blanket and a warm cup of chocolate.

    The Value of Long-Term Home Improvements

    Here at Four Oaks Bed Swings, you can browse our selection of beautiful hand-crafted porch beds to find one that will perfectly suit your home. In terms of improving your home over the long term and increasing its overall value, a high-quality porch bed is one of the most viable options.

    When you think about ways to truly improve your home in ways that offer a higher level of comfort, enjoyment, style, and convenience, a porch bed covers every detail. Not only are you investing in a way to get far more value out of your porch so you can better enjoy the outdoors, but you are also crafting a new way to relax and unwind when you’re stressed. They also increase the overall aesthetic value of your home, with their eye-catching size and style.

    If you are interested in a way of transforming your home for the better and bringing a new level of comfort into the picture, a porch bed is an avenue you want to take. By investing in one of these high-quality pieces of furniture, you are not only enhancing your porch but the quality of your entire home.

    The best part is, we offer a great variety of porch beds right here in our online store. All of our pieces are finely crafted, with sturdy construction and attractive designs that will breathe new life into your home. Regardless of style and feel of your home, we have a bed swing that can match it. Our gorgeous Westhaven Bed Swing is the perfect piece for cozy modern and shabby chic style homes, while an item such as our R&R Bed Swing has the perfect rustic feel that would make it a great fit in a farmhouse or cottage home design.

    No matter what you are looking for to enhance your home, we have the right porch bed swing for your needs. We here at Four Oak Bed Swings are dedicated to crafting the finest quality porch beds and will work hard to help you find what you are looking for or answer your questions. If you are interested in purchasing a porch bed for your home or need more information on one of our beautiful items, we want to hear from you. It’s easy to get in touch with us if you have questions or concerns regarding our pieces. Simply call us up at (334)202-2870 and we will assist you.

    There are certainly many ways in which you can invest in your home in order to make it more functional or add a dash of style, but a porch bed ranks among the best ways to go about doing it. Whether you are looking for a bit more comfort in your home or simply want to get more use out of your porch, these pieces of furniture will help you complete your home vision. There’s no question that the right bed swing can absolutely change the way your home looks and feels, providing you with year-round comfort and outdoor enjoyment.

    What’s To Love About A Patio Swing?

    What’s To Love About A Patio Swing?

    Whereas many swing beds are designed to grace the interior of your home, a patio swing is expressly designed to be positioned under an overhang on your patio. There are plenty of great reasons that you should consider one for your home; these are only a few of them, but rest assured, a patio or porch swing is a great way to spice up your design and add some character to your home.

    Curb Appeal

    We’ll hit hard with this first point. Building a bed swing or porch swing into the design of your patio or as a part of your outdoor decor is the very definition of curb appeal. Let’s just face it, not that many homes display these types of swings on their front porches and the ones that do definitely turn some heads. You’d probably pay an uncommon measure of attention to any home that had something like this as a part of its design yourself.

    Which also brings up the point that it's something that adds value aesthetically. Even if you don’t ever sit in one - and you should, but we’ll get to that momentarily - it adds a lot of culture and class to a setting. It’s like a fine tapestry or a classic painting, although the character is very different from either of these. A swing bed or porch swing of any nature is just going to bring a lot more class and curb appeal to your home. Executed properly, it might even add value to your home; and the swing beds we produce here at Four Oak Bed Swings are of the highest quality construction to last many years and to appreciate in character as time passes.


    There’s nothing like a quiet place where you can get away from everything and enjoy some rest and relaxation, and adding a swing bed to your patio is a great way to give yourself a personal space where you can relax in comfort.

    Our swing beds are designed not only to attract the eye but to give you a place to rest that is unparalleled for comfort. You can stack a swing bed high with your favorite pillows, cushions, linens, and comforters and you will have a cozy quiet place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of life and feel like you're floating above everything, which brings up another point. A swing bed, dolled up with some niceties, won’t just be unparalleled for comfort, it might even be able to actually help you relax.

    Help Yourself Relax

    Adding a patio swing into the mix of your outdoor furniture can have a number of positive effects on top of the fact that it will offer you a ton of comfort and give your home some really unique character. It might even be able to help you relax by its very nature.

    Because a swing bed comes in a hanging design, you will find that when you get into one, the motion you impart to it will make you feel like you are floating or gently undulating. The swing will gently rock back and forth and the oscillations will slowly diminish over time until it feels as though you are no longer moving. However, any additional movements you impart to the bed will cause it to begin rocking once more.

    Some people find that they have an easier time relaxing when they are suspended, either in a swing or a hammock. Many even report that they get a better sleep when they are suspended, and though the reports are anecdotal, there are enough of them to lend some credence to the claims.

    It might just be something you have to try for yourself and see if you get the same experience. Everyone experiences the same situations differently; you might find that adding a swing to your patio furniture helps you to unwind and relax, but you might never know until you try.

    We Have Plenty of Options

    At Four Oak Bed Swings, we take immense pride in the quality construction and aesthetics of our patio swings and bed swings. Each and every model is handcrafted and meticulously produced from Southern Yellow Pine and other premium materials. Our swings are then painted in your choice of color to match the intended setting.

    We also offer you a number of cushions, pillows, and mattresses to go along with your patio swing or swing bed to complete the scene. Take a look through our collection of bed swings to get more familiar with some of the models before you make your choice, and then check out our guide on how to hang your swing bed as well.

    While you’re shopping, if you feel that you would like more information on our products or have some additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 334-202-2870. We’d be glad to help you out.

    How a Daybed Swing Can Transform Different Rooms in Your Home

    How a Daybed Swing Can Transform Different Rooms in Your Home

    Call it a porch swing, call it a daybed swing, you can call it whatever you like to call it, just don’t limit the splendor of such a design to only one room in your home. People all around the country have been putting this unique new style to work for them in many different rooms in their homes and reaping a suite of benefits. Call it a porch swing, but it isn’t just for your porch. Call it a daybed swing, but it isn’t just for the bedroom. And no, it isn’t just for the day, either. As you are about to find out, you can actually make the ‘dedicated’ bed in your bedroom a swing bed and it may do much more for your overall well being than just ‘look nice.’

    The unbelievable versatility of the different styles of swing beds that we offer here at Four Oak Bed Swings should not be understated. Whether you are interested in one for its unique design aesthetic or because you may have heard that such a design can help you get better sleep, we can help you out.

    Interestingly, it isn’t just for the design aesthetic that these types of beds can benefit you. They can make a real mark in any room in your home, as you will shortly see, but they might even be able to help you get better sleep, and maybe even to destress in your waking hours.

    Some have stated that hammocks can help you get better sleep because the hammock cradles the body like a fetus. Others yet have said that the gentle oscillations of a hammock can synchronize with your brain waves in order to help you get deeper, longer, more restful sleep. Some of these accounts represent anecdotal evidence, and we recognize that. We also recognize that a swing bed will not cradle you in the same way that a hammock can. But a swing bed will provide for gentle oscillation, and if the latter whispers are true, then a swing bed may be able to get you better actual sleep.

    Even if not, if you are one of those people who likes to be rocked to sleep, then forget about the fact that the evidence is anecdotal. A swing bed of any nature is going to gently rock whether you are trying to sleep in it or just unwinding after a long day, and if you like the feeling then that’s reason enough to look for one. If you like the feeling that you get from being gently lulled by waves on a boat or from being suspended in a hammock, then a swing bed may be just for you. That aside, the best virtue of a swing bed is in the visual aesthetics, because over the lifestyle benefits, those are guaranteed.

    The thing is evident from its face value. There are just not that many houses that capitalize on the novel style of swing beds, making them instantaneously eye-catching. Think about it - have you ever seen one in person or do you know them only from home improvement shows and magazines.

    If you have seen one or had the pleasure of getting to lay in one in person, that’s great too, but if not it’s also understandable. They have been increasing in popularity, as we said, but they still haven’t become mainstream to the point that everyone out there has gotten to interact with one.

    And wherever you do see one, your eye is likely to be drawn to it. Something as arresting as a swing bed is likely to catch your eye even if it lacks the aesthetic details of the swing beds we produce at Four Oak Bed Swings.

    With no further ado, here are several of the rooms in your house that you could pleasantly grace with the addition of a daybed swing and how each environment could be generally improved by the inclusion.

    The Living Room

    If this isn’t obvious we don’t know what is, because it’s the room in your home that generally gets the most attention and company, but nonetheless, you can add a bed swing to your living room to spice up your design. Can you add a bed swing to any design, though? The answer lies in how creative you are with the solution.

    You’ll need the room and the ceiling beams to be configured in a certain manner so that you can hang it, but if you have these things out of the way then from there the sky's the limit. After you’ve checked off these basic preliminary boxes, you can have at it when it comes to design.

    The design of your living room will work alongside a swing bed at the same time that it is impressed and affected by it. You’ll want to take into consideration all of the fine points in the design that went into the making of the whole picture.

    What are the dominant color schemes and tones that define your living room? Does the room have a close, intimate feel full of decorative items or is it an open-concept space with minimal furnishings and light, almost neutral colors?

    There are as many design schemes out there are different personalities, and interestingly enough a swing bed will mesh perfectly with many of them. Take the two specific examples above to illustrate the point.

    The first one painted a picture of a living room that was not too large or open and was well furnished with items of interest and had a close, intimate feel. A swing bed can easily accent this type of setting because it is a personal, intimate piece of furniture. Unlike a set of chairs, which are separated and can even encourage some measure of distancing, a bed, like a couch, invites interpersonal communication and intimacy. It does this even better than a couch or a sofa because a bed is a highly personal piece of furniture - it is even private, in a way. Build it into a close design and the room will come out the better for it.

    Even on the opposite end of the spectrum where you might be working with a minimalist or open concept design, a bed swing could bring a lot to the table. For one thing, it could soften the aloof overtones of the setting to make visitors feel more welcome and included. In addition, it would provide a more communal space that might have been lacking. In a sense, it could serve as a compromise between openness and closeness.

    As you can see, a swing bed would shine in any of these scenarios but there’s something even bigger at work here. That’s the fact that a swing bed is simply novel. If you’ve never built one into a design before, just the fact that you’re including it is going to give a fresh look to a place. Without even wanting to change anything about a setting a swing bed can offer a lot in terms of freshness. That’s all just for a living room - what about the other rooms in your home?

    The Bedroom



    Naturally, we can’t get away without working in a portion about how a swing bed could make a fitting match to change up the design in your bedroom. And, in the bedroom, the effect it can lend is not only aesthetic but functional.

    For one, a bed swing can offer the same visual modification or enhancement to your bedroom, if that is what you are hoping to go for. Bedrooms are a relatively private portion of the home and so they don’t tend to see many visitors, so if you make the addition, make it for yourself. Just as a swing bed can turn heads in a living room, a swing bed in the bedroom is bound to give you a fresh sense of style and personality.

    The chief benefit of including a swing bed in the bedroom may not be visual, however. In addition to giving your bedroom a makeover, you can give yourself a new experience with a bed swing as well.

    We’ve spoken in past posts about how the unique nature of a bed swing might be able to confer the benefits of better sleep. We’re not here to make any unfounded medical claims, but taking a well-deserved rest in a bed swing will certainly give you a new experience unlike any other. Well, it might be like some others, but if you enjoy those you will certainly enjoy the sensation of being in a bed swing.

    Resting in a swing bed is a little like being in a rigid hammock, and also a little bit like being on a boat. It’s also sort of like hanging from a tree swing, in a way. Some people don’t like the sensation of rocking back and forth, but others can’t get enough of it. If you enjoy it, it relaxes you and it can promote better sleep, then there’s all the evidence you should need to consider a bed swing.

    Plus, as we stated with the makeover it can give to a living room, a bed swing can makeover your bedroom as well. If you are in need of a change or seeking things that can’t be easily found elsewhere, a bed swing might be for you.

    The Porch and Vestibule



    We thought originally of subdividing these into two separate sections but thought better of it because some homes make a vestibule out of their porch or have the porch enclosed to form a separate extension of the front or back of the home. Regardless, the key takeaway that we hope you get from this is that a swing bed is great for the porch or the vestibule of your home just the same. You don’t need to feel like you’re limited to a porch swing. If you have the space for a bed, it might be an even better addition to the room.

    We already covered some of the aesthetics of the sensation you can experience from a swing bed when you replace your bed inside with one, and the same thing carries over to the porch. Here, as opposed to the bedroom, the chief virtue is in the visual appeal.

    Think to yourself. How many porches or entryways have you personally seen that make use of a swing bed or even some other form of a porch swing? If the answer is ‘not many’ or ‘none’ then there are probably plenty of other people - whom you know - that feel exactly the same way.

    As we stated at the outset of this article, it’s just a rare thing to see one included in a design firsthand. They might be making waves when it comes to the trend of the movement, but in practice they are rare.

    Add a swing bed to your home’s porch or vestibule and you will be giving it a shade of a color that few have ever seen before. It will be sure to impress the memory, and it will also throw all of the other elements of design into relief against it. As people are bombarded constantly with sensory input, a lot gets filtered out. Give them something new to key in on and they won’t forget it. Moreover, they might actually slow down and actually see what’s in front of them.

    From an unforgettably pleasant experience to better sleep to the fact that a swing bed just gives you something really unique and original to add to your design, there are many ways that you can elevate your interior decorating and furnishing with one. They can confer these benefits to many different areas of your home, and you can gather a bunch of them from just one example.

    We welcome you to look through our website and get more familiar with some of the swing beds we offer here at Four Oak Bed Swings. Each one is carefully designed and crafted, and we put uncommon care and devotion into our craft. To learn more about our products and how we make them, give us a call at 334-202-2870.

    Can an Outdoor Hanging Bed Help You Sleep?

    Can an Outdoor Hanging Bed Help You Sleep?

    There has been a lot of buzz in recent years regarding porch swings and hanging beds, not only for the refreshing design opportunities they offer but also in some cases for their purported health benefits. More specifically there has been a lot of talk about the health benefits of hammocks, and though an outdoor hanging bed and a hammock are not entirely one and the same, there is some common ground between the two. Recently there have been a lot of claims made about the benefits of sleeping suspended from a hammock, and though a lot of the reports are anecdotal they’re worth a little investigation.

    We’re not making any clinical claims here, nor are we suggested that sleeping in a hanging bed will cure back problems, as some have said about hammocks. What we are suggesting is that you take a closer look into some of the benefits that hanging beds and hammocks might be able to offer you because of their similarities.

    Keep in mind that there has been very little research done on the matter, and don’t forget that the majority of these claims are anecdotal. That being said, it might be worth it for you to try experimenting with some of these things for yourself to see if they are true for you. As anyone who has ever slept in a hammock, on a boat or from a hanging bed will be able to attest after reading this, some of the observations are uncanny.

    The Swinging Motion Can Be Beneficial to Sleep

    It has been stated and in some cases supported by cursory research that the swinging motion afforded by a hammock can greatly affect the quality of a person’s sleep. While it is true that this is specific to hammocks and that hammocks are somewhat more mobile than, say, an outdoor hanging bed, there are enough similarities between the two to merit the comparison.

    It has been claimed that the swinging motion afforded by hammocks (and thus, by hanging beds of sorts) can help a person fall asleep more quickly, stay asleep more easily, and sleep more deeply than would otherwise be experienced while stationary on a bed.

    It’s also long been observed, if not acknowledged by research, that rocking babies is a great way to relax them and induce them to sleep. Even if not corroborated by hard facts, this is something that anyone who has ever held a baby can attest.

    There are claims that this rocking motion helps to simulate the experience of being in the womb, which makes a baby feel safe, and thus, more likely to be coerced into a deep sleep. It’s also been said that there is the possibility that this rocking motion has a positive effect on brain activity that makes sleep come more easily - but not just to babies, to adults as well.

    Apparently, a rocking motion that is present at the onset of sleep and continues throughout the duration of sleep is a way of synchronizing the oscillations that naturally occur in the brain and is one of the keys to a pleasant, restful sleep. This can make it not only easier to fall asleep but can improve the quality of the sleep throughout its duration.

    Now, an outdoor hanging bed is not the same as a hammock, but they are both suspended and a hanging bed or swing bed does offer the same type of peaceful rocking motions that a hammock can offer, if on a smaller scale or even for a shorter length of time. There is no denying that a hanging bed is more akin to other forms of suspended sleep (like a hammock) than to a bed that sits on the floor. It may be more like a hybrid of the two that offers the benefits of both.

    If a hanging bed really can make it easier for you to fall asleep, as the rocking motion does for babies and young children, it can be suggested as a type of help for those who have a hard time falling asleep. While it can’t rightly be called a treatment for insomnia, if you find that gentle rocking helps you to fall asleep, then that should be evidence enough for you. Clinical or not, you need to do what works for you, and if you’ve ever been lulled to sleep on a boat or in a hammock, then you might be able to realize the same benefits from a hanging bed.

    Back to the improved quality of sleep. If it is true that the quality of sleep you can receive from sleeping in a suspended position is better than alternatives, then there is a corpus of evidence to support the other, farther reaching benefits of this. These are more directly supported, and if corroborated by better sleep are effectively indisputable.

    The first is the fact that better sleep during the night will result in better concentration and less distraction during the day. It will also result in a more holistic feeling of wellness, as quality sleep is tied up with a greater quality of life.

    Better sleep at night will make it easier for you to focus during the day, which can make you more effective in your job as well as in tackling any other personal goals you might have, which brings up the second point.

    Better quality and sustained deep sleep is also the time that the body takes to repair itself, which is vital for health and wellness. During deep sleep, neural circuits are built and repaired, memory is concretized, and tissues are healed from the strenuous activities of the day and restored. The quality of your sleep can affect your overall health, as without sleep your body will wear down over time. The better the quality of sleep, the better your overall health will be in the long run. That much is not anecdotal, but observable truth.

    There is also the suggestion that the quality of sleep you get routinely can positively impact your ability to learn new skills, as well as your cognition in general. It seems to come down to the activity in the brain that is fostered during restful sleep. Once you awaken from a restful sleep, you are more likely to be well equipped to try to learn a new skill and can experience improved comprehension and concentration. Taking it a step further, restful sleep is implicated in the solidification and health of memory. Therefore, getting better sleep can definitely have an impact on your efficacy at tackling new challenges and can make you a more effective learner. Can you get this all from an outdoor hanging bed? Perhaps - there is no doubt that quality sleep improves concentration, and it has been strongly suggested that sleeping from a suspended bed can improve your sleep.

    Other Benefits

    While it has yet to be proven that an outdoor hanging bed, or other hanging beds or bed swings, can have a concrete effect on the quality of your sleep, there’s little doubting that good sleep can bring you the benefits that have already been explored in this article. One of the best ways to probe the matter is for yourself through trial and experimentation. If you find that you sleep better in a hanging bed, then you might as well continue the practice - the benefits will follow.

    That being said, there are other benefits that a hanging bed can offer you even if you are skeptical of some of the purported benefits associated with enhanced quality of sleep.

    Even without the benefits associated with improved sleep that we have already explored, it’s a pretty readily observable fact that a hanging bed is a great way to relax. Sleep or no, for some people, there’s no replacing the gentle, swaying undulations that you can experience from the comforting embrace of a bed swing.

    If you’ve ever been on a boat and found the sensation of constant motion enjoyable, then you will certainly appreciate the fine gyrations of a hanging bed. It’s true that some people don’t appreciate the sensation, and some people even get sick from it but call it what you will, there are some that can’t get enough of it. Call it stillness illness, dock rock or sea legs, the feeling of being lulled by the motion of the ocean is irreplaceable, constant, and comforting. If you like it, you can get the same feeling from a hanging bed. It’s relaxing, enjoyable and cathartic. It’s also wildly similar to the effects that you might experience from a hammock.

    In fact, on the subject, if you appreciate the feeling of swaying from a hammock but don’t really enjoy the fact that it doesn’t give you a flat surface on which to lie down, then a hanging bed might be your ticket to liberation. While a hammock might cradle you at odd angles, you can lay right down on a hanging bed without ever having to experience the unexpected joys of being a contortionist. Bets of all, you can experience the same relaxing pleasures of the gentle swinging.

    Something else to note is that even if an outdoor hanging bed or other bed swing doesn’t actually confer the benefits of better sleeping, it can definitely confer the benefits of a release from stress. Even if only temporary, a release from stress is worth its weight in gold - however, you choose to quantify that.

    Change up Your Design

    There’s something else that comes along with the addition of a swing bed like an outdoor hanging bed into your design. That is a release from the monotony of design that accompanies basically all floor plans and seems inescapable. There seems to be less and less variety and innovation in design as the years go by, and a hanging bed can be a great way to shatter the mold.

    While everyone else has been making the most of the same old interior designs we’ve seen time and time again in every interior and even exterior floor plan, you can switch things up with the tasteful inclusion of a hanging bed or swing into your design. it’s practical, functional, relaxing, and even visually stimulating.

    Besides, there’s absolutely no denying the fact that the way you layout a room or setting, in terms of furniture and decor, can have a profound effect on the setting and the spirit of the place. Including a piece of unconventional furniture like an outdoor hanging bed or a porch swing can have a serious effect on the setting of your home. The novelty of it and the liberating sense of nonconformity can be refreshing to the senses. You’ll feel it, and so will any visitors to your home.

    Four Oak Quality

    If you’re interested in the potential that a bed swing can offer your home, whether for the benefits of sleeping enumerated herein or for any other reasons, then you have certainly come to the right place.

    Our bed swings are made from premium construction using yellow pine or cedar and joined using wood glue that actually increases the strength of the joints beyond what the wood can provide. Our outdoor swings are also finished with not one, not even two, but three coats of outdoor varnish to extend the life of the swing and provide you with many years of peaceful enjoyment in your outdoor spaces.

    We have many years of experience designing many different types and styles of indoor and outdoor bed swings and front porch swings and our designs have been sold to happy customers all over the country - even in places as exotic as New Jersey!

    Give us a call if you have any questions at all regarding our products, their benefits, or even how you can hang one in the location of your choosing. You can reach us at 334-202-2870 - we’re always happy to help and to hear from prospective customers, so don’t be shy about reaching out to us. Innovative designs are our passion and always have been, so we’re not shy to talk about them.