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    Completing Your Home’s Design Aesthetic with a Daybed Swing

    Completing Your Home’s Design Aesthetic with a Daybed Swing

    Here it is - the definitive guide you’ve been waiting for. You’ve always wanted to work a daybed swing into the interior design of your home, or maybe even on your porch. You just weren’t sure where or how to do it.

    It takes a lot of gusto to break the mold and set off the design of your home with a newfangled inspiration. We get that. Here at Four Oak Bed Swings, we are cut from a bit of a different cloth ourselves.

    We’re not afraid to innovate, and we’re not afraid to try something new. That’s the very reason for the success of our business in the first place. What we also do is build quality into everything we do, but let’s not diverge too much just yet from the premise we aim to set out.

    The point of the matter is that with this guide, we’ll give you some insight into how you can work so many of our designs into your home, and how they can be used to set off each of the following interior design aesthetic trends detailed below.

    Here’s the good news. The good news is that you can work a daybed swing into your home, while at the same time complimenting your vision for the overarching design scheme. It’s also going to be easier than you think.

    Check out some of our insight and recommendations, and of course, if you have any questions, reach out to us!


    Minimalism is more or less exactly what it sounds like, which is making a statement by removing elements instead of adding them.

    The minimalist aesthetic is defined by simple lines, sharp angles, and a lack of patterning or motifs. It’s plain and simple, only it goes by another name, which is minimalism.

    Minimalism is simplicity at its best. There are no bright colors or distracting patterns or elements to work with - it is like the philosophical counterpoint to Baroque styling.

    One of our daybed swings would complement a minimalist design aesthetic perfectly, provided the bed swing itself was arrayed properly. The plain manila ropes and frames that make up the bed will work with a minimalist design.

    What you need to remember is this. Don’t overdo the setting with a bedspread or pillows that are bold or loud. Colors, patterns, and even fabric selection will affect the mood, so choose these carefully!


    Industrial chic, not unlike minimalism, is also characterized by plain lines and a generally simplified aesthetic. The difference between them is in the elements.

    Industrial chic makes the most of elements that were once popular in the late industrial period; It is common to see exposed metal fittings, like I-beams and iron pipes, along with retro lighting like Edison bulbs, in an industrial design aesthetic. Think about what the popular, almost “steampunk like” impression of the late 1800s or early 1900s city building would look like.

    Now, tone that down and add in some domesticity - that’s industrial chic.

    Admittedly, our best swings would do better to match with an industrial aesthetic if they were suspended by cables or iron pipes, but they way they are some of them have a somewhat industrial character. There isn’t too much you need to do, and the jarring nature of a bed swing will complement an industrial design rather smartly on its own.

    Mid-Century Modern

    Mid Century modern design may be named after the fact that it became prevalent somewhere around the middle of the last century, but it quickly became popular and its legacy is enduring still today. It is one of the most influential design aesthetics of the past hundred years.

    Similar to but not the same as a minimalist design aesthetic, mid-century modern is typified by simple, organic lines and shapes and a lack of embellishment. It takes some of its inspiration from Scandinavian design (which in and of itself is another school of interior design aesthetic) and many mid-century modern designs are bare wood, lacking in ornamentation or patterning.

    If you’re wondering how a daybed swing can be worked into your mid-century modern vision, wonder no longer. A bed swing can actually be incorporated into mid-century modern designs more easily than other themes - just be sure to let the natural angles and wood frame of the bed frame show out, and don’t overdo it with the accents you include with the bed swing.

    Shabby Chic

    Shabby chic is somewhat like Bohemian in that it makes the most of what we might call “disheveled” elements and gives them the inspiration to be their own form of aesthetic. Think of it this way - if high fashion spurns it, there is a good chance you can turn it around and make it into a staple of shabby chic design.

    Originally, shabby chic furniture and design were reminiscent of the French country aesthetic that we will go over in more detail below, but today shabby chic can be characterized by old things that have been made new, or allowed to remain slightly old.

    Ornately graven woodwork with an aged coat of paint, faded gilding on a dresser or a mirror, a piece of furniture with the patina of age. All of these things are shabby chic, and all of them can be well accented with the addition of a bed swing.

    It might take a little bit of help from some additional accouterments, but there’s no doubt that a bed swing can be worked into a shabby chic design. A little bit of accentuation from pillows, throws, and spreads can be all it takes to make it great.

    Rustic or Bucolic

    The rustic or bucolic theme is somewhat similar to the farmhouse theme and makes the most of the exposed natural elements that you would see in country-themed decor.

    This is one of the areas where our bed swings will not only match wonderfully with the theme but can actually help to set it. Whereas you might have to do a little bit of legwork to incorporate a daybed swing into the design of a minimalist or industrial-chic setting, the same swing would be nearly custom made for a rustic setting.

    The exposed manila ropes and wooden siding of our bed swings nearly scream rustic or bucolic, and they don’t need any help to be adapted to a farmhouse aesthetic, either. Simply work one into your design and you’ll be setting the tone by it instead of adapting it to the surroundings.

    From there, you can get onto pairing the other features of your decor with the setting and complimenting them by the rest of your aesthetic. Add a few ornaments that are reminiscent of country or rural living into the setting and you’ll be well on your way to a rustic theme.


    Eclecticism, by its very nature, is defined by a multiplicity of different inspirations. That’s what it literally means to be eclectic. You could theoretically affect an eclectic design simply by combining the elements of some of the designs we have already covered so far in this article, and you would have an eclectic setting.

    Really, if you have ever walked into a setting and thought you couldn’t quite put your finger on where the inspiration came from, but it was from somewhere that you faintly recognized, you were probably looking at an eclectic setting.

    That means you’ll hardly have to do any work at all to get a bed swing into the design of your eclectic setting if that’s what you want to go for. They are eclectic by their nature and will adapt to any setting you work them into on those grounds.

    Remember also that things will clash in eclecticism, which might be the very aesthetic you are going for, in which case, you have no work to do! Simply hang a daybed swing and get on with it!

    Art Nouveau or Art Deco

    Art Nouveau design, as well as Art Deco, are really more defined by the decorative pieces that accent a space than they are by the furniture itself. Still, there is more than one way to work a swing bed into your design, and it can be adapted to art deco inspiration.

    Set the bed swing into a location and then decorate it with pillows, throws, and quilts of a decidedly “modern art” spirit or deportment. Give the bed swing itself a unique paint job that bespeaks the same influence of modernism or modern art. The reins are yours with this one.

    French Country

    French Country design is like shabby chic, but high brow shabby chic. Think a gilded mirror, elegantly carved woodwork and crystal chandeliers, and other classic provincial designs.

    It is not the bed swing itself that will match to French Country design, but rather the other stylistic elements that you pair with it. Go with a slate gray or a silver comforter for your bed swing or other elegant coverings that bespeak opulence. These will help painlessly match your bed swing to French Country tones.

    Alternatively, you could give us a call and see what we think - we love to help our customers complete their visions for their homes!


    Coastal design is one of those areas in which a porch swing bed will really shine, especially a traditional porch swing to pair with the porch decor of your outdoor rooms.

    As with Art Deco, Coastal Design is largely influenced by the decorative elements of the setting, and in this respect, the exposed wood construction and manila ropes of our swing beds will complement the setting admirably. Some of them appear like shiplap or rigging, both of which are common enough with overtones of coastal decoration.

    A lot of coastal design focuses on open space and outdoor living, so a swing bed for your front porch would really shine in this setting.

    Urban Modern

    Think about your impression of what an urban apartment looks like. It’s part minimalist, part Art Deco, and part postmodernism. All of these things put together come out in the wash as urban modern design.

    Luckily for you, a swing bed, due to the inherent character it possesses, as well as its novelty, will be a natural match for urban modern design. The very nature of a swing bed will require little additional work to suit it to the setting, as designs that are not yet mainstream are welcomed into urban modern design with open arms.

    Quality in Everything We Do

    You’re probably brimming with ideas by this point about how to work one of our daybed swings into the design of your home, and we don’t blame you. We’ll cut you free to investigate in a second, but for the time being, we’d like to give a little bit of a spotlight to our processes before we do. When a thing is designed and made to such a level of quality as you’ll find here at Four Oak Bed Swings, it deserves a call out.

    All of our bed swings and other hanging swings are handcrafted from Southern Yellow Pine and heavy-duty components. The joints we create from a special wood glue so that the joints themselves are actually stronger than the wood that is used to make them.

    The pine we use is also naturally strong and lightweight, and we finish each bed swing with no fewer than three coats of high-grade outdoor varnish to protect them against decay and wear.

    Our bed swings also ship fully assembled, but most importantly, they ship for free! People all around the country have been enjoying the peace and relaxation of Four Oak Bed Swings, and you can, too - you just need to get in touch with us or pick out your favorite model.

    Check out our collection of bed swings via the link above, and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our customer service team. You can reach us at 334-202-2870. Till then, enjoy what you find and we wish you good luck in styling your home!

    The Top Benefits of a Porch Hanging Swing

    The Top Benefits of a Porch Hanging Swing

    Who would have thought that a porch hanging swing could have brought along with it so many diverse benefits for your home, health, mind, and lifestyle? Well, we could have, and we did, so here they are. We’ve compiled some of the top benefits of the hanging swings and daybeds that you can find here in our store at Four Oak Bed Swings and put them all in one convenient place for you - right here!

    Check out this interesting compilation of some of the best reasons to set up your home’s design with a porch hanging swing, and if you have any questions, check our blog for more information or get in touch with us!

    Health Benefits

    One of the main things that a porch swing can do for you bring along with it a number of potential health benefits. This is not a complete investigation of the full suite of benefits that a swing bed may be able to offer you, but this is a good place to start.

    Keep in mind that you won’t know how one personally impacts you until you try it and that many of these reports are anecdotal. Nonetheless, here are some of the potential benefits that a swing bed or a porch swing can bring you insomuch as they may improve your quality of life.

    It Can Help You Manage Stress!

    Stress is a killer, and stress is something that all people around the world experience in their own way, day in and day out. Not only is stress ubiquitous, but it is also implicated in a vast number of complications. People who suffer from higher than average levels of stress may be at higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and much more.

    Does this article propound that a porch swing is a potential aversion to these diseases? Not at all. Does it suggest that a porch swing may help you relax, which may in turn have a positive effect on your overall health? Absolutely!

    If you’ve ever been in a swing of the sort before, then you know firsthand what the gentle swaying motion feels like and why it can be so beneficial. If you like the way it feels, then you might benefit from a porch swing chair or a patio swing. At the very least, it will give you a place to relax.

    Physical Activity May Help Improve Circulation

    Depending on the type of outdoor porch swing that attracts your attention, it might even give you an outlet for additional physical activity, and like reducing stress, improved physical activity is also implicated in holistic wellness and health.

    Some front porch swings and hanging chairs give you the ability to reach the ground with your feet, which means you can “power” the swing accordingly. If you appreciate the sensation, you may be able to kill two birds with one stone here.

    Impart a gentle rocking motion to the swing that can help relax you. It will also increase your heart rate and your circulation as well as a result. That’s good for your overall health and it can give you a nearly passive ability to include more activity in your life, as paradoxical as that might sound.

    You Might Even Get Better Sleep

    These reports are largely anecdotal, but there are enough of them that they garner a lot of clout. Many people have reported that they sleep better in hammocks or while suspended than they do while they are sitting on a bed that lays on the floor.

    Explanations range for this experience. Some believe that the gentle swaying motion of a hammock is synchronized with your brain waves, helping to induce deeper and thus more restful sleep. Others believe that the feeling of being cradled or suspended brings your memory back to the womb and gives you the sleep of a newborn baby.

    Whatever the case, there are those that swear by it. We don’t mean to suggest that you replace your bed with a wooden swing - although you could if you wanted to!. We do, however, mean to suggest that this is simply one more benefit that a porch hanging swing may have for you, even if you only periodically nap in your outdoor furniture. You might get better sleep!

    You’ll Definitely Be Spending More Time Outside

    Then there is one simple, incontestable fact to throw into the mix before we move onto the next category of benefits. With an outdoor porch swing, you will have an avenue for additional outdoor living and recreation. Whether you use it or not will be up to you, but you’ll certainly have the ability.

    Being in the outdoors more often is linked to lower feelings of stress and higher incidences of natural euphoria. No one is exactly sure why, but being in the outdoors tends to have a net positive effect on the mind and body. A healthy level of exposure to nature is good for your health in more ways than we have time to explore here, and a porch swing can help get you out there more often.

    Lifestyle Benefit

    Guess what - when you decide to renew your home’s design with an outdoor swing - or an indoor one, for that matter - you won’t just reap the potential benefits to your health that we mentioned above.

    In addition to the benefits mentioned above, you may find yourself noticing some of the following improvements to your lifestyle and to your quality of life.

    You might also notice that there’s some degree of crossover here, and there is, no doubt. Benefits of living are indeed holistic, so you’ll find some interchangeability between them. Just keep these potential boosters in mind when you are looking for possibilities in porch swings.

    Can Improve Your Mental Focus

    On the same wavelength as our observation above that suggests that some believe the gentle rocking motion of a swing bed or porch swing can synchronize with your brain waves to improve sleep, there are those who suggest it helps mental focus. In the same vein, some believe that simple repetitive tasks or motions can help with impulse control and improve focus as well.

    This is not to suggest a treatment for any disorder, however, just that you may find that a swing bed can help you clear your mind and improve the focus of your mental clarity. Speaking of clearing your mind and improving your focus and concentration, consider our following point.

    Can Help You Relax

    This argument is nearly incontrovertible unless you happen to know as a fact and from experience that the gentle motion of a swing unnerves you. Like the rhythmic swells of a moving tide, a porch swing or a bed swing can help to lull you into a state of relaxation and concentration.

    As mentioned above, you may find that the motion helps you to clear your mind as well. When your mind is clear and unfettered, your mental health improves and so does your state of well being. A swing may be an attainable way to provide that benefit for yourself, whether for the interior of your home or for the outdoors.

    We also mentioned there would be some crossover between lifestyle and health, and that is perhaps most evident here. Guess what happens when you experience a deep state of relaxation? Your stress levels decline!

    Gives You an Outlet for More Time with Friends and Loved Ones

    You can make your own decisions about the value of spending more time with the special people in your life, but a porch swing will give you an additional outlet to do so, on top of some extra space.

    Adding a hanging swing to your porch ceiling gives you so much more than additional creativity for decorating and design. It gives you another space for intimacy and the enjoyment of the company. Like a couch or a loveseat, it is a place that welcomes the familiarity of attention.

    We won’t even expound on the value that you can reap by spending more time with friends, family, and loved ones. That much is self-evident, as far as we are concerned.

    Benefits for the Home

    It just keeps getting better with a porch hanging swing because the benefits just keep pouring in. Yes, a swing like one of ours may help to be able to relax more and it can improve your quality of life, even give you more time with friends and family.

    But these things cannot really be quantified, whereas some of the benefits that one can have for your home definitely can be. If you’re looking for some concrete reasons to invest in a porch swing, only consider some of these.

    Gives You an Outlet for Creativity

    First and foremost, a hanging swing like one of ours will give you an outlet for creativity. You can switch up your exterior furnishings and decorations throughout the seasons so as to make a fitting presentation for passersby, or you can decorate your porch according to the design scheme of your home.

    This is something we’ve discussed at length in the past in our blog. Take a look at some of the great design ideas we’ve come up with that you can use along with a porch swing to really make your home pop and give it some heightened curb appeal. Make sure while you’re reading that you don’t miss a chance to check out our blog on some popular design trends and how they can be made compatible with our porch swings.

    An Easy Home Improvement

    One of the other ways, and certainly one that can be quantified, in which a porch swing can benefit your home is that it is a relatively easy home improvement project to make. Hanging a porch swing is not as tough as you think, and we even have instructions on our website on how to do it - just see below. But what matters here is that you can add a porch swing to your design and get back a lot more than you gave.

    Hang up a porch swing and you will be surprised how much curb appeal it lends to your home, and how much it distinguishes it. If you didn’t notice that few homes capitalize on this wonderful design aesthetic, you will as soon as you see how much your home is accented by it.

    A Diverse Selection

    There you have some of our top benefits that a porch swing can offer to you if you make the choice to add one to your home. While you’re here, don’t miss a chance to get inspired by our collection of swing beds and other hanging swings, or by our accent pieces, including custom made tables!

    Only the Best Materials

    All of our bed swings and other swings are made from the highest quality materials and use only the best techniques to ensure their comfort and longevity. From the fact that they are made from Southern Yellow Pine to the fact that they are meticulously finished with at least three coats of varnish, our bed swings are built to last. Learn more about them - discover the difference here!

    Learn How to Hang It

    If you’re serious about outfitting your home with one, check out our collection and make sure you read our informative post on just how to hang your swing. They come already assembled and include standard 1-inch diameter manila hanging ropes, but make sure you follow our instructions carefully and call us if you have questions.

    Get in Touch with Us

    As you can see, we are serious about swings and outdoor improvements, and we have a long history of satisfying customers across the country. If you want to learn more about how we do what we do, get in touch with us today! You can reach us by phone at 303-202-2870 or by sending an email to Reach out today, we’re always glad to hear from our customers!

    Interior Design Trends and a Day Bed Swing: Perfect Together

    Interior Design Trends and a Day Bed Swing: Perfect Together

    We wouldn’t be the country’s premier supplier of day bed swings and other hanging swings if we didn’t tell you just how you could match up some of our finest designs with some of these modern trends. That’s why we’re going to devote this article to giving you some renewed inspiration for the many ways in which you can work a swing bed or a porch swing like you’ll find in our catalog into your home.

    If your home capitalizes on one of these schools of style, then you’re in luck because a day bed swing from Four Oak Bed Swings is ideal for setting the tone in the space! While there are some in our collection that are better suited to some of these schools of design than others, a little bit of vision will go a long way.

    Contemporary Interior Design

    A lot of people get confused about the differences between modern design and contemporary design, but they are not the same. You might think that modern might “right now” and it doesn, categorically, but in design, it refers to a distinct style that was popular in the early stages of the 1900s, and possibly before.

    Contemporary, on the other hand, is what modern should be by virtue of the word itself. Contemporary means what is in style right now, and a bed swing is just about perfect for that. If only for the fact that a daybed swing is not a design you’ll see often repeated, it will make a very contemporary mark.

    Industrial Design

    As fitting as a swing bed or a porch swing would be for the cutting edge tones of contemporary design, most of them are probably better suited for industrial design. Characterized and encompassed by harsh, bold lines and angles and a profusion of raw materials, industrial design is a no nonsense replication of the styles that have been popular in cities for years.

    Industrial design using the aesthetic of construction itself as decor. In it, there is often exposed ironwork, chains, lumber, and more. Fixtures are reduced to their bones, and that makes a bed swing a natural fit.

    Even the most polished swing beds have exposed ropes from which they hang, and some are even supported by pipes or chains. Expose the wood siding of your swing bed and you have a piece of furniture that is custom made for industrial design.

    Traditional Design

    Now we’re going to do a hard gear shift and pull out all the stops. While a porch swing bed is a great match for some industrial overtones, make no mistake about the fact that you can make a traditional setting with one as the centerpiece as well.

    Elegant woodwork and traditional lines are the foundation of traditional interior design, often bringing richly embroidered upholstery and classic looks into the setting. Admittedly, the look of the bed swing itself is not the ideal match for a traditional look, but depending on the pillows and accents you use with one, it can be a match made in heaven. You just need to get comfortable with accessorizing.

    Shabby Chic Design

    Shabby chic is what chic would be if a chic model was well worn and well lived in beforehand. Whereas chic is elegant and highbrow, shabby chic is what chic becomes with a lot of familiarity.

    A day bed swing can fit into shabby chic interior design without any effort whatsoever. Just add some rustic looking pillows and a matching set of comforters to the bed and you’ll be set. The distressed wood and exposed ropes of some of our models will do the rest of the work for you.

    Bohemian Design

    Bohemian is beloved by designers of fashion as much as by interior design if for no other reason than the fact that it is so welcoming of designs that elsewhere would be said to clash.

    What it is is hard to define, because elements that have no home elsewhere often make their way into Bohemian where they find a permanent residence. Look for natural tones and themes. Think of exposed wood, rope, and upcycled materials that have been given new life. Look for muted colors and exotic prints, and you have the beginnings of something Bohemian. Add some mismatched pillows and other odd fixtures to your day bed and you will be well on your way.

    These are some of the best schools of design with which a day bed swing from our collection will match up wonderfully, but if you’re looking for more inspiration, read our recent blog on how to use a swing bed for inspiring design ideas.

    After reading the two of these, you should have plenty of ideas rolling through your imagination on how to create your little paradise. Check out our collection of swing beds and traditional porch swings for your front porch, learn a little more about how to hang them, and be on your merry way!

    Use Swing Beds to Pull Off These 10 Inspiring Patio Ideas

    Use Swing Beds to Pull Off These 10 Inspiring Patio Ideas

    Creating a beautiful haven in your backyard is easy with the right pieces of furniture and a few imaginative ideas. If you are feeling stuck and uninspired as to what to do with your patio, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide that will help you complete your outdoor space.

    Beautiful patio swing beds provide the key element in all of these ideas, as they are incredibly versatile and are useful for the aesthetic value they provide. They are simply one of the most practical pieces of outdoor furniture you could possibly invest in, making them an essential aspect of any serious patio arrangement.

    You will find that our ideas come from a multitude of different home decor styles and can be adapted to fit just about any home. Whether you are thinking of crafting a cozy little outdoor nook full of luscious plants and comfortable seating, or if you have something much grander in mind, we’ve got you covered. From a functional and rustic cottage space to ancient Greek-inspired luxury, you will be sure to find something here that resonates with you!

    Tropical Enclosure

    An easy way to create a dynamic look for your patio is to take advantage of large and attractive plants. Not only will the addition of various ferns, ornamental shrubs, and fruit trees add incredible visual appeal to your home, but they will add an abundance of practical value as well.

    You can easily create a tropical vibe by surrounding your patio swing bed with large fern plants such as Cinnamon Ferns and the Ostrich fern. You might want to include a pair of crab apple, lemon, kumquat, cherry, plum, or pear trees as well. Alternatively, you could select a single tall ornamental tree to place in a corner diagonally across from your swing bed. This creates a dynamic look that can easily be bolstered by including an array of smaller supporting plants.

    To really capture the tropical look, don’t be afraid to crowd a few decor elements together, and utilize hanging plants if your patio is covered. Wicker seating and a finely-crafted wooden table would also work well for this kind of style. In terms of the specific bed swing you want in this instance, The Buckhead would look perfect.

    Gorgeous Zen Garden

    Zen gardens are appreciated for their visual harmony, with elements such as finely manicured shrubs, use of water, stone decor, statuary, sand patterns, attractive pavers, and overall symmetry. You can easily utilize these same elements when crafting your own patio arrangement to create a beautiful and calming atmosphere.

    The Zen-style patio should seamlessly blend minimalist decor, hints of nature, a rustic and organic feel, and artistic sensibilities together to create an arrangement that’s both eye-catching yet helps you feel at peace. The addition of a swing bed into such a patio would be a welcome element to add to the practical quality.

    Coastal Patio Luxury

    These beautiful pieces of furniture are the perfect element to add to your coastal style patio or deck. What says relaxation better than a bed hanging outdoors? Imagine resting in our comfortable and eye-catching Seaside Bed Swing, taking in the salty air and warm sun, a favorite drink in hand without a care in the world?

    You don’t even need to be located on the beach to make use of this popular style for your outdoor space. A high-quality swing bed made of solid kiln-dried pine and brimming with refined character can act as the anchor for a truly lovely coastal look. Simply add bright colors and plenty of seashore elements such as ship wheels, shells, wicker elements, and other reminders of the ocean.

    Cozy Cottagecore

    It’s time to get a little cozier! In terms of crafting a gorgeous patio that’s infused with charm, you may want to consider the cottagecore aesthetic, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Loved for its emphasis on wild nature, quaint gardens, floral elements, and a sort of fantastical refinement, this style is great for anyone who loves plants and relaxation equally.

    With that being said, a patio swing bed is the perfect piece of furniture to add to a cottagecore patio arrangement. This is one style where you don’t have to worry about having a lot of open space to work with. Feel free to stuff your patio with attractive garden plants and surround your swing bed until it is engulfed in the magic.

    To best capture this style for your patio, think rustic farmhouse meets whimsical garden. Use plenty of wood and stone, allow for your plants to overgrow and mingle, and don’t be shy about utilizing furniture that shows some distressing. The goal should be to create a space you can truly escape to.

    Traditional Southwest Style

    If you enjoy the feeling of the great outdoors, why not enjoy it while laying back in a swing bed? The core of your Southwest style patio should be open spaces and beautiful stonework. Think of adobe bricks and sparse plant-life, arranged at 90-degree angles for a pleasant symmetrical look.

    Our Westhaven swing bed might work best for this style. Simple and stately luxury that has a down to earth feel and would be the perfect addition for an outdoor space with an open design. With classic red, hazel, or tricorn black colors that will fit in with your other southwest decor items, this swing bed will be just what you need to complete your patio just how you like it.

    Modern and Elegant

    Modern patio designs typically focus on minimalism and balance. Nothing is too crowded or seems out of place, especially in terms of furniture. A contemporary patio should utilize just a hint of greenery, plenty of clean lines and modern furnishings, and ambient or recessed lighting when possible.

    Our All-American Swing Bed would look great in a modern patio setting, and could easily be accompanied by modern benches, a sleek table, and other modern staples such as a built-in grill or decorative patio pond.

    While modern-style patios aren’t necessarily completely “Zen” or minimalist, they do tend to use open space as a design element, with an abundance of symmetry and squared decor elements. Try squared pavers and black on white elements for a stylish contrast.

    Greek Palace

    For a true sense of luxury, you ought to consider the Greek palace look. Modeled in the fashion of ancient Greek temples and gardens, this home patio style emphasizes opulence. Beautiful masonry should be the focal point here, with your choice of tile and use of magnificent statuary.

    Think about crafting a central seating area at one end of your patio and reserving the rest of it as an open area for large stone pots, garden statues, and other decor elements. Use natural stone whenever possible. The installation of a water fountain or birdbath could help complete the look as well.

    Either way, you can use a swing bed as the key point of interest in your lavish seating area. One point to remember regarding swing beds is that they aren’t simply a piece of furniture, but can be implemented as an architectural element that builds upon the actual setting you are trying to create.

    Shabby Chic Outdoors

    The shabby chic look is in and provides plenty of stylish opportunities for creating a stunning yet practical patio setting, especially with the inclusion of one of our high-quality patio swing beds.

    The main features of shabby chic decor include vintage-style elements, soft pastel tones, decidedly feminine charm, and an inviting lived-in atmosphere that is at once cozy and refined. What better way to craft an attractive little escape right in your own yard than by following these style conventions?

    If this look interests you, there are a few pieces of furniture and decor that you will want to include in your patio. First, you should start with one of our beautiful swing beds, such as our “Courting” piece or the previously mentioned Seaside Bed Swing, which would look great in this setting. Be sure to decorate your bed swing with plenty of lacey and floral-patterned pillows.

    The next element you want to focus on should be the inclusion of a few weathered whitewashed wood pieces, such as end tables or benches. Flowers and other plants sitting in attractive pots, and other decorative floral items, should dot the surroundings. Make use of metal accents in your setting, such as a delicate vintage birdcage, if only for decoration.

    Don’t be afraid to crowd the space a little with your favorite artistic items, such as flower pots, watering cans, weathered tea sets, lace drapery, or anything else that feels feminine and elegant. Try to avoid overly modern art or furniture pieces here, as you want to create a look that has a hint of vintage appeal here.

    No matter how quaint and elaborate you decide to go with your arrangement, be sure to keep your patio practical, as one of the best aspects of the shabby chic style is its emphasis on lived-in comfort.

    Lanterns and Lights

    You can easily create a variety of attractive patio looks by using various lighting elements such as LED strips, strings of bulbs, lanterns, and candles. Of course, you want to be able to make use of your patio at night, so it’s in your best interest to include some form of lighting no matter what style you go with. If you want to rely on more than your porch light and the moon that is!

    Creating a theme around lighting elements is rather easy and can help add a great deal of atmosphere. You could try stringing Chinese lanterns overhead for a unique and charming look, which would complement a variety of styles mentioned here.

    Minimalist yet Practical

    One final patio design option would be to go fully minimalist and focus only on the absolute essentials. Use plenty of open space and forgo excess decor items such as pottery and end tables in favor of your patio swing bed of choice and a few accent chairs that match.

    Here at Four Oak Bed Swings, you will find a great variety of cushions and accessories you can use to help style your swing how you want it, which will help you create the perfect look for your patio or deck.

    One of the benefits of arranging a minimalist look for your patio is that it is easy to maintain and rearrange how you see fit without too much work. All you need to do is switch out a few pillows and add a few seasonal items to your patio to alter the way it feels without having to engage in a massive project. If you simply want a practical space to enjoy the outdoors with, this might be the best solution for you.


    As you can see, there are quite a few ways you can use a swing bed to completely transform your patio or help complete a specific look. These beautiful pieces of furniture are actually quite adaptable and can add a great amount of luxury and comfort to your home. From both an aesthetic point of view as well as with sheer usability, they are more than worth the investment.

    Interested in including one of these amazing furniture pieces in your patio arrangement? Take a look through our selection of finely-handcrafted patio swing beds here in our store, or give us a call at 334-202-2870. We would be happy to help you decide which swing is best for you, and inform you about the installation process as well. If you are searching for that perfect enhancement for your home, one of our incredible swing beds will likely fit your needs and help you craft a space outside that your whole family won’t be able to get enough of. Reach out to us and we will be glad to facilitate your selection so you can experience these great pieces of furniture for yourself.

    Five Reasons to Invest in a Porch Bed

    Five Reasons to Invest in a Porch Bed

    Of all of the enhancements you can make to your home, or more specifically, to your porch, investing in a porch bed might be far down the list. It’s not on most people’s radar.

    That’s exactly why it should be on yours. There are a number of benefits that come along with sprucing up your porch - front or back - with one of our porch beds and other swing beds. All you need to do is take the initiative and you can realize some of them yourself!

    Take a look at some of the reasons below, and take the plunge if you dare. If you do, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t years ago, but at least you’ll be wondering in class and comfort!

    Give Yourself a Getaway

    The first reason is a bit obvious, but setting yourself up with a swing bed on your porch is a great way to give yourself an unconventional getaway. Everyone has a little place of their own to get away from everything, but not everyone has a swing bed on the porch.

    It’s a great way to get outside, enjoy the sights and sounds, and be comfortable doing so. Plus, there are so many other health benefits to spending time in the great outdoors, even if the only time you have to do so only allows you to get so far as the front porch.

    A swing bed for the porch can give you a quiet little personal retreat where you can listen to the crickets and the birds and absorb all of the beauty that was around you this whole time. You won’t just have a little getaway, though, you’ll turn heads, too!

    Make the Neighbors Jealous

    See above where we mentioned that it isn't on anyone’s radar to get a porch swing. It might not have been on yours until you got here. That is precisely the very reason that you should ornament your porch with a porch swing - or any other room in your home with a swing bed.

    Sometimes all you need to add a little bit of class to a setting is to deck it out with something that is not customary or will catch your attention. Rest assured, a swing bed is an attention grabber and in a good way. Add one to your porch and you will make your home pop.

    Relax in Style

    A swing bed for your porch won’t just have you relaxing, it will have you relaxing in style like never before. Say goodbye to the old days of wicker furniture and sofas for the porch and usher in a new era of contemporary style. Except this style isn’t just contemporary, it’s original too - you’ll be the only one on the block with one!

    Upgrade Your Setting!

    Adding a hanging porch bed to your porch will instantaneously add some extra color and class to the setting of your exterior design. That’s a thing, too; interior design might get all of the fire, but the exterior design is the first thing people will notice about your home before they even get a chance to walk inside.

    Call it curb appeal, if you will, but it is what it is. Add a porch swing bed to your exterior space and you will immediately be adding some style, and you might even be improving the value of your home. At a bare minimum, you’ll be upgrading the space.

    You Might Even Get Better Sleep

    Then again, there is a functional matter to consider that a swing bed might even help you sleep better. Granted, some reports are anecdotal and are not scientifically backed, but there are enough people out there that swear by hammocks, and swing beds offer basically the same experience.

    The idea is that the gentle rocking motion of a hammock, or in this case, a porch bed, will mesh with the oscillations of your brain waves to get you to sleep quicker and to give you more restful sleep. Is it a fact? Maybe - try for yourself and see if you’re more relaxed or sleep better.

    Four Oak Bed Swings - Incomparable Quality, Free Shipping, Satisfied Customers

    If you need more convincing after reading some of these reasons, then consider that here at Four Oak Bed Swings we make some of the finest bed swings in the country. They’ve even been featured on HGTV!

    Our bed swings are all made with the highest quality Southern Yellow Pine or Cedar. They are strong, lightweight, and resistant and we finish them with a minimum of three coats of varnish for extra durability.

    We even offer free shipping one all of our products and they come ready to hang, so all you have to do is hang them and you can get right back to rest and relaxation! If you have any questions on what makes our best swings different, make sure you call us at 334-202-2870.