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    Decorating Your Porch Bed for the Holidays

    Decorating Your Porch Bed for the Holidays

    Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means!

    It’s time to start shopping for gifts, right?

    Well, sure, but that’s not where we’re going.

    It’s time to break out the decorations!

    If you’re one of the homeowners that really gets jazzed about taking Christmas decorations to the max, then rest assured: if you are creative, there is no blank canvas in your home (or outside) that by right must remain untouched.

    Including your porch bed.

    So, with no further ado, let’s get into some of these creative ways to deck out your porch bed with some seasonal Christmas flair.

    String Lights

    The great thing about our porch beds (well, one of the great things about them) is that they are all shipped, standard, with a 1” manila rope for hanging them.

    This manila rope does more than just provide a means of hanging your bed. It also serves as an anchor point for creative inspiration!

    Case in point: use the manila rope as an anchor point for seasonal string lights. White Christmas lights make a beautiful decoration for your porch swing bed’s ropes and will not only add depth to your outdoor arrangement, but they will also provide mood lighting.

    Colored lights are a great touch, too, especially if you like that sort of thing. Just a tip - get LEDs, instead of incandescent bulbs, if you can. They burn cooler, use less energy, and last much longer.

    An alternative option is to mount a seasonal spotlight in the area and direct it towards your house or swing bed, creating light and dark contrast, accenture, and relief - although that’s more of an all-seasons decorating idea, and not restrictive to the winter months.

    porch bed

    Tinsel and Garlands

    If you prefer to keep the lights indoors or don’t want to mess with the lighting around your porch bed, you can instead use tinsel and garlands to add some pop and seasonal color to your swing bed.

    Wind garlands up the ropes and decorate them with bows and other nice little accents. This will add a nice bit of evergreen touch to your porch bed.

    You can even cut and use real evergreen (white pine, holly, and similar plants if you have them in your area). Just be careful when arranging with real evergreen as these boughs can drop sap if you’re not careful.

    Another alternative is to string tinsel along the ropes. Here’s a quick trick - instead of winding garlands up the ropes, square them off along the top, and then hang strands of tinsel and lights from or between them. That will create glitter and capture the light.

    You can also make your own garlands with a bit of thread and some beads, popcorn, and other odds and ends.


    If you do go with the garland idea, your porch bed will become a unique attachment point for seasonal ornaments.

    String up some glass baubles or other themed ornaments and nestle them in the garland or hang them from the ropes.

    Glass balls, blown glass, novelty ornaments, keepsakes, and even homemade ornaments make a great addition to your bed swing’s garlands.

    Another unique idea, if you’re going with a natural theme, is to hang cut bits of holly showing the red berries, or to nestle some pine cones in the arrangement.

    If You’re Really Feeling It, Hang a Wreath

    You can also suspend a wreath between two of the manila ropes you use to hang your bed swing.

    You can buy a Christmas-themed wreath at most outlets for just a few dollars - but you can also easily make your own with some wire, twigs, and greenery.

    Wreaths can be woven from willow twigs, holly boughs, juniper, and pine boughs, among others. You can also create your own wreath form with wire and then glue on pine cones, ribbon, tinsel, and other Christmasy elements.

    For those that live in tropical areas, the coastal slant is a nice take on the Christmas theme. Consider making a wreath of shells instead of evergreens!

    Seasonally-Themed Bedding, Pillow and Throws

    porch bed

    Finally, if you don’t want to make any major changes to the theme you have going on around your porch, a simple change of bedding, including pillows and throws, can really change the spirit in a seasonal direction.

    Swap out the comforter you have on your porch bed with one that showcases a woodland, snowy, angel, or Santa theme.

    The same goes for your pillows and throws. You can leave your comforters in place and simply accent them with new pillows or a throw or two to change up the aesthetic slightly.

    Pictorial assistance is not needed here; in fact, you can simply swap the colors. Red and green bedding, pillows, and throws need no motifs. The color alone speaks for itself and says “Christmas” loud and clear!

    Get to it and happy decorating; there are only a few weeks left till the holidays are finally here!

    Day Beds, Sofa Beds, Murphy Beds, Futons, or Day Bed Swings? Which Ones Best Fits Your Space

    Day Beds, Sofa Beds, Murphy Beds, Futons, or Day Bed Swings? Which Ones Best Fits Your Space

    Creating a home that's comfortable and relaxing can be a challenge, especially if you're living in a small studio or apartment in the city. Fitting all your furniture and stuff in your home requires a bit of planning and thinking. And usually, the space you have is just enough for you and your family or roommates to sleep in.

    So what happens when you have a relative or guest that's asking to sleep over? Perhaps your parents are staying for a weekend because their own home is going through some repairs or renovations. Or maybe you have a friend that is on the down and out and looking for some help. How do you accommodate them?

    Advantages Of Multipurpose Furniture

    Whether it's for a temporary guest, or for yourself, day beds and sofa beds are a good alternative if you're looking for a couch that's comfortable and not a pain to sleep in. After all, falling asleep on the couch that's not optimized for sleeping can cause body pains and back aches. That's why it's good to have seats that can also double as beds.

    The problem is that there are a lot of different types of sofas and couches that transform or double as beds. How do you know, then, which one best fits your style, preferences, and space?

    That's what we're here to find out. If you're confused about the differences between sofa beds, Murphy beds, and day beds, then continue reading. By the end of this article, you'll probably have decided already which one would fit perfectly into your home.

    Day Beds

    Day beds are one of the more versatile beds that also act as couches or sofas. Typically, day beds are about the size of a twin bed. However, depending on the style of the maker, they can also look a lot more like a large bench with a headboard and cushion that can be used as a bed.

    Day beds are often situated next to windows, at the foot of an actual bed, or in living rooms and recreational rooms. In some cases, they act first as a family's sofa, and second as beds that members would sometimes nap in.

    The main advantage a daybed has over a regular couch is that its mattresses are often thicker and more durable, making them better-fit for sleeping than regular couch cushions.

    day bed swings

    Day Bed Swings

    Day bed swings, on the other hand, are a type of day bed that's often placed in patios and porches. Regular day beds are also sometimes placed outdoors, but day bed swings are the more popular choice for such.

    Day bed swings are a good alternative to your regular porch swings, especially if you often find yourself falling asleep on your porch. Because they're wider, they offer a lot more comfort. And because they swing, they can be perfect for lulling yourself to sleep.

    Sofa Beds

    Sofa beds are often directly compared to day beds. The main difference between the two is that sofa beds often require assembly. The bedding in sofa beds usually requires either folding out or pulling out. In terms of design, sofa beds' overall shape and frame also tends to resemble traditional sofas. The same goes with the padding that's used in sofa beds. Most sofa beds eventually become lumped or damaged over the years, whereas day beds' mattresses are built to last longer.

    Trundle Beds

    Trundle beds are actually more of an add-on to sofa beds and day beds. Depending on the design, some day beds and sofa beds come with a trundle bed that you can pull out and use as a second bed. This is perfect if you're expecting multiple guests.

    Trundle beds usually also make use of thicker mattresses and bedding, making them well-suited for sleeping. The best thing about them is that they can easily transform back into a regular couch or daybed once you're done using them. They're a good way to add some versatility to your home. They can both save space and create more of it.

    day bed swings

    Murphy Beds

    Murphy beds are more commonly known as pull-down beds or wall beds, because of the simple fact that they come down from inside your walls. They're a great way to save space, especially if the floor area of your bedroom is limited.

    However, the main difference between Murphy beds and the previously mentioned models is that Murphy beds don't essentially serve multiple functions. Murphy beds can also come with added risk, as pulling them out and folding them back into the wall can be tedious and tiresome.


    Futons originally refer to the traditional Japanese style of bedding. They usually consist of a cotton pad or mattress (the futon) and a comforter (called a Kakibuton) that are flexible enough to be folded and stored away when not in use. This creates more space for residents during the day, as their rooms can now be used for other means and purposes.

    Compared to a Murphy bed, futons offer a lot more practicality, and are much less of a hassle when it comes to setting aside a place to sleep for your guests.

    That said, there are also Western style futons that retain some of the same components as a traditional Japanese futon, but are also entirely different when it comes to design and make.

    Western style futons are somewhat akin to sofa beds in that the frames initially function as a couch or sofa, and can then later be unfolded and turned into a bed. The mattresses for these Western style futons are also thicker, and aren't as easily folded as Japanese futons.

    Which One Should You Choose?

    In the end, the choosing between a daybed, sofa bed, or futon all depends on your plans for them, the available floor area, and your own personal preferences. All of them function well as additional beds in your home, and their versatility can help you save space.

    The biggest advantage that day beds and day bed swings have over the other types, however, is that they no longer require any effort to be turned into beds. Day beds function as both relaxing seats, as well as comfortable beds.

    If you're leaning towards installing a day bed swing either in your home or on your porch, however, feel free to browse through our selection online, on our website, or get in touch with us through our number (334)202-2870.

    Furniture Ideas To Add To That New Hanging Porch Bed

    Furniture Ideas To Add To That New Hanging Porch Bed

    Have you recently installed a hanging porch bed in your home? Maybe you have and right now you’re thinking that the rest of your front porch seems barebones. After all, a porch bed takes up a lot of space, and might very well have displaced some of the furniture you’d previously set up on the porch.

    That said, there are a few pieces of furniture that can go really well with a hanging porch bed. The main idea, though, is to try and create certain zones or areas that are suited for a certain type of activity that’s usually done on the porch

    hanging porch bed

    A Place to Wind Down and Relax

    This zone can be a specific spot on your porch or patio that’s designated specifically for relaxation. More often than not, it’s in this zone that you’ll be installing your hanging porch bed. But more than just that, though, here are some other ideas you can incorporate into this area.

    1. Rocking Chairs

    By design, hanging beds usually swing back and forth. Why not extend that theme even further by adding a couple of rocking chairs that are perfect for those that prefer seats that’s more firm and with fewer cushions.

    2. Day Bed

    For those with more space on their front porch, a daybed is a good idea. Perfect for those that prefer a more stable rest without the swinging motions, a day bed would be a great addition to your zone of relaxation.

    3. Portable Fire Pit

    While it may not be ideal to lounge about on the front porch during the winter, a small fire pit can help manage temperatures for days where it’s not too chilly, but could use a little warmth.

    4. Lounge Chairs

    For times when you don’t want to take a nap on the porch, but would rather do some light reading, lounge chairs are the perfect way to settle down and bury your nose between the pages of your latest read.

    5. Bean Bags Chairs

    Perfect for the kids, bean bags are low enough for young children to easily reach, rest, and lounge about in. Not to mention, they also easily accommodate kids’ more fidgety nature, making them the perfect comfort chair for the little ones.

    hanging porch bed

    A Place for Tea and Biscuits

    Another common area often found on a front porch is a place where you can gather a few family and friends for a bit of coffee, tea, and biscuits. For this, all you need is a fantastic outdoor dining set. Here are a few ideas on the sets you could choose from.

    1. Wood & Rattan Sets

    If you’re going for that country or summer feel, wood is the perfect accent. The rattan gives off that tropical vibe, especially when paired with some warm and vibrantly colored pillows and cushions.

    2. Club chairs & lounge chairs

    Paired with a side table, this could be the perfect setting for coffee or tea for one. What better way to watch the sunrise or sunset‌ than with a decent brew to keep you warm.

    3. Patio dining chairs & sets

    These sets come in a variety of types and materials, including steel, plastic, alloy, and aluminum. What’s important‌ is that they fit the overall aesthetic that you’re going for.

    Other Porch Furniture Ideas to Add

    Now that you’re done figuring out the basics of your porch layout, you can think about how to add more color and personality to your porch. Here are a couple of great ideas to supplement  the furniture that you’ve already setup to go with your new hanging porch bed.

    1. Potted Plants

    There’s just something incredibly homely about potted plants. Adding them, however, requires that you pay attention to both the pottery and the plants that you’ll end up choosing.

    If you’re having trouble keeping your plants alive, for example, it might be a good idea to go with more low maintenance flora. A Peace Lily, for example, is a very good plant for beginners as you’ll easily be able to tell that it’s lacking water when its leaves start to droop.

    Other low maintenance plants that you can consider adding to your porch are: Aloe Vera, Snake plants, Spider plants, the Swiss Cheese Plant, or the Philodendron.

    2. Cushions & Blankets

    While your chairs, sofa, day beds, and tables create the base colors of your front porch, it’s the cushions and blankets that you add on top of that accentuate their overall look and feel. Cool colors like blues and greens tend to be more calming and relaxing compared to warm colors like reds and yellows. Warmer colors tend to give off a more energized and active aura.

    When considering decorating each zone in your front porch, then, it’s important to take into account the colors involved and how they can help bring out the best effect in each area.

    3. Rugs & Carpets

    More than just your regular welcome mat, having a good rug on your front porch can also help lighten or liven the atmosphere. Color theory applies to rugs as well, but overall what’s most important is the material that the rugs you choose are made from. As much as possible, you want a carpet that can withstand outdoor conditions without breaking down just after a few months.

    In the end, when it comes to choosing what furniture to fill your front porch or patio with, you want to make sure that you’re able to capture the overall mood and feel that you’re going for. If you plan on spending most days relaxing on your new hanging porch bed, or sipping tea on your patio dining set, then choose the colors, sets, and materials that will best suit that lifestyle.

    Of course, having the right porch bed is important as well, especially if you’re planning on this being the main centerpiece of your front porch. If you’re looking for a good porch swing bed, then, that’s of high quality and make, we recommend checking out our selection of high quality handcrafted bed swings. Browse through our selection on our website, or send us an email or message if you need help to choose.

    3 Dreamy Design Ideas for a Fairytale-Inspired Bedroom

    3 Dreamy Design Ideas for a Fairytale-Inspired Bedroom

    As popular as minimalist and modern design has become, some of us simply aren’t drawn to that aesthetic. While some people may find peace and serenity in narrow silhouettes and monochromatic color palettes, others feel that its harsh lines and emphasis on the industrial make for a home that feels impersonal, cold, and empty.

    Indeed, plenty of adults are young at heart, still longing for magic and whimsy–and they wish to incorporate that feeling of wonder into their homes. The bedroom is an excellent place to start: there’s no good reason why it shouldn’t look and feel like your very own enchanting personal haven.

    Now, you might be asking: how does someone incorporate magical and whimsical elements into a bedroom design without making it look like a child’s bedroom? Read on to find out:

    Make your bed the centerpiece

    Every fairytale bedroom starts with a bed fit for a queen (or princess). Not just any old bed will do–no member of royalty would be caught dead sleeping on a thin mattress and threadbare sheets!

    Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to elevate the appearance of any ready-made bed, even ones bought from big box stores. One of them involves literally elevating the bed: opt for a tall frame that lifts the mattress higher off the floor for a glamorous look. Another method is to go big with your bed with an oversized mattress and accompanying statement headboard. Pile on overstuffed pillows and thick, luxurious bedding to make it look and feel extra indulgent.

    As an alternative to a traditional bed, you may want to consider a hanging daybed swing. Our wide variety of selections here at Four Oak Bed Swings include hanging daybed swings of all sizes, styles, and orientations. We especially recommend The Buckhead hanging daybed swing, available in twin and full sizes for adults. As our most versatile bed swing, you have the option to remove any or all sides of the swing to your liking. Leave the sides on for a traditional swing look, or take them off for a floating bed you’ll love drifting off in.

    If you have enough space in your bedroom, you may also want to consider The Hanging Bed. In addition to twin and full sizes, it also comes in queen and king sizes–the ultimate in royal comfort and style. Available in Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, or Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine, this is a statement of a bed that’s functional yet playful, and exceedingly comfortable. You can fully customize the appearance of your order through our website, from paint or stain to ceiling height, to fit your preferences.

    Find fabrics fit for royalty

    Nothing makes a bedroom look and feel more luxurious than plush fabrics. In addition to improving your comfort, they add color and texture to the space, creating a more opulent atmosphere.

    Investing in quality bedding is a must, of course, but adding accents that make use of silk, satin, and velvet can transform a boring bedroom into one that looks like it was pulled out of the pages of a storybook. Real or synthetic fur accents such as rugs, throw blankets and pillows also provide visual and textural contrast. A gossamer veil of thin gauze or voile over the bed evokes the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty, creating a cozy ambiance and a feeling of additional privacy.

    While you’re at it, don’t forget the windows. Commit to the theme with heavy floor-length draperies or light, translucent curtains that let plenty of natural light in.

    Use dreamy lighting

    Light contributes the most to the atmosphere of a room. Choosing the sources and fixtures thoughtfully for your bedroom will help put you in the mood for rest and relaxation.

    When you think of fairy tales, you don’t think about bright LED lights or neon RGB, do you? Warm tones will best fit the concept, so go for bulbs that throw yellow or orange lights instead. Not only do these give off a more intimate feel, they’ll also help you sleep better by minimizing the amount of blue light you absorb at night.

    As for fixtures, you can go with vintage sconces or chic shaded lamps. The idea is to control the amount of light in the bedroom so that it’s always soft and inviting. If you can, splurge on a chandelier that incorporates princessy materials like crystal and heavy metals. Scattering a few scented candles around won’t hurt, either.

    Looking for a cheap way to light your space? String lights call fairies and fireflies to mind, and you can liberally hang them above your headboard or around the bed. You can also bundle them into a nest and store them in large glass jars to create a sweet makeshift lamp for your dresser or nightstand.

    Bringing magic into your bedroom doesn’t have to require witchcraft or wizardry. By focusing on the right details, you, too, can create the bedroom of your childhood dreams, but one that still looks like it belongs to a grown-up. For more inspiration, check out the Four Oaks Bed Swings main page now.

    Planning a Prenup Photoshoot? Consider a Hanging Daybed Swing Prop.

    Planning a Prenup Photoshoot? Consider a Hanging Daybed Swing Prop.

    Photoshoot props may help you add some variety to your work, and variety is the soul of wit. Props are physical things placed in a scene with the subject for artistic or emotional impact, and they are often utilized in maternity photography and even pre-wedding photography which has been very popular for decades now.

    In addition to serving a purely aesthetic function, props may also serve to highlight the individuality of the subject or to highlight a facet of their character. While we aren't professional photographers, we have seen several stunning engagement shoots in which a daybed swing served as a focal point.

    Exactly what is a "pre-wedding shoot"?

    Pre-wedding shoots, often called engagement shoots, are typically scheduled three to six months before the wedding. Even while pre-wedding shoots have become standard practice, many engaged couples still question whether or not they are necessary. Some married people dismiss it as useless and a waste of money. Perhaps they are mistaken then.

    The Role of Props in Engagement Photos

    There has been a dramatic shift in the wedding photography market toward the use of pre-wedding accessories. In addition to being lovely and romantic, modern couples want their pre-wedding photos to convey a narrative.

    Daybed swings, for instance, have several purposes beyond merely enhancing the aesthetics of your home's façade. The bride and groom may sit on the swing and strike a variety of romantic postures, such as the bride putting her head on the groom's shoulder.

    To effectively convey these concepts via a series of photos, it is recommended to include aspects that further develop them. To get anything like a bokeh effect, you may try including some string lights into the scene. 

    Hanging Daybed Swing

    Hanging daybed swings

    These days, it's not uncommon to see photographers using a swinging daybed as a prop. It only goes to show that a happy marriage is more likely to happen if the soon-to-be-married couple spends time together on the hanging daybed swing, soaking in the scenery and enjoying each other's company.

    The focus of creative pre-wedding photography should be on the couple's love for one another, rather than on the formalities of an engagement. It's the perfect way to commemorate your special time together before you take the next step and exchange vows.

    A photograph's background may reveal a lot about the people in it. Therefore, if you and your future spouse are not big on going out and about, you may want to consider having your engagement photographs taken at your own house. Get cozy on the dangling daybed swing and take shots of yourself eating breakfast there or relaxing at the dinner table.

    Setting the Scene for Some Romantic Swinging on a Daybed

    Nobody could have made this up. Hanging daybed swings are the epitome of romantic patio furniture, and that much is certain. However, if you take pre-wedding photographs without adding even a few decorative throw cushions, the room will seem empty and dull.

    The addition of complementary linens and cushions may do wonders for the visual appeal of your hanging daybed swing. Using design elements, such as complementary colors, may give your garden a dramatic visual impact. The visual contrast between the orange blanket and the blue outdoor couch and loveseat coverings, or the black cushions on the white daybed, will make your daybed stand out.

    A soft daybed mattress is the best for cuddling up on. The springtime naps you take on your outdoor daybed may turn out to be some of the most treasured memories you create this year, so it's important to treat your mattress with the care it deserves before using it for any purpose other than pre-wedding photographs.

    One of the most crucial things you can do to prolong the life of your mattress is to keep it dry and out of the elements, particularly if you live in a rainy region. You may also get the outdoor mattresses you need to set up that daybed swing for that dreamy prenuptial snaps.

    When you get settled into your new home after the wedding, our new mattresses and coverings for your swing beds will provide the extra luxury and pampering you need. Mattresses for our swing beds are available in three different sizes: crib, twin, and full.

    All of our Sunbrella swing bed mattresses provide comfort and durability thanks to their construction from outdoor foam with a medium-firm feel. The outdoor foam will help your mattress keep its form over time, which is a nice bonus.

    We have the finest Sunbrella outdoor fabric as mattress coverings for our swing beds, and they are finished off with concealed zippers and double welting for extra durability. The greatest part about our mattress coverings for swing beds is that you can select from over a hundred different fabric colors and designs to create a one-of-a-kind appearance for your outdoor space.

    Visit our website at FourOakBedSwings.Com and check out our collection of beautiful daybed swings today.