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    You’ll Want a Daybed Swing after You Read This!

    You’ll Want a Daybed Swing after You Read This!

    Unless you arrived at this blog intentionally, a daybed swing was likely one of the last things you were thinking about adding to your home’s design. They’re just not all that common, even in this day and age of unconventional modern designs.

    But that shouldn’t be the case. A daybed swing can improve the look and feel of your home and may even improve your lifestyle. Here are our top reasons that a hanging daybed has the potential to revolutionize your domestic living!

    1. Create the perfect cozy corner

    If you have no other good reason to add a daybed swing into the design of your home, inside or out, then get one simply because it will enable you to create your own cozy corner. Everyone needs a place to get away from it all where they can avoid the stresses of daily life, and in the comforting embrace of a hanging bed, stress will simply melt away.

    Enjoying the comforts of a bed swing, whether you choose a traditional porch swing or an ultra-modern look for the interior of your home, will simply give you a spot of your own to avoid the hustle and bustle of daily life. In today’s fast-paced environment that encompasses all aspects of life, it’s more important than ever to seek and accept healthy ways to manage stress.

    A daybed porch swing or a swing bed for your living room, family room or even your bedroom is the perfect solution, and because our swings are so customizable, you’ll be able to bend the rest of your design to your vision.

    1. Can a daybed swing actually help you sleep?

    One of the best reasons we can potentially suggest bed swings is because it’s been said that bed swings, like hammocks, may actually be able to help you sleep better. Granted, we’re not going to make any hard claims, and the evidence we can suggest is purely anecdotal but it’s worth hearing nonetheless. The worst thing that can happen is you can experiment for yourself and find out if your own experiences bear out the claims.

    Let’s use hammocks as a template for this claim. According to some sources, people who sleep in hammocks not only fall asleep more quickly but also sleep deeply and experience more restful sleep overall.

    Apparently, the rocking motion of a hammock, or in this case, a bed swing, can stimulate or synchronize with your brain waves, which lulls you into a deep, restful sleep. This has been anecdotally reported countless times by proponents of hammocks, and the benefits may transfer to a bed swing.

    There’s only one way to find out, and even if you don’t find it to be the case for you, the worst thing that will have happened is that you'll have secured a new cozy nook for your home or bedroom.

    1. It’s a space for relaxation

    This applies to you specifically if you are interested in a daybed swing for your home but aren’t intending to make it a fixture of the bedroom. Whether you put an outdoor daybed under the eave of your front porch or work one into some corner of your living room, it’s going to serve as a place for relaxation.

    You don’t need to go to sleep to enjoy the feeling of the weight of the world rolling off of your shoulders, and enjoying a daybed swing as a cozy nook for enjoying a good book, or in lieu of a sofa, is a great way to enjoy that experience.

    We even say so directly on our product pages - be wary of enjoying your favorite beverage while reposing in one of our bed swings - you might find that you lose all motivation to do anything else!

    And, for what it’s worth, we won’t tell if you sneak to the corner or the porch to catch a few winks. You don’t need to place a bed swing in the bedroom to enjoy the benefits of higher-quality shuteye.

    1. Endless options for customizing the look of your home in accordance with your vision

    The first thing you’ll notice when you visit our collection of bed swings is that no two are the same. We have tons of variety in our collection and there’s a bed swing for every home. However, don’t lose sight of the fact that you can easily customize your experience or your home decor with mattress covers, weather-resistant cushions, pillows, and even with the paint in which you choose to finish the daybed swing itself.

    Our collection of bed swings are available in 15 different colors, so you can take a seamless approach to creating harmony, whether in your home’s interior or out on the porch. All it takes is a little bit of vision and perhaps some coordination with your other indoor or outdoor furniture, and you’ll be set.

    1. It’s a creative, original way to add value and possibly even curb appeal to your home!

    Finally, a bed swing is a great, not to mention an extremely creative way, to add unconventional value to your home. Creating the perfect spot in your home with one of our heavy-duty bed swings is pleasant enough in its own right, but think of it this way: how many other homes that you’ve visited have bed swings of their own?

    Probably not many, which is a good reason to invest in one right on its own. It will add a bit of “pop” to your home, and, if it’s displayed at the exterior, will offer curb appeal as well. You can give yourself a place to relax and potentially improve the value of your home in one fell swoop!

    If you’re thinking seriously about the prospect of adding a daybed swing to your home or porch, check out our collection of swings via the previous link. You can also get in touch with our customer service team at 334-202-2870 or by email at

    Our models - even our full-size swing beds - are shipped assembled and ship for free, and they even come with a set of ropes that you can use to hang them - don’t wait, get in touch with our customer service team today!

    9 Inventive Ways to Work a Daybed Swing into Your Interior Design

    9 Inventive Ways to Work a Daybed Swing into Your Interior Design

    We’ve posted in past blogs about some of the prime benefits of owning and using a daybed swing. You just might be able to relax much more deeply in one, it’ll give you a private little corner of your own to get away from things, and believe it or not, there’s even a chance that a porch swing or a hanging swing bed might be able to help you sleep better.

    You still need to work one of these swing beds into the design of your home, though, and a daybed swing is a big, loud fixture that you won’t be able to soften away with other aspects of design. You can’t cover it up, so you’re going to need to announce it!

    Here are some of the best trends in interior design and how you can work a swing bed or a patio bed into these settings.

    French Country Decor & Daybed Swings: Perfect Together

    One might say that French Country decor is inspired directly by homes in the French Countryside, but honestly, how many homeowners that follow those trends have been to the French Countryside? Realistically, it’s just a popular design scheme that’s taken hold in America and makes artfully use of light colors, elegant fabrics, gilding, mirrors, and candles.

    That’s not meant as a slight in any manner whatsoever. The French Country aesthetic is one that deserves every ounce of praise a critic can offer it. You’ll come across plenty of wood and other natural materials in French Country design, often making use of lightly colored fabrics and tapestries. Finishes are either whitewashed or distressed, but there is still a measure of elegance in the overall trend.

    Believe it or not, a daybed swing, when carefully chosen and finished, can be worked right into a niche in French Country design with a minimum of effort. Our bed swings are available in a wide range of colors and styles, some of them in bare, reclaimed wood.

    Choose a light, washed color and get artistic with the trappings. Choose frilly, fringed pillows and elaborate quilts to make the bedspread and allow some of the native wood underneath to shine right through. The bedswing will take care of the rest, and will put on a markedly contemporary edge to your French Country interior design.

    Cool Off with Coastal Chic Decor

    Coastal Chic decor is also an immensely popular trend at the present time and is typified by pastels and light colors, like washed-out aqua green and sky blue. That said, it’s not uncommon to see light pinks, yellows, and oranges in coastal decor, although the cool and warm schools never mix. You have to go with one or the other!

    Coastal decor, as a school of design, is also typified by a wide-open concept and, usually, a lot of outdoor living or at least window space. The interiors are open and bright, and whatever ornaments are present often have a decidedly maritime influence. Likenesses of palm trees and marine fauna, like mollusks, sea birds, and dolphins, are common throughout. Sand, driftwood, and hemp are also common.

    This is one of the reasons that any of our bedswings would be a natural knockout in a design that makes the most of the coastal living trend in design. Any exposed wood (if it’s light, like driftwood) and the exposed cordage used to hang the bed swings would fit right in.

    All you need to do is go with the right color for the paint, pillows, and sheets. You can’t really go wrong with white or a washed-out blue, but if there’s a lot of sea green or conch pink in your setting, why not have at it? You’ll have a one-of-a-kind coastal living setting, and one of the few with a bed swing!

    Shabby Chic and Bohemian Design

    Shabby chic is, in some ways, a welcome relief from the consumptive nature of modern materialism. Both shabby chic and bohemian design cherish a look that says that someone lives there, making a house into a home.

    Shabby chic, particularly, embraces antique, used styles and items that appear to have had a long history. Bohemian style makes use of whatever is available, giving it a somewhat eclectic feel. In fact, the original bohemian design might rightly be described as eclectic; nowadays, it has come to adopt connotations of avant-garde, artistic sentiment.

    Nonetheless, if you love the look of a home that draws inspiration and a smattering of appeal from more than one walk of design, and only loosely unites them, then you might be a fan of both shabby chic and bohemian design without even realizing it.

    By its very nature, a bed swing can be worked into a bohemian or shabby chic design. Just go with one of our products like our R&R bed swing and you’ll have the look built right in. Of course, as usual, the other furniture you pair with it will go a long way. Admittedly, a pile of lush pillows makes more of a bohemian mark than a swing bed, but when you make do with what you have, that’s bohemian too.

    Industrial Chic and Modern Interior: Stark, Bare, and Mold Breaking

    Industrial chic is brutal. It prizes hard, harsh angles and the bare artifices of architecture. Where many designs smooth over the bones of human engineering, the industrial design aesthetic welcomes them. Industrial design craves sharp corners, exposed brick, bare wooden supports, and wrought iron. Pipes, chains, and I-beams abound, but ironically, for their artistic import, and not for their value as tools of construction.

    Nonetheless, industrial-chic is an avenue for you to make the bare, plain aspects of your home’s skeleton into a form of art. Exposed rafters, electrical conduits, bare plumbing, and other inseparable elements of your home’s construction can be made into attractive, industrial-chic accent marks.

    You can accomplish the same thing with the inclusion of a daybed swing into a setting. The hanging bed works perfectly as long as you don’t doll it up too much. Honestly, if you can expose the beams from which you hand the bed, even better, and you might even be able to score extra points by suspending the bed from cables, chains, or steel pipes - but don’t do this without consulting an architect or a contractor. Our bed swings come with ropes for a reason, and they’re meant to be hung by them.

    You’ve Heard of Minimalism. Get Ready for Maximalism.

    Minimalism is a really popular trend in interior design right now. You set up a beautiful room with fixings, trappings, and decor and then strip it away. What you’re left with is minimalism. There are no bells or whistles, and the overall design says more through what is not there than through what is there.

    But it’s time to get ready for maximalism. Maximalism is effectively the opposite of minimalism, and an attempt to infuse a space with as much personality as humanly possible. It extends beyond florid, ornate decorations, encouraging the owner to fill the space with personal curios, items of interest, artwork, and personal belongings as possible without engendering a sense of clutter.

    In other words, maximalism brings the personality back into a space where minimalism attempts to remove it. In a maximalist setting, you can add bright, deep colors; it’s actually encouraged. Go wild with the carpet and the curtains, and add your photographs and wall artwork to all the open spaces you can without creating a movement imbalance.

    A hanging bed is perfect for a maximal setting because the hanging bed itself bespeaks personality, but you’ll want to take it a step further. Make sure the daybed swing itself, and the sheets and pillows, all match

    Rustic and Farmhouse Chic Are Here to Stay

    Rustic design, similar to farmhouse chic, is very much like French Country design if you take away all of the bells and whistles. Ornate fittings and fixtures are common in French Country living, as are gilding, ornately graven wood fixtures, and (what might be perceived as) expensive fabrics and upholstery.

    These are absent in rustic decor, giving way instead to bare, weather wood that has never been finished, simply brickwork, and the touch of rustic metallurgy. Rustic implements and tools abound in rustic decor, and it’s not uncommon to see roughly hewn wood and natural colors dominating.


    There’s not much brightness in rustic living, and there is a great emphasis on what is natural and has been proven, as opposed to what has yet to be proven. In rustic design, antique pieces of handmade furniture are more prized than up-and-coming modern designs. In fact, modern elements are expressly shunned.

    This can present a challenge if you want to work a bed swing into your home’s rustic decorations, but it’s not impossible. You just need to soften the modern appeal of the bed swing and let the natural character shine through.

    Avoid brightly colored trappings, sheets, and pillows. Simplicity reigns in rustic decor. Opt for a neutral finish for the wood or let the native wood shine, and don’t do anything to obscure the manila rope you use to hang the swing!

    Contemporary Design Is Simply and Effective

    Contemporary is actually one of those design trends that will make it surprisingly easy to work a bed swing into the mix. Contemporary is akin to minimalism and welcomes aspects that have no place elsewhere. If it has a modern feel, it can probably find a home somewhere in the halls of a contemporary design.

    A bed swing is ideal for this since it has little place in a traditional setting. In fact, you can just take one of our bed swings and hang it in a contemporary setting and it will do just fine. All the legwork is done for you; just the fact that bed swings are uncommon in design and still offer some “wow” factor means they should be right at home in your modern design.

    No Holds Barred with Eclectic Aesthetics!

    Eclectic aesthetics are sort of like modern design, but they’re different in at least one very significant aspect. Eclectic design allows elements to vibe in ways that contemporary doesn’t quite. To be clear: you can mix two or three of the design aesthetics mentioned here and you would end up with an eclectic mix, even though there would be no other way to neatly describe what you’d created. In other words, if it has no other place, eclectic might be the way to go.

    A bed swing needs little alteration or personalization, if any, to be right at home in a setting that makes artful use of the “eclectic” spirit. In fact, you could do half the room in industrial chic and half the room in rustic - two elements that do not go well together, throw a bed swing in the mix, and the result would be definitively eclectic.

    Go Modern with a Daybed Swing

    To be clear, the “modern” in modern design does not mean the same thing as the word “modern” which means “at the current time.” Modern design is, at this point, actually quite dated, and refers to a period from the early to mid-1900s. Modern design, today, makes use of an interesting mix of minimalist style and overblown details, the incongruity of which makes it possible to work a bed swing into the setting.

    Characterized by thin, exposed lines and flamboyantly filling shapes and upholstery, modern design can welcome a hanging daybed in, since a bedswing is the perfect mix of harsh lines and fluid design. Don’t overstate the colors, and you’ll have a nice match. Grab a good book and relish the finished effect!

    The bed swings we produce here at Four Oak Bed Swings are ideal for indoor and outdoor settings, and are compatible with weather-resistant accessories, making our patio swings ideal for rounding out the catalog of outdoor furniture on your back or front porch.

    Ideal for outdoor spaces, our wooden swings are made with high quality Southern Yellow Cedar and then finished with at least three coats of heavy duty outdoor varnish. They’re the epitome of quality, ship assembled, and ship for free! Contact us today at 334-202-2870 or at to learn more about our indoor and outdoor daybeds and how they can complete the setting you are trying to create.

    How a Porch Hanging Swing Can Help Take Your Stress Away

    How a Porch Hanging Swing Can Help Take Your Stress Away

    We all need places we can go to in order to relax and get away from it all. It seems our list of responsibilities grows every day, and as we try to cram more into our already overloaded schedules, stress and burnout are only natural.

    This is where a porch hanging swing could make a real difference in your ability to mitigate your stress and find an oasis of peace even when life gets a little crazy. We have put together this short guide detailing some of the reasons why this one piece of furniture is worth adding to your home if you are looking for some unorthodox but reliable self-care techniques. 

    The Many Benefits of Porch Hanging Swings

    When we’re feeling stressed, what are two of the most common places we go to relax and cool off? Sofas and beds, of course.

    Imagine combining some of the best elements of these two furniture pieces while being suspended in mid-air and enjoying the outdoors all at the same time? If this sounds like your idea of serenity, then you are in the right place.

    Porch hanging swings are elegant comfort solutions that are installed on your porch or patio, and which offer a truly incredible degree of functionality and plenty of aesthetic appeal as well. They possess a refined look that immediately improves the atmosphere of your home, but this is just a hint of their value.

    Where these furniture pieces truly shine is in their ability to help people enjoy the outdoors, relax, and have fun. Think about the last time you actually spent a significant amount of time on your porch. Even under favorable weather conditions, the limited furniture options and lack of comfort tend to make staying indoors a more viable option, especially if you are specifically looking for a way to relax.

    It’s worth noting that many of us find the outdoors to be a great natural stress reliever. Being able to spend time outside has been shown to be a great way to improve mood and promote health and well-being in general. You could almost say that getting outside is just about essential for keeping stress under control and simply living a healthy lifestyle.

    Unfortunately, not all of our homes are equipped with great ways to enjoy the outdoors. A daybed swing can change all that, by offering homeowners an incredibly comfortable piece of outdoor furniture that will make spending time outdoors fun and desirable. Owning one of these pieces of furniture is almost like having a hybrid bed/couch right on your deck or patio. In terms of places where you would like to unwind after a long day at work, it’s difficult to imagine a place that’s better suited for such a task.

    You will find that the gentle swaying of a porch hanging swing, alongside its other comfortable factors, are great at naturally relieving stress. For anyone dealing with a packed and busy schedule, long work days, and general chaos, having one of these pieces of furniture may offer you the sanctuary you have been looking for.

    Relax With One of Our Quality Swings

    Being able to relax at home is incredibly important. A porch hanging swing is great for getting away from it all, wrapping yourself up in a blanket with a great book and a cup of tea, or getting some rest while enjoying the fresh air of the outdoors. There are so many ways that one of these pieces of furniture could be incorporated into your wellness routine, so if you are interested in making a purchase that will enhance the overall quality of your home, this is it.

    You do want to make sure that the porch bed swing that you invest in is designed properly, however. You will want a piece of furniture that will last you for years, that will almost become another part of the house. A feature, if you will.

    In that regard, you will find just the thing here at Four Oak Bed Swings. All of our furniture is handcrafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, so that every piece not only provides the kind of sturdy construction you can count on, but also an unparalleled degree of artistry as well.

    Don’t underestimate how important it is to be able to enjoy the outdoors and find ways to relax in your own home. With the help of one of our high-quality daybed swings, you can give your home that extra bit of comfort you are looking for that will allow you to de-stress and take advantage of the outdoors all year ‘round. Contact us today if you are serious about investing in one of our beautiful bed swings, or for additional information on shipping, installation, and other questions you may have!

    How to Work an Outdoor Hanging Bed into Your Home’s Design

    How to Work an Outdoor Hanging Bed into Your Home’s Design

    An outdoor hanging bed makes a statement, and it adds an undeniable mark to the overall spirit of a location. There’s just something that can be denied about the import of a hanging bed, whether indoors or out. They’re rare, so they catch the attention, and they offer something that “hangs” in the balance, somewhere between rustic-impromptu furnishings and avant-garde design.

    However you want to categorize them, outdoor swing beds can make a lasting impression on the overall design of your home, especially your outdoor spaces. While the inner sancta of your home might lie away from prying eyes, the outdoors are where you gather, recreate, and entertain. How you decorate these spaces will not only impact the experience of your guests but can also impact the value of your home.

    All that’s left for you to do is to decide how you want to incorporate a hanging swing bed into the design of your home’s outdoor spaces, such as your front porch. For that, consult this short guide first, and then get in touch with us if you’d like a little more direction.

    • Consider the aesthetic you’re going for and make sure the outdoor hanging bed matches that design!

    This is the first and most important thing you’re going to want to account for when you make up your mind to include a hanging outdoor bed into your space. Actually, you don’t account for it when you make that decision - do it ahead of time.

    You need to figure out what the overall aesthetic you’re going for is or will be. For example, we have many swing beds in our collection that would complete a rustic, reclaimed sort of aesthetic, that make use of recycled woods and materials and bear the marks of age and character. This would look out of place in an industrial, french country, shabby chic, or coastal setting, however - among others.

    The point is that not all aesthetics are compatible. While a single bed swing would be perfectly suited to complete the look of a bucolic theme, it wouldn’t do so well in a more refined theme. By contrast, the value of an elegantly designed and arranged bed swing would be lost in a setting that called for expanded simplicity.

    Here are some of the themes that are very popular nowadays that you might want to set your heart on before you go about actually picking out a bed swing:

    • Traditional and colonial
    • Mid-century modern
    • Modern
    • Shabby-chic
    • Industrial, industrial-chic, and urban
    • Elegant country and French country
    • Island, tropical or coastal
    • Bohemian
    • Rustic as well as modern farmhouse
    • Eclectic - This one is great for hanging beds and other contemporary styling that doesn’t neatly fit into other categories. That’s why it’s called eclectic, anyway!
    • And nearly countless others

    Settling on a design theme will help guide your hand as you choose colors, accessories, and other supporting accents to help tie your entire vision together. It will also help prevent you from straying too far from harmony - unless you intentionally create an eclectic setting, wherein the harmony comes from the diverse smattering of elements anyway.

    Once you have settled on a theme to guide your hand, you can account for these factors that follow to help you work a hanging bed into your setting.

    • Take color into account and plan accordingly.

    After you have settled on a design theme, you can decide whether or not you want to settle on an overarching color theme to help support it. The colors you choose to work into a surrounding, not only in the paint on the walls and supports but in the furniture and decor, will work wonders for the eventual design you create.

    For example, if you settle on a tropical, island, or coastal theme, you can make artful use of pastel colors to support the image, along with copious doses of the color white. That being said, you should still settle on a specific vein. Are you looking for the light, watery blues of sea and sky that are common in island and coastal living, or are you more interested in the light yellows and oranges of tropical design that connote the rising and setting sun? These would look amazing separately, but not so much together.

    On a similar note, darker colors are more common in industrial design, although the neutral grays and whites are almost welcome. The exposed metalworks that are a staple of industrial and industrial-chic all but welcome blacks, rust-browns, and grays into their corner. It is simple, but not unpleasant.

    In order to help you tie your entire vision together, here at Four Oak Bed Swings we make it possible to completely customize whatever swing you choose with the color of your choice. We know the impact that color makes on a setting, so our bed swings are customizable with 15 color options. Choose a Halcyon Blue to accent your coastal design, a simple Tricorn Black for your industrial, or even a Weathered Gray for your rustic theme. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

    • Complement that aesthetic with cushions, tables, and additional accessories.

    Even after you’ve chosen an overarching design theme and then a color to support it, we make it possible for you to support that theme with the tasteful, thoughtful inclusion of cushions, tables, and additional options for customization. These improve not only the aesthetic but also the functionality and comfort of your arrangement.

    We offer a large range of cushion sets, including sets of Sunbrella Cushions that, like the bed swings themselves, are customizable in terms of color and design. You don’t need to stop at the color of the frame of the swing - you can continue it into the cushions or even enhance the look thereby. In addition, you can

    Sunbrella Cushions are also hallmarks of quality craftsmanship. They’re made from solution-dyed acrylic fabric for amazing colorfastness and durability. Very little if anything outlasts or outperforms cushions like these. They’re made for two things - comfort and outdoor living.

    While we’re on the subject of customizability, don’t forget that you can complete many of our bed swings with cup holders and comfort springs. That has little to do with cultivating a design, but it will impact the comfort you enjoy in that setting!

    • Create a living arrangement and enjoy the benefits of plants and gardening.

    After you’ve settled on a given model of bed swing and taken some time to work out an overarching color scheme, accenting along the way with pillows, cushions, and other customizations, you can begin personalizing the look of your space with living arrangements.

    Those of you that are lucky enough to have open land for gardening around your patio or in your yard, in the proximity of your living spaces should take full advantage of it. The cultivars of flowers and ornamental plants you can grow are endless and these will lend no smell measure of pleasantry to the overall setting.

    You can grow climbers like morning glories up the ropes that suspend your bed swing or add them to a trellis or to the structure at the end of your porch. If you don’t have the luxury to do this, you can flank your veranda or patio with bursts of colors in the form of creepers and bushes. Lilies, daisies, roses, morning glories, clematis, bougainvillea, marigolds, pansies, begonias, petunias - the options are literally endless and so are the colors.

    With flowers and ornamentals, you can make your outdoor arrangements literally come alive. It’s a novel and creative way to accent your color scheme throughout the season, but keeping plants in the vicinity of your outdoor living spaces provides the following benefits as well.

    • Additional privacy: Growing plants up a trellis in your outdoor spaces will serve as a type of living fence, keeping prying eyes out and providing for an additional level of privacy and intimacy within your outdoor living areas.
    • Keep the volume down: Live plants actually absorb sound, which keeps the volume down. That serves two functions; it will help keep the noise and bustle of the outside world out while heightening the privacy aforementioned. Plants also just make a space feel cozier!
    • Regulate humidity and provide shade: Regulating humidity is more of a benefit that plants provide indoors because it’s hard to do so outdoors. However, in a small space, it can make a difference, and the ability of plants to provide shade cannot be overlooked. It’ll help keep you cool in the summer and provide you with a retreat.
    • Potentially even reduce stress levels and uplift moods: The previous statements are observable facts, and while opinions on the effects of living plants will vary, it’s been widely reported that living plants have a net positive effect on people’s moods and feelings of wellness. They make a space feel more alive and inviting. They are, after all, alive, and will wonderfully complement your choice of hanging outdoor bed.
    • Accessorize with similar elements of decor.

    Once you have selected the swing itself along with the color scheme and supporting accessories in furniture, you can move on to actually designing the rest of your outdoor space with art and decorative accents.

    What you choose to work into the setting will naturally hinge on the overall aesthetic you’re going for. If you’ve chosen an Art Deco theme, you might do well with some framed modern prints or with abstract figurines, sculptures, or similar items of interest. Choosing a Bohemian or an eclectic style will give you the freedom to look for more jarring elements that provide a unity of purpose in the paradoxical alignment of their elements.

    How you want to decorate is up to you, but keep the end goal in mind. You ultimately want this setting to reflect your design theme!

    • Don’t overlook the impact that lighting can make.

    With a space that has been furnished and decorated, you want to take into account the value of lighting, keeping in mind that there are many, many options for lighting and that you should not count any of them out.

    For example, harsh electric lighting is nice to provide functional illumination, but not great for setting the mood. For that, you might want to consider softer rope lighting, landscape lighting or even vintage filament-style LED lighting to provide the proper ambiance.

    You can also look past modern solutions and create a configuration of oil lamps, gas lamps, or citronella torches. These will provide functional lighting, will lend an undeniable measure of ambiance, and some of them will even keep the bugs away throughout the hotter months!

    • Soften the presence of the hanging bed with additional seating and surfaces.

    With that porch swing or porch bed worked into the setting, the focus can shift to the rest of your furniture. You’ll need additional seating, and just how much you want to provide and how it will be arranged will impact the spirit of the location. You’ll also need surfaces for guests to rest refreshments on, and both of these features of your space will affect the way the entire configuration feels.

    Make sure that you don’t lose sight of the end goal when you’re buying additional tables, chairs, or sofas, and remember to align these with the overall theme of the setting.

    • Plan ahead for where you intend to hang the outdoor hanging bed.

    Here at Four Oak Bed Swings, we have the resources and information you need to know how to hang your swing bed, but before you hang it, take some time to figure out where you want it to be. Once you hang it, it won’t be so easy to move. Account for how plants will grow along or up in the summer, consider where the sun rises and sets, and think about where your other seating will be placed. Chairs and tables can be easily moved, but it’s best to hang your swing bed where you want it in the first place.

    Hopefully, now you’ve started to cultivate a beautiful vision for entertaining in your outdoor spaces, which you’ll be able to make possible with the aid of our swing beds, cushions & accessories.

    However, if you have questions about any of our products, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help and set the record straight. And, while you’re shopping, remember, our swing beds ships assembled, and they ship for free!

    Reasons to Consider Getting Porch Swing Beds

    Reasons to Consider Getting Porch Swing Beds

    It is easy enough to envision new porch swing beds being added to an open space surrounding your home. Just look at some of the photos of beautiful, well-designed porch swing beds online and picture them holding a spot just outside of your own home. They seem to fit right in. Now go a bit further than that and imagine how you would spend your time in them. How would you choose to relax after setting up a bed swing on your porch? With all of the care that we put into creating each and every bed swing that goes out, we enjoy knowing that all of them are going to homes with families cherishing their free time.

    Everyone deserves some moments of peace and a home that they can treat as a haven or sanctuary. With all of these families receiving new porch swing beds, we love to read the reviews telling us what their plans are for their swing beds and how they are enjoying them so far. We’ve found some ways that came up more than once and thought to share that with you to consider how you might spend your time in your own swing beds.

    Sit Back and Relax

    When you get your order from Four Oak Bed Swings and get the space set up just how you want it, you can sit back in your new swing bed and start relaxing right away. From that point on, you can just embrace what you have there and relish in the space you set up for yourself to enjoy. Once you are seated outdoors, gently rocking back and forth, you can curl up with a good book and read or watch a program on your phone. You can do anything you want really. It's all about how you choose to relax.

    Enjoy the Fresh Air

    While you are on your swing bed, you can do anything you want or nothing at all. Just take a long deep breath and appreciate where you are. Enjoy the fresh air and fine weather and be happy that you get to experience all of that in great comfort right by your home. If you are fortunate enough to have a good view of some beautiful plant life in your yard, then this is a good time to take all that in and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. And you did not have to go very far to feel it.

    A Place for Family & Friends

    As fun as it might be to spend your free time relaxing in porch swing beds alone, you might want to bring out some good company from time to time. This is the perfect place for just that. When you invite over a few of your closest friends or call the kids out to spend time together, you can relax on the porch while a few of you share the swing. Even if it is just for the family on occasion, it is a good moment to share with your loved ones. You can sit outside sharing the swing and enjoy each other’s company without any reason at all.

    Adds to the Home Decor

    When you consider the amount of time you will spend away from your bed swing, you will come to appreciate it just as it is. Even when it is there with only some decorative pillows seated inside, a beautiful porch swing bed will still stand out on its own. The design and form of it make a great addition to a home as decoration all on its own. If interior decorating is an interest of yours, you can also have some more fun with it by dressing it up in pillows and blankets to match the design you are going for with your home.

    Enjoy for the Long-Run

    Another good thing about shopping for high-quality porch swing beds from Four Oak Swing Beds is that you can enjoy them for years to come. There is no ticking clock on these long-lasting swing beds made from the finest Southern Yellow Pinewood. You get to enjoy your new swing for years after purchasing it and not have to worry about getting a replacement. You are free to imagine yourself enjoying your porch swing for a good long while. When you shop for quality, you shop for longevity. And that is the exact attitude we keep when producing our bed swings.

    Feel free to look over our selection of porch swing beds and imagine the one you would like to spend your spare time in either alone, or with your loved ones nearby.

    Remember that if you have any questions about our products and what might work best for your home, you can always send us a message at or call us at 334-202-2870 if you prefer speaking to us by phone. We are always happy to help clear things up for you.