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    Improve Your Outdoor Decor with These 9 Front Porch Additions

    Improve Your Outdoor Decor with These 9 Front Porch Additions

    As winter draws on and on, one cannot help but often think of brighter times, lounging and soaking in the sun, whether it be on some pristine beach or simply on your front porch (preferably with an ice-cold drink in your hand, of course).

    One admirable quality of winter is its ability to make us all feel more thankful for sunnier days. Yet, much like the transpiration of many events in life, the passage of time is swift, far swifter than we can prepare for.

    That is why you need to prepare your home for summer before it does roll around– and that most certainly includes your front porch! By having the most alluring furniture pieces and other accessory pieces ready for your front porch in advance, then you will have more time to enjoy it come summertime.

    That is why we have created this list of nine perfect additions you need to add to your front porch this summer!

    1.Patio Swing Bed

    patio swing bed

    Undeniably one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture we all have is our bed. I mean, who really wants to part ways with their fluffy comforter and plush pillows in the morning? That is precisely why, in order to drastically boost your front porch’s comfort level, you should include a patio swing bed.

    “Swing” into summer with a patio swing bed, which will provide you with both a plush bed and a swinging couch right in your favorite outdoor nook! Plus, our porch swing beds come with drink holders (and even wine glass holders) to really elevate your comfort level!

    Not only do they add a cozy element to your porch, but they also provide a matching piece for your preferred aesthetic. The cushions, pillows, and overall design of the patio swing bed can truly bring an unparalleled decorative element to your porch!

    2.Matching Armchairs
    While the hanging bed swing is an unquestionably genius addition for your outdoor space, you should also consider adding more seating arrangements. In doing so, you provide your guests (and yourself!) with more seating options.

    We cannot recommend placing two matching armchairs on your porch enough. By having two of the same chairs, you are pulling the entire look of your porch together (symmetry is key in outdoor decor) while also providing ample seating options for all. Add some matching cushions and throw pillows on these chairs and you are really creating a cozy outdoor space for yourself!

    3.A Quaint End Table
    In order for the two armchairs to not appear too heavy on your porch, we recommend placing an end table between the two. This end table will assist in offsetting their clunky appearance while also providing those who sit on them a convenient place to put their items down (looking at you, chilled and filled white wine glass!).

    4.An Outdoor Coffee Table
    If you have the space for it, then you should certainly add a coffee table to your furnishing options. When this piece of furniture is set just right, you can use it to hold various items but also use it as an element for pulling everything together seamlessly.

    The coffee table you choose can also be a storage space if it has drawers and other storage compartments. It can make for an outstanding decorative element, too! Let it hold and boast your citronella candles, summer-themed coasters, summertime decorations, and so much more!

    5.Tall and Short Planters Filled with Plants
    Plants have long been known for their undeniably serene yet gorgeous “nature,” making them perfect decorative elements for both indoor and outdoor spaces. By placing your favorite plants or flowers in planters, you can effectively encapsulate these incomparable features and use them to your (and your porch’s) advantage.

    It’s worth noting, though, that you should use both tall and short planters for your greenery as the usage of different sized planters such as these provides more depth to your space and essentially boosts your curb appeal.

    6.Hanging Plants

    patio swing bedIf you thought those were the only plants we’d suggest you add to your front porch, it’s time to think again! In our opinion, you really cannot have enough plants! Aside from your planters of varying sizes that you have already placed on the ground, you also have the option of hanging planters from your home’s eaves.

    By hanging planters with beautiful and blooming plants, you add essential greenery and other eye-popping colors to your front porch. Colorful and authentic nature all conveniently out of way yet in a noticeable location. What’s not to love?

    7.Door Decor
    While the larger pieces of furniture are indeed important for comfort and general aesthetics, there is a pre-existing piece to your porch that you can easily (and effectively) decorate for monumental aesthetic value: your front door!

    We’d love to tell you “do this to your door” and be stringent with our recommendation, but that is simply not the case, as you have plenty of wiggle room here! Add a wreath, a welcome sign, dress the door frame in fake (or real!) ivy– whatever will bring you and your guests the most joy.

    8.Heart-Warming Seasonal Decorations
    Depending on the season you find yourself in, you should make sure that your extra decorations– big and small– cater to it. This applies to summer as well! You can add alluring features to your front porch that celebrate summer, such as quaint wooden farmhouse signs or even Fourth of July decorations (if the timing is right)!

    9.String Lights
    While all of the aforementioned attributes are indeed endearing and will bode well for your front porch, they are only such prior to the sun setting. In the dark, they are common shadows even with the dim porch lights illuminated. That is where string lights come in.

    By strategically placing string lights on your front porch, you are providing it with inimitable warm mood lighting. Drape them around your door frame, along your eaves, around railings, pillars, or your patio swing bed– wherever you deem necessary to keep your front porch’s elements adored day in and day out!

    With these nine superb additions to your front porch come summertime, you will never want to relax anywhere else! When looking for the most comfortable and high-quality patio swing beds, trust us here at Four Oak Bed Swings to provide you with what you need. Give us a call today to get started on completing your outdoor decor at (334)-202-2870.

    12 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Day Bed Swing

    12 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Day Bed Swing

    It’s no secret that resting in a hanging day bed swing is one of life’s simple - and well guarded - treasures. Slip into your bed swing for some relaxation and enjoy an experience that has no equal.

    But a day bed swing does not simply have to serve as a fixture of function. It can also be decorated and accessorized to lend inestimable decorative class to your home or front porch.

    Here are some of our top creative tips and suggestions for decorating your day bed swing!

    1.The power of natural cordage
    We ship our day bed swings assembled and with a 1-inch manila rope to hang them. The rope’s there for hanging, to be sure, but don’t miss out on this opportunity for creative decoration.

    Many schools of design, including rustic farmhouse design and coastal living, use hemp and manila rope as decorative features. Wrap some hemp around the legs of a table; trim the edge of a frame; get creative with some bits of cordage and a glue gun - the vision is yours!

    2.Drape a genuine fur throw over it
    Plain textile throws are one thing, but if you really want to elevate the setting with a touch of the regal, consider a genuine fur or woolen throw. They’re not cheap, but they’re softer and warmer than anything else you can buy.

    Not to mention, if they vibe with the setting, there’s no substitute for genuine furs. Get one in a color that matches the rest of your design or with a pattern that creates harmony with your other decorative elements.

    3.Decorative lighting

    Yes, you’ll want lighting for your little nook so you can read or simply see your company - but we’re suggesting you great creative with it.

    Hang a candle lantern in the vicinity of the day bed swing, or better yet, install some wall sconces along the nearest wall. If you’re really feeling creative, get some LED strands and spiral these around the ropes suspending your bed swing!

    4.Get creative with decorative pillows
    You can do a lot more than just decorating your day bed swing with cushions or a heavy-duty mattress cover that matches the frame of the bed swing and the color scheme of your interior or exterior design. Consider jazzing things up with some colorful throw pillows with patterns or elements that make everything pop - and don’t forget the power of complementary colors. We even have pillows here that are weather-resistant and easy to clean.

    5.Create a living arrangement around your swing bed

    Planting flowers and ornamentals in the vicinity is good enough, but if you’re feeling creative you can hang potted plants over or alongside the daybed. With a little work, you can even train plants like ivy and morning glories to grow up the ropes!

    6.End tables or coffee tables that match the setting’s vibe
    You can customize the color of your bed swing here, but some of our wooden swings also come with bare, exposed reclaimed wood. They present a great opportunity to mix and match with coffee tables and end tables. A little bit of exposed wood that meshes with the design of the bed swing will really make a nice impression!

    7.Exposed wood furniture, carvings, and other decorations
    You can also make it a point to set up the immediate vicinity with graven wood decorations that match with the bed swing or with the overall aesthetic. This is a great time to choose decorative elements and curios that match with your design school, whether its country, rustic, coastal, mid-century modern, industrial, French Country, bohemian or something else!

    8.Set up a large wall or floor mirror opposite the day bed swing
    Looking for a creative way to deliver the illusion of additional space? Hang a large wall mirror opposite the day bed swing or at the side of it. It will “expand” the space and open things up - at least it will feel that way. Mirrors are also great tools to draw attention to and highlight items of interest and decorations.

    9.Create a hidden sanctuary with beads or linens
    Another really creative way to decorate a hanging day bed swing is with hanging beads, linens, or curtains. If you’re looking to make the setting a little more intimate, simply drape the bed swing with some decorative sheets or linens to create a little cozy sanctuary.

    10.Don’t skimp on seating if it’s a common space
    Unless you specifically want to create a private, cozy corner, you should, apparel the area with additional seating - and you don’t need to be typical with sofas and chairs. Show your colors with bean bags, pillows, stools, and other colorful seating arrangements - add another rope swing if it makes sense!

    11.Match the theme of the setting with hangings

    You can also decorate the walls of the enclosure with hangings that match the color and character of the bed swing itself. Tapestries, metal wall art, paintings, mosaics, and sculptures that support and reinforce the impression of the bed swing and the setting are all great choices.

    12.Location is everything: install a woodburning stove in your cozy corner
    Here’s one more expert tip, which may not be suitable or possible in some settings but will make a great effect where it can be installed: set up a wood-burning stove in the same area as your hanging bed swing.

    This will make the corner so much cozier in the colder months, especially if you live in an area with cold, dark winters.

    Contact Us for More Great Ideas!
    Looking for more great tips, tricks, and suggestions for how to hang a full-size day bed swing or porch swing bed and decorate your little space? Keep in touch with us and make sure you bookmark our blog!

    You can also stay on top of news and developments by following us on our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and others (see the bottom of this page).

    Also, be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions - we would be happy to help. You can reach us by phone at 313-202-2870 or by email at david@fouroakdesigns.com!

    7 Holiday Head Turners for Your Patio Swing Bed

    7 Holiday Head Turners for Your Patio Swing Bed

    Who doesn’t love quaint and cozy decorations to match specific holidays and seasonal celebrations? Lights and a tree in your home, especially your living room, perfectly celebrate the holiday of Christmas. A menorah in the window assists in celebrating the glory of Hanukkah.

    There are numerous decorations for each and every holiday that can efficiently adorn your home, ultimately adding to the coziness and overall happiness of you, your family, and even your guests.

    When it comes to your patio swing bed, you may think that there isn’t much you can add to uniquely decorate it in accordance with specific holidays and other seasonal days. However, there are actually plenty of special decorations for these days to make your bed swing–and overall home–stand out!

    1.Christmas: Bows and Cedar Garland
    We all know just how enamoring cedar garland can be during the Christmas season and how eye-popping bows are as well. Why not combine these two on your patio swing bed to really bring it to perfectly celebratory life?

    First, wrap your garland (whether it be real cedar or tinsel, that is up to you) around your daybed swing’s ropes or steel cables. You could even go as far as to include some string lights in there if you wanted some warm and homey lighting!

    After the garland, efficiently fix bows on the top of the ropes or steel cables overtop the garland. Then, be sure to affix more bows at the bottom of the ropes/cables to perfectly finish the enamoring look.

    As an added bonus, hang mistletoe above the swing for an extra romantic element!

    2.Hanukkah: Dreidel and/or Menorah Pillows with Tinsel Garland
    Hanukkah has several classic symbols, two of which are the menorah and dreidel. Why not utilize these symbols to your swing bed’s advantage?

    Place plush pillows on your swing bed that have either dreidels or menorahs (or both!) enticingly embroidered or printed on them. Really bring the Hanukkah decorations on your porch’s swing bed together by wrapping blue tinsel garland around the ropes/cables.

    Don’t forget to place your menorah in the window, but especially so if it is near your porch swing!

    3.New Year’s Day: Rope Lights with a Disco Ball

    Ringing in the new year is a time for uplifted hopes, new set goals, and admiring seemingly endless possibilities on the horizon. By decorating your home, but especially your patio, with New Year’s Day decorations, you will be welcoming the new year just right.

    You should certainly wrap white stringed lights around your ropes/cables but also around the bottom of your swing bed and its frame altogether. And, for the finishing touch, be sure to dangle a disco ball above your swing bed!

    This disco ball can be either big or small– whichever you prefer! This disco ball will add the perfect “fun” element to your porch while also very closely resembling the Times Square ball on New Year’s Eve!

    4.Independence Day: American Flag Pillow with Streamers

    As Americans, we are truly and undeniably proud of our independence from Britain on July 4th, 1776. We continue to celebrate July 4th, or Independence Day, annually with fireworks, barbecues, and other exciting festivities.

    Be sure to include your patio swing bed in all the fun and celebratory activities by decorating it just right. Add a plush pillow that properly displays Old Glory respectfully and elegantly. Then, strategically wrap some red, white, and blue streamers around your swing bed’s frame and cables.

    5.Birthdays: Balloons and Confetti Poppers
    Who doesn’t love an exciting birthday celebration with friends and family? For any birthday of a close friend or family member, you should be sure to properly decorate every element of your home, including the outdoor patio.

    This, as you might have already gathered, includes your patio bed. Blow up balloons, tie them all together, and tie them in an upside-down arch to the tops of your swing bed’s ropes/cables. Then, be sure to place confetti poppers on the bed as a quaint and practical element for people to both admire and use! Then, place a few balloons on the upholstery for a final touch.

    Warning: be sure to only do this for non-surprise parties! Otherwise, these decorations will certainly give away the surprise if your special guest walks past them on your front porch and into your home!

    6.Thanksgiving: A “Give Thanks” Pillow and Stringed Fall Leaves
    Thanksgiving is not just a time to gorge ourselves on delectable delights but also a time for us to give thanks. During Thanksgiving and the days that surround it, we should be grateful for the things we have in our lives, including our homes, families, and even our swing beds.

    Properly give thanks to your swing bed by decorating it just to bring it to life during Thanksgiving and the season of fall in general. Place a fluffed pillow with the words “Give Thanks” on your bed for a cute yet mindful accent. Then, sprinkle fake fall leaves on the upholstery and wrap stringed fall leaves around the ropes/cables.

    7.Super Bowl: “Game Time” Banner and Football Paper Lantern
    Chicken wings, nachos, hamburgers, and hot dogs all while watching the biggest football game of the year: the beloved Super Bowl. Whether you are a passionate and dedicated football fan or are simply in it for the yummy goodies and good times with friends, decorate your outdoor space appropriately to add an extra fun element to the day.

    String a “Game Time” banner from one rope to the other on the very top of your swing bed. But, be sure to leave enough room to hang a football paper lantern from the ceiling directly above it!

    No matter which holiday it may be, properly decorating your patio swing bed will truly assist your home in looking festive and fun. Be sure to browse all of our expertly-crafted bed swings here at Four Oak Bed Swings along with our other cushions and accessories. Give our dedicated customer service team a call at (334) 202-2870 with any questions you may have.

    Should You Get a Hanging Daybed? A Biased, but Objective Assessment

    Should You Get a Hanging Daybed? A Biased, but Objective Assessment

    If you landed here with a search for hanging daybeds, or more specifically, a defense of them, you’ve found it. We’ve been doing this for years now, and firmly stand behind each and every one of our handmade hanging daybeds and patio swing beds.

    Not just because we make them, though. There are plenty of excellent, practical reasons you should get a hanging daybed for your home - especially if you are already kicking the idea around.

    Here are some of our best reasons why a hanging daybed can be a value-added, lifestyle-improving feature of your home, no matter what room you put it in!

    What a Hanging Daybed Provides for Your Home
    First, let’s get a little deeper into how a hanging daybed can add flavor and value to your home - then, we can pick about the experience so you can understand what keeps people coming back, time and time again, to these novel designs.

    The “Pop” Factor
    First up, it’s the pop factor.

    What we need you to do is envision a home. Envision the perfect interior space, whatever that is to you. Did it have a hanging daybed?

    Probably not, right? But that’s not a reason not to get one. Allow us to explain.

    What we’re trying to point out is not that your ideal setting lacks a hanging swing or daybed, but that they are so rare and unique that you probably wouldn’t conjure one up in your imagination.

    Now let’s get that though experiment in the rearview and try something a little bit different. Think up 15 homes you’ve been in, besides your own, in recent memory. They could be homes of friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, or even just homes you saw on TV or in magazines.

    Did any of those homes have porch swings, bed swings, or hanging daybeds? The answer is probably still no, right?

    Again, this is not an illustration that you shouldn’t get one. It is a comparative representation of scarcity and exclusivity.

    If you choose to get a hanging daybed for your home, you’ll be one of the few people (if any) that has them. This all boils down to one very important thing: “pop” factor.

    It’s hard to define it, but as Justice Stewart once famously quipped, you’ll know it when you see it. Some houses have it, other houses wish they had it. There is no in-between.

    And, in case you’re worrying that you won’t be able to “pull it off,” consider this. Hanging up a daybed swing is effectively impossible to do the “wrong” way. You can’t commit a fashion faux pas with a bed swing. They’re just too rare.

    And, by the way, and in case you were wondering, homes with “pop” factor tend to increase in value. No need to thank us - just get your daybed swing here!

    Enjoying Relaxation to the Utmost
    Now onto the best part of the argument in favor of daybed swings - that of personal comfort. There’s a lot we can say about this, but let’s start here.

    Have you ever been in a boat on calm waters? If so, are you familiar with the dock rock you get when you come ashore again? That feeling of rushing and falling gently on phantom swells? Some people don’t like it and call it stillness illness - others crave it.

    Those that love it enjoy the sensation of drifting off to sleep in a bed after days or even weeks on the water, when the swells seem to continue, lulling them into a deep state of relaxation.

    A daybed swing doesn’t quite replicate the experience perfectly, but it’s the best simulation you’ll find, other than the real thing. If you can’t spend your days on the water, enjoying that feeling of dock rock with some personal time in a hanging daybed is the next best thing.

    Resting in a daybed swing is immensely relaxing and enjoyable, and creating a private little nook for yourself in your home with one will bring joy that can only be experienced and cannot be communicated - at least not effectively.

    As we have observed ourselves, it can be downright dangerous to pour yourself a drink while reposing in a daybed - if only because it will utterly rob you of the desire to fulfill any of your worldly responsibilities whatsoever!

    But in all seriousness, it’s not just talk that a hanging daybed can probably help you relax more and more often. While it’s only anecdotal, some people really swear by them,

    That’s actually why some people are so emphatic that sleeping in a hammock is really better. They swear it helps them get to sleep faster and allows, even encourages them, to sleep more deeply. We can’t point to any concrete studies that prove this, but the repeated suggestion is enough for us. We know what it’s like to relax in a daybed swing, and are confident that once you do, the experience will substantiate itself.

    But, if you’re looking for some kind of explanation, we may be able to offer one. It’s been observed by some that the reason hammocks (and swing beds) offer better sleep is that the rhythmic rocking motion syncopates with your brain waves, encouraging you to sleep and fostering more restful sleep. Others have remarked that resting in a hammock or swing bed simulates the experience of being in the womb, encouraging restfulness and allowing sleepers to shed stress.

    Of course, again, these reports are anecdotal, but as we said, the experience speaks for itself. Try it and you’ll become a believer.

    Want to Learn More?
    Are you interested in how you can customize a swing bed, or how one can help you relax after a long day? Take a look through our blog where you can find posts on fashion, design trends, and deeper dives into the benefits of swing beds.

    You can also reach out to us directly if you have questions, by phone or email, at 334-202-2870 or at david@fouroakdesigns.com.

    Got Your Daybed Porch Swing? Now Let’s Decorate the Rest of Your Porch

    Got Your Daybed Porch Swing? Now Let’s Decorate the Rest of Your Porch

    Are you as excited about your porch as we are? We’d like to think so! Having a porch attached to your home can be an exhilarating experience because it can quickly become your favorite place to be in your home!

    This is because people naturally feel relaxed, comfortable, and less stressed when they are amongst nature and are breathing in fresh air. However, it is important that you effectively adorn your porch in order to further promote your comfort and overall enjoyment of this space.

    That’s where we come in at Four Oak Bed Swings. We proudly handcraft stunning hanging daybed porch swings of varying styles, sizes, designs, and other features. We know that your porch is one of the most important places in your home, so we want you to be your coziest and happiest while there.

    Having a daybed porch swing is one of the best ways of properly adorning your porch, as it creates a unique aesthetic and practical element to the space. Plus, it provides an inviting aspect to your porch for not only you and your family but also any guests.

    If you already have your daybed porch swing or are planning on getting one, you may be wondering, “What else can I do to decorate my porch?” Not to worry: we can help you there as well. Let’s look at some great decoration ideas for your porch.

    Coffee Table

    There is room for more furniture on your porch besides the daybed swing. When you are adding other pieces of furniture, though, you would be remiss to exclude a coffee table or other such table for practical purposes.

    A coffee table or even just a small table allows a place for those on the porch to place their books, coffee cups, wine glasses, and other such objects while relaxing and enjoying the ambiance. Plus, it furthers the look of your porch!

    Rocking Chair

    You should have a place for guests or even yourself to sit aside from the daybed. This is because it gives you options for sitting, allows for more people to join in on the fun, and adds more aesthetic value to your porch.

    That is where the rocking chair comes in. A rocking chair is a classic porch piece--and it’s no real surprise as to why. It allows you to comfortably sit and rock while watching the world go by.

    Floor and/or Hanging Plants

    What is an outdoor space without some outdoor accents? Adding plants to your porch will undoubtedly bring the best out of it in terms of aesthetics and relaxation. Another added advantage of using plants as decorations is that the possibilities are endless here!


    You can have hanging plants from the ceiling or even on your wall. You could have tall, medium, or short plants. Flowers are never a nuisance either! You can also try combinations of all of these options, like having a ficus in the company of daisies and succulent plants. You could even place the smaller plants on little benches to add depth to your plant collection!

    Seasonal Decorations

    When certain holidays and seasons roll around, adding little pieces of these on your porch is always a great option. For fall, you could add pumpkins, real or fake. For the winter holiday seasons, you could add small Christmas trees, a menorah, or other such popular decorations.

    You could also add a seasonally appropriate wreath to your front door. You can really have a lot of fun with seasonal decorations!

    Door Sign

    Speaking of the front door, why not try adding a specific sign to its facade? This could be made seasonal as well or could be something that you have available year-round. It could say something as simple as “welcome,” or could have your family’s last name on it with a welcoming phrase!

    Another added advantage of this option is that you could simply pick a sign up at a store or you could design and create one yourself.

    Welcome Mat

    No porch is complete without a welcome mat. It may seem like an obvious part of any porch, but it still deserves a mention. Not only is a welcome mat a functional piece as it allows you and guests to efficiently clean your footwear. But, it also adds an inviting element to your porch as well.

    There are a plethora of welcome mats available with varying slogans, from classic “welcome” signs to comical ones, such as “we are probably pretending not to be home.”

    String Lights

    When you are looking to create a really calming and alluring ambiance on your porch, the addition of hanging lights will be able to sufficiently accomplish that desire. Hanging string lights nearly anywhere on your porch will be an astounding element, especially for those evenings you desire to sit outside.

    There is no bad place to hang your string lights, either, as their imperfection in hanging is one of their biggest draws. You can place them over your daybed porch swing, over and around your front door, along the ceiling or railings, amongst your plants--  you cannot go wrong with string lights!

    Wall Accent Decoration

    It’s common for a porch to have an open wall that seems to be missing something. Why not throw some sort of wall decoration on it? This could be a wide variety of pieces, like a large clock, abstract decoration, signs, framed pictures, or other similar choices.

    You could also add a painting, so long as your porch is enclosed and it won’t get potentially ruined by the elements. Another potential addition could be a large, rectangular potted plant that then grows vines up the wall.

    Once you have the vital daybed porch swing on your porch, it can then be a fun experience to finish decorating the rest of your porch to best symbolize and display your personality and style. Plus, it will make your porch experience far more enjoyable and inviting to anyone who lives in your home or stops by!